planning a RuPaul’s Drag Race viewing
party with your squirrel friends but need some sickening ideas well I’m gonna
give you some tips on what you can do that are gonna leave your guests gagging hi Fat Boy Doug here with an appetite
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Drag Race has become such a big pop culture phenomenon it’s just so much fun
to watch with your friends so if you’re looking to throw a viewing party I have
a few tips on how to make a little bit more fun and exciting for your friends
so let’s talk a little bit about decoration so if you’ve ever seen
RuPaul’s Drag Race obviously you’ve seen the workroom which is decorated in
really bright pink so I would choose decorations that match that color scheme
but along with mimicking the look of the workroom I suggest using one of your
doorways and making that the entrance to the workroom there have been some pretty
iconic workroom entrances and you and your friends can make your own as well
so let’s talk about refreshments so what I would do is just buy different snacks
or drinks and theme them to RuPaul’s Drag Race so for example you can get
Oreo cookies and just name them miss van G’s cookies or just get some Ritz
crackers and some dip and you can call it ms cracker and it and then you can
mix some iced tea or you can buy some iced tea
and call it all tea all shade so you can always do that as part of the party but
if you wanted to do something a little bit more fun leading up to the episode
then I have something for you now if you’re a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race then
you know that the best mini-challenge is the reading challenge and reading is
what fundamental so what I would do is just take a pair of sunglasses and
probably pop the lens off of them I have cute little orange sunglasses that I
popped the lens off and maybe you can be dazzled them to make it as fabulous as
you want it to be but basically just pass them around and let everyone read
each other make sure your declare the library is open before you start just so
everyone can check their egos at the door but the point of it is to have as
much fun as possible I have found that the best way to read someone is to start
off with the compliment and then go for the jugular my all-time favorite reads
were from Jujubee from season 2 if you’ve never seen her reads I’m gonna
post a link to the video in the description so you can see it down there
but speaking of favorites who is your RuPaul’s Drag Race favorite queen that
you’ve seen on any of the seasons I would love to know so post in the
comments below all right now even though the show
itself is gonna be entertaining enough you can still play some games during the
episode that’s gonna make it a little bit more fun so of course there’s a
drinking game that you can play with it everyone knows what to do during a
drinking game so I have found a drinking game for season 9 on Pinterest and I’ve
posted the link below but you can use some of those ideas and change them up
for season 10 or for whatever episode you’re gonna watch it for alright now
after the episode you can still play some games or do some activities with
your friends to continue the fun for the night
so this first activity I’ve actually done with my friends in our viewing
party and it’s putting drag makeup on each other so you pair each other up and
put makeup on each other I’m not gonna lie drag makeup or any makeup is pretty
expensive and we spent a lot of money getting all this but it was well worth
it we had so much fun obviously none of us are makeup experts so we looked up
YouTube tutorials from drag queens and we just copied what they did I have a
few links also in the description below of a few of the tutorials that I thought
were very helpful so here I am final product not too bad right now of course
my final idea is the iconic lip sync you can’t have a viewing party without a lip
sync my suggestion is something a little bit more upbeat energetic Britney is
always good Whitney Houston but the most important part
is to film it because it’s gonna be a great piece of blackmail later alright
so those are my tips on how you can throw the best RuPaul’s Drag Race
veneering party but what kind of tips do you have and what are you most excited
to incorporate into your next viewing party let me know in the comments below
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  1. Wow, so many fun, creative, and easy to do ideas that I think I might even be able to do this lol! Your parties sound like a lot of fun!

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