(light music) (upbeat music) – Hey guys, guess what today is? – It’s my mom’s birthday! – Alright so real quick before
we get started with anything, I want you guys to guess how old I am. And before you do any guesses, I’m going to give you one hint because I’m scared of the numbers that you guys are gonna throw out there. So I am in my thirties, so
guess how old you think I am. We have also been doing tons
and tons of kids in charge videos because you guys love
them and my kids love being in charge but today the kids
are not in charge at all. Mom is in charge. So when mom’s in charge on
her birthday she gets to eat her favorite kind of cereal with sugar and not feel guilty about it at all. (light music) (water pouring) Ready to have fun. – Alright so it is mom’s
special day but there’s one thing that she doesn’t know. She’s picking everything
for the day, she knows that. But what she doesn’t know is
that we have a present for her. A very special birthday
present that we’re gonna give hints for throughout
the video and see if she can figure out what it is
’cause I’m not gonna tell her, we’re not just giving
her a present to open up, she has to figure out what her present is. Let us know in the comments
if you figure it out by the hints before mom does. – This morning was pretty
relaxing thanks to my kids for letting me actually
take a bath and read a book. Thank you guys! – [Together] You’re welcome! – Alright the relaxing
part is done now it’s time for the fun. – Alright guys, where should we go eat? – Pizza. – [Girl] Chuckalama! – [Girl] Chuckalama! – [Girl] Pizza Park Cafe! – Pizza. – [Girl] I mean, no, no, McDonald’s. – McDonald’s. I say, Rhumbi Island Grill. – [Parker] I get park. – [Dad] Parker’s is at the park. – Parker wants to go to the park. But I’m in charge so I choose Cafe Rio! – Yay! – I choose Bege! – Leave it to me to pick a place where there’s an ambulance. Is that a bad sign, guys? I’m still eating here
because mom’s in charge. – This is a bad sign. – I’m so excited for my Cafe Rio salad. Thank you Parker for letting me eat here. – You’re welcome. – Thank you for being born. – [Mom] Thank you Blake. – [Dad] Mom, have you figured
out what your present is yet? – No. Was there a clue? – She’s missing out on the clues already? You guys already know the first clue. – What’s the first clue? – What is it? – Gotta pay like really
close attention to everything dad talks about. – So I have supposedly
already been given a hint to what my present is and I have no clue. I don’t even know if
Steve even said anything. He asked me what I wanted to drink. – This is not the clue. – Than why are you holding it? – Alright time to decide
what we’re gonna do next. Let’s find out what everyone wants to do. – Family Funplex. – The Rush. – Beverly Fun Parks. – Trampoline park. – [Boy] Trampoline park,
yeah, that’s a good one. – Trampoline park. – The kids have a lot of fun ideas. What does mom wanna do? – Shopping! – [Boy] Are you kidding me? – [Kids] Boo! – Mom is in charge so I
guess we’re going shopping. – I’m gonna bring mommy shopping money. – Do you guys remember
what we did last year for mom’s birthday? – They sold watermelon and cream that you put on your arm pits. (laughing) – The watermelon is right. We did get her a watermelon
for her birthday. Maybe we should get her some
more fruit for her birthday. Do you want some fruit for your birthday? – No. – [Dad] What’s everyone’s favorite fruit? – [Boy] Apple. – Watermelon, nothing. – [Girl] Hey, your forgot me! – Pickles. – [Girl] Pickles. – [Dad] Taylor? – Carrots and apples. – We need to learn what vegetables
are and what fruits are. – [Boy] Pickles are a vegetable. – Hold on, fruits are
like apples, watermelons, pineapples, not pickles. (laughing) Those kind of things. Maybe we should find another
giant fruit like a cantaloupe or like a pineapple for mom. – No. – [Dad] You liked the watermelon so much. – Now I know what I want. I want pickles. – I’m worried about our kids’ education. – You didn’t talk about my favorite fruit. Pineapple! And apples. – I like pineapples too. – Pancakes. – Oh boy. (light music) – While mom shops, I’m
distracting the kids over in the toy section. It’s the best I can do. – I came here looking for
a swimsuit and instead I have a cart full of
clothes and no swimsuit. Are you my shopping buddy? – Mom, you got so much stuff. – Look at all of that. They’re all Parker’s. Parker you’ve been shopping
way too much today. – Uh-huh. – Are you finally done, mom? Bye bye. – What mom didn’t realize is
her favorite candy’s here. – I don’t like these Hawaiian Punch chews. – I bought her these the
other day thinking they were her favorites and
I guess they’re not. – I hate em so much. I don’t like em. – Can I please have it? – Parker, whose birthday is it? – My birthday. – No, it is mine. – I wanna open it. – Alright so now mom’s
finished her shopping, time to figure out what
we’re gonna do next. But first, have you figured out what
your birthday present is yet? – No. – [Dad] Are you joking? – No, how am I supposed to know? – I have given some really easy hints. – I’m supposed to have known it by now? Like really, I’m being honest. – [Dad] I don’t know,
do you know what it is? – I do not know what it is. – [Dad] You don’t even have a guess? – Have you given clues? – I have given at least three clues. So disappointing. I bet you guys already know, don’t you? – Alright guys so I’m in
the mood to do something fun and to go somewhere fun. Steven did not like shopping
so guys where do you think is somewhere fun to go? – Rush! The Rush. – [Girl] Family Funplex! – [Girl] Family Funplex. – Bounce house! (laughing) – That place with the sharks. – [Boy] Sharks. – What’s? – [Dad] The aquatic center. – What? I do not pick that place at all. It smells like fish. I pick Lagoon! – I pick park! – Alright, we’re at
Lagoon and I’m probably the only person that
is excited in this car. Is anyone else excited? – Me! – I’m gonna put this on
my windshield, you know, to keep out the sun. We have been coming to
Lagoon for two years now and last year I was
pregnant so I didn’t ride that many roller coasters
at all and this year I’ve just been watching the baby and stuff like that when everyone
else goes on roller coasters so I am gonna go ride some
roller coasters today. – Treat yourself. – Treat yo self. – Treat yo self. We’re going on the red
roller coaster first. – We’re on the roller coaster! Here we go, first roller
coaster of the day. – Oh, it’s so high, mommy. – Here we go! (upbeat music) – I wanna go again! – The next ride that I
wanna ride on is Bambora, the one that Peyton really, really likes. – Bambola. – Oh my, are you gonna ride it with me? – Yeah! – Let’s do it. Are you ready for this? – Yeah! – There’s Taylor and Jordan. Woo hoo! (screaming) We survived. – Again! – Are you ready? I am not ready. Let’s do this. – Let’s ride one, mom. – No! (screaming) This is terrifying. This is a little kid ride? – Everybody wants to go on the swing ride but I think we should go on the tiki ride. – Parker wants to go on the tiki ride. – I wanna go on the big
swing, they go up in the air. – I guess me and Parker
will be the only ones that go on the tiki ride. I’m just trying to give hints to mom. But I can’t get their attention. They don’t wanna do what I wanna do. I bet you guys already
know what it is though. – It’s not over yet. – Oh no. (screaming) Oh, so scary, guys. Lagoon was fun like always
and the kids started having a lot of fun as
soon as we got there even though they wanted
to go to other places, I think we all had a
blast and I got to ride so many roller coasters. Steve and I do not go on
dates a lot and so we are gonna go on a birthday date and we have some free movie tickets
so that’s what we’re gonna be doing. And grandma gets to watch all of the kids. Thank you so much, grandma. – So we do have one problem
and that’s that I’ve been giving out clues
all day long and haven’t even had one real guess on
what mom’s birthday present is. So we’re gonna discuss some
of the things that they think it might be and
maybe I will have to review some of the clues because
we can’t go a whole day and mom not get a birthday
present on her birthday. Peyton, what do you think it is? – I think it’s you guys
getting to be alone time without us for a little. Because you guys are stressed. – [Mom] ‘Cause we’re stressed? – Maybe it fits with what the
birthday present is, wink. – What? – This. This is mommy’s birthday present. – [Dad] Oh, you going cross eyed. Blake, what’s mom’s birthday present? (laughing) – I guess, I have no idea. – [Dad] What do you think
your birthday present is? – I have no idea. – [Dad] Don’t you want it? – Yeah but I don’t know. Like my favorite candy? – That’s small, you gotta think bigger. – Her favorite candy was a clue but was not her birthday present. – How was that a clue? – The Hawaiian punch. – Oh. – [Kids] Oh. – A prank, it’s a prank. – What? – Her birthday present is not
a prank, it’s a real thing. Alright so the first clue
for her birthday present was the restaurant that I said I wanted to go to for mom’s birthday. – You said a restaurant. – I said I wanted to go
to Rhumbi Island Grill. – Rhumbi? – You bought her a meatloaf! – They serve meat there. – They do serve meat, not meatloaf. There’s a certain type of food though that they do serve there. – Oh, I know, I know, I know. – [Dad] What? – We’re gonna buy her a pineapple. – No but that was clue
number two, which was last year for your birthday what did you get? – A watermelon. – And at the restaurant I
said that maybe we should get her a pineapple, clue number two. – Pineapple. – How do you not get this yet? – Then I actually gave
several other little clues but the big one I gave was I wanted to go on the tiki ride at Lagoon. – Going to Disneyland. – The boat ride, it’s
called the tiki ride. – It’s called the like the tiki ride. – Our clues. – How have you guys not gotten this yet? – It’s the tiki ride one. – Oh my gosh. – [Dad] Did it finally click? Or do you not know? – Oh my gosh. – Hawaiian. Gonna go to Hawaii. – Yes. – [Dad] Mom gets to go to Hawaii! – Not uh. – [Girl] Mom? Not us? – Your birthday present. Mom’s birthday present is that mom and dad get to go on a vacation to Hawaii. – Not us? – [Boy] What, no. (whining) – [Girl] I wanna go. (crying) – Maybe dad messed up on this one. – Thank you guys! – I didn’t even think that
the kids would be that upset about this but I knew that
mom would like it a lot. – I’m excited! Alright so for the rest of
the evening we are just gonna have a little date
night and watch a movie. We left the kids at home. Hopefully they are going
to bed and so we are going to end our vlog. So make sure you subscribe to our channel. – Comment below. – Give us a big thumbs up. – And we’ll see you guys tomorrow. – [Together] Bye! – Do you guys remember what we? – Alright so for the rest
of the evening we are going to be watching a movie and having. – I was pretending to pick my nose and you didn’t even notice so. – You were picking your nose? – I was going. Sorry, start again. (screaming) (upbeat music)

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