Ideas for Dinner Parties Tables/Exciting Fundraiser Table Setting Raffle!

Hello! My name is Marina Klima and I’m with
Klima Design Group in New Jersey. This video is dedicated to helping you decorate
holiday tables for entertainment, for casual dinner party, however you want to interpret
it. My company Klima Design Group decided to make a contribution to a local PTO to raise
the funds for a local school here in central New Jersey and what you will see is the raffle
of the whole table setting and the bar decorations and also a couple of minutes. So enjoy the video and thank you for watching
it. A lot of stuff! It looks great in here! I just wanted to do a little different. You
know I wanted to introduce the teals because people like in real nature its not all orange,
its not all yellow. Table setting just like with any interior
design is about combination of textures, smooth surface, textured surface, embroidery and
shimmer. We used like a teal blue napkins together
with the bronze color another napkin and then highlighted it with the splash of yellow and
little bit more gold just to bring in the oranges and yellows more because they are
offset with the cooler colors. Hey now, thank you very much for watching
this video. We hope that our decorating ideas are helpful to you. Please post your comments
and your questions and stay tuned for winter decorating ideas it’s much more to come. Bye-bye.

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  1. Hello Marina, Your table settings were beautiful and the music was very appropriate and relaxing. I had a little difficulty understanding a few words in your introduction and a little more enthusiasm would be good. Nice video, I look forward to seeing more and getting more ideas.

  2. @erinmelcher Thank you very much. It feels good to be a part of local New Jersey community effort to be able to raise over $35,000 for a middle school PTO! I hope I made it clear that it was a funraiser-fundraiser. Thank you for your comment.

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