ILIA Beauty Lucy’s Party Lipstick Review!

hey guys I hope you guys are doing really well I’m actually on my way to a date I have a reservation for 7:00 and it’s 6:20 but I just got in the mail ILIA Beauty’s Lucy’s Party and it’s part of her collection basically it’s a lipstick based off of Bram Stoker’s Dracula so Lucy was a character in the film and the colors are just very like romantic and moody and this is a oxblood more like pinot noir oxblood hue so this is my first time trying it on and I’m really excited about that so let’s get started because I gotta go it’s recycled aluminum packaging and then this packaging that it comes in is recycled paper so it has ingredients like organic cocoa butter as well as a sesame oil so it’s really it feels really good it’s supposed to melt on your lips it’s like her other shades – this is 72% organic ingredients so it tastes that way and it feels that way and I enjoy that I’m not really into hardcore perfumes where I can smell what I have on my lips throughout the day I it feels really good and it’s pretty it’s really vampy hey guys so I’ve come back – I originally recorded this the other night when I was going out on a date I had like 20 minutes and I thought let me just like do a review on this I love the hue if you notice I’m wearing the same thing with crazy hair it’s just I think the formulation could be better because one thing I noticed that it was quite like streaky and patchy throughout the night just I just I understand if you know green beauty you know they don’t want to put a lot of chemicals in it and I totally appreciate that but I just noticed that even in the middle it lightens up as you speak – but it is a beautiful hue does showcase the founders drive for you know more dark colors dramatic colors which I do appreciate so but I just wanted to come back and let you know that throughout the night I noticed that there’s patchiness or streakiness and that there was a true separation between the formulation the shade and my inner lip honestly having it on for a moment – I’m keeping it why couldn’t you be 100% my total review now that I’ve had a few days trying this on and having it on for an evening I like it – I’m keeping it – well my grade is a C+ passes the class it’s not flying colors but I still do really enjoy it then so I hope you enjoyed this please leave a comment or if you have any questions or if you have any experiences with this hue as well please share it it’s all about sharing information and having a great time I would love for you to press that little subscribe button or like this video and I will continue to send you videos of reviews – my favorite things makeup and etc take care – bye

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  1. I find the darker pigmented lipsticks especially in green beauty are more easily patchy/streaky. Also sometimes, Ilia lipsticks can be a little drying so I always augment with a little lipgloss. Have you tried Kosas yet? Although they do use Lake pigments, but look great.

  2. Great review. I love how you are truly honest you are and came back after a few days for an update. Thank you for not sugar coating it! PS you should try Red Apple Lipsticks. I find their darker formulas A+ but always love to try new green brands.

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