IDSL 2019 Celebration!

Yesterday, all over the world, we watched the global celebration of the 2019 International Day of Sign Languages (IDSL)! It was beautiful to see deaf associations around the world proudly showing their national sign language(s) in innumerable countries around the world! We also saw many governments taking note and proudly joining us in celebrating their national sign languages with many political leaders showing their knowledge of their national sign languages. Many world leaders and politicians appeared in their own sign language videos and some of them sign pretty well! We are seeing IDSL celebrations spreading around the world with governments and society the United Nations and its agencies All over, people are recognizing our national sign languages! We are achieving our aims! The International Day of Sign Languages is setting a spotlight on our language- sign languages! We’re achieving our goals! Now let’s celebrate the International Week of Deaf People! and continue showing deaf people are fully equal to all others with Sign Language Rights for All!

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