If you’re okay, then will you marry me? [Angel’s Last Mission: Love / ENG]

Should we do it tomorrow? That soon? We have no time. Ten days later… “Giselle” will start soon. I want to get married before then. Why did you suddenly change your mind? What? You said no up until when I had my rehearsal. So why did you suddenly change your mind? It’s not sudden. I’ve always wanted to do it. I thought your mind changed because you had turned into a human. Hey, how could you say that? I should’ve acted coyly. I was too easy. I proposed and bought the ring when I was rejected for days on end. It hurts my pride. It’s not too late to take back your words. – Are you serious? / – Yes. I’m not scared. How could you say that? If you take it back, I can propose to you. I can do it hundreds of times. I’ll make it formal. What’s with you? Yeonseo. You’re my first for everything. When I was a human, an angel, and even now, all I have is you. I wanted to live because of you. I wanted to become a human so badly because of you. I’m a fool who’s hesitant, makes you wait, and even makes you cry. If you’re okay with that, then will you marry me? I hate you. You said everything that I wanted to say. I’ll make you happy. I promise. Let’s live together for thousands of years. Okay. Her fate was to be killed by the wicked. Some people are born that way. It was just postponed, that’s all. No matter how much you try to escape from it, a prophecy will come to pass. One’s destiny will be fulfilled. (Report) (Report) I thought this was destiny. I believed I met her, thought of her, and loved her because those were what You wanted me to do. I’m not scared of vanishing… or dying. However, I’m most afraid… of Yeonseo’s being in pain because of me. However, this isn’t right. Is it her destiny to die? No, I cannot accept that. Even if it’s a prophecy that’ll come true, I’ll change it. I won’t let You have Your way. I’ll do it my way.

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  1. I missed them so much. I think i've watched the drama for 3 times already and their clips in KBS youtube channel for many times but I can't move on and still here watching. I hope KBS invite them atleast in Happy Together 🙏

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