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  1. Me ptffffff

    Pewds I'm a veteran

    Also pewds but first episode I'm a veteran

    5 seconds

    Pewds what's that sound


    pewds fish dog

    Normal humans dolphins

    Me lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. i like how he said his series is going to make more people play minecraft than ever before and now it's actually happening lol

  3. Bruh. you think that your a veteran. I am I was born the year minecraft came out and i played it back then. So i has been gamer in diapers

  4. That’s what you call a drowned zombie it’s a zombie that drowned in some water and then I became a zombie that can swim in water sometimes they have Tridence

  5. hes found a village and a rivine and a mineshaft and diamonds and a dungeon while i have a castle with no gold no diamonds but 5 emralds and 64 64 64 iron ingots and 65 65 35 coals

  6. He said he's been playing mincraft before we were born…. bOi I wAs BoRn In 2008, ThIs GaMe WaS mAdE iN 2009. 😑 Hey but I cant judge the minecraft king.

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