Ice Cream Themed Birthday Party for Our 2 Year Old (FOOD – DECOR – PARTY FAVORS)

hello friends I’m a mom of two who had a
full-time job planning fun events for kids on this channel I
give you lots of DIY party ideas and today is no exception because my
daughter had her two-year-old birthday party and it was ice-cream themed all
ice cream themed in this video I am going to cover the invitations decor
food as well as the a general party atmosphere my two-year-olds birthday
party just in case you are looking for a comprehensive overview of all the things
you can do for a successful ice-cream party for a two-year-old the next video
coming out would be a how to clean your house fast if you have an hour before
the party starts alright let’s jump into this party video here we go so I
absolutely love these ice cream party invitations
they were super quick and easy to make I have a whole video dedicated to them so
my daughter and my son we did play some ice cream party games a couple of days
before the party because we had all these games prepared so I do have a
separate video on these ice cream party games that were super fun and super easy
party favors I gave away these cutesy little socks as party favors and wrapped
these cute little tags onto the socks there were a big hit here is a general
overview some quick shots of my guests having fun at the party Charla judging
her hair’s like the the humidity outside my flat iron my hair this morning and
then I walked outside and I was like oh there is no voice there was no point tickets you you want more
that wasn’t me saying you could have more okay ah ask Uncle Thomas if he’ll give
you a candy go go get it now yes various decor and decorations I’m not
gonna show them all this is just a quick glimpse because I have a whole video
dedicated to decor that you would definitely want going to want to check
out I’m really getting a card up here for you to watch but is a very detailed
so you can see all of our ice cream party decorations that everybody would
and all over even my two-year-old daughter I’m showing you right here she
is booing and ahhing over the decorations she absolutely loved them
which surprised me i didn’t realize two-year-olds could be so into a party
decor do you like us now for food we decided not to do a giant cake because
honestly I’ve always done birthday cakes or cookie cakes and my cakes
always fall flat I just I’m not a cake decorator and somehow I always think I
do this is this year we went simple and easy we did Starbucks cake pops which
are my daughter’s favorite and an ice cream bar all right we’ve got the treats
all together we’ve got Starbucks cake pops
these are we’ve got some yummy little toppings to put on top it is all ready
for the guests and it was a huge hit every single person visited the ice
cream bar my daughter of course she loved her cake pop it was so cute it’s
always so cute watching a little a little toddler eat something and
especially eating a cake pop now before we open presents my husband and I had
scattered balloons all over our living room floor our toddler baby girl she
loves playing with Balu she loves looking through the clear balloons they
were so cool I will put where we got these clear balloons they will be linked
in the description box down below because they had confetti you know they
were super cool dad’s guest arrived people love just hanging the balloons
back and forth like a balloon hitting competition going on there for a while
that was a lot of fun plus it made the area look very festive now when it came
time to open presents our living room is pretty small but we had all 13 13 of us
sitting in the living room if we’d had more guests we would have had room for
more guests I was surprised how many people actually
fit in our living room I just put chairs all around the space and we even had the
balloons everywhere I put the pile of presents in front of
our fireplace and everybody watched his baby girl opened her gifts it was so
cute because she had the best reactions especially to her little phone she
started talking on her little phone and to her stroller with her baby oh my
goodness she started talking to her baby I do have a whole video dedicated to all
the gifts that we got her for her birthday and I will link that in the
description box down below just in case you are looking for some two-year-old
girl gift ideas then you’ll definitely want to check out on that video what fun
party theme are you doing a for your birthday party this year I want to know
that in the description box down below a thumbs up is the best compliment you can
give me subscribe if you want to hang out with me more I’m gonna put a video
right here that has to do with baby girl’s birthday party that you will want
to watch next and I will see you in my next video thanks for watching bye

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