I’m Getting Married

Are you ready? Yes! Music… Music… Are you ready? No i don’t want to get married! No you need to be married! NOOO If you got married i will buy you a brand new motrocycle! Ok, Do you will buy that? Ok, I’m going to get maried right now!!!! Music… Claping with hands… Claping with hands… Do this will end shortly? Yes wait… Music… Who are holding her? He’s her brother! ok then… Today we are here to marry two young couples! Please one applause! Are u Trinti accept Arslan for your husband? Yes… Are u Arslan accept Triniti for your wife? Hmm…Yes … Does anyone have something opposite for this marriage? I have… Who is she? um… Im him girlfriend He promised me a Wedding! Um….I need to run away from here! HOLD HIM!!!!

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