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  1. I was about to slap him but then I remembered that I should pull myself together caz he was my friend after all…

  2. I was about to uninstall YouTube but then I remembered that how I am going to watch @PapaTeachMe videos without it…

  3. I was about to uninstall YouTube but then I remembered that how I am going to watch @PapaTeachMe videos without it…

  4. One of my friend was about to give me an expensive gift on my birthday but I told him earlier that I am not gonna accept it…

  5. Sir what is the meaning of this expression "get any worse "?
    1. at least it can't get any worse
    2. How could this day get any worse !
    3. as if it couldn't get any worse
    4. as if it can't get any worse
    5. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse.

  6. Hello. I have been recommending your channel to my students from Japan. I think you are really awesome. But, can you be a bit more awesome by doing a video on "V and B" sounds? Thanks. 🙂

  7. Friggin ringtone! Only if I got stoned, I'd use it!….ahm, tell the blondie and shaking fellas that I miss them!

  8. Can I say this with a sarcastic tone? 🤔
    "Of course Maria, I'm just about to lend you money."
    (So she knows or feels i wont do it)

  9. Hey, I'm not going to marry You :8) but don't worry life would still make sense if You made some more of those terrific videos… Could You please make one on saying out loud somehow that something seems or is obvious – without being rude (some british fellows told me I should avoid saying "ofcourse" which is okay in Polish). The other thing is which expressions are natural and up-to-date when having guests and when You want to welcome someone in a friendly way but in some public area. And what are some typical things You say on the phone to friends or family? I'm a bit confused 'couse you never know what's really right to use from the textbooks. Cheers! And a vid on "cheers" (why all you need to know is "cheers!" and "awesome!" to run a conversation in English). Thanks for Your great job yet hard work 🙂

  10. i think, The sentence should be like that;
    how about uber? You know, Sometimes doesn't work. Don't press one's luck (let's begin linch)

  11. “I’ve told you, Maria. To just stay at home and wait for me there. I’m not about to give tou the money.”
    “I was about to go to your house. But my mum asked me to buy flowers, so I’m about to buy it.” Can I add ‘right away’? — I’m about to buy it right away. Or is it just too much?

  12. Btw, this is my first time I watched your video. And I adore your way of teaching! Simple and easy to understand. And there is no long unnecessary intro at all! Keep going! And thanks to @corkenglishteacher who advertise you in his instagram! XD

  13. Maria if i have that money i will buy to myself a car so i am not about to give you ( lend you ) any money , is it correct to say give instead of lend ?

  14. hi Papa, which one is the right one? make a decision OR take a decision? and the other one, decision to make OR decision to take? thanks!

  15. I actually already know most of the grammar you explain in your videos but I watch them to support you because you're just a superb person ❤

  16. Same situation:
    UK: have you left your house yet?
    UK: I’m just about to!

    SP: have you left your house yet?
    SP: I’m about to arrive in a minute. I’m just parking 😂 (but you must to cross Winterfell yet)

  17. Do people really have problems with this phrase? Well, as a German, this may be super easy for me bc German is such a complex language. We do have the same phrase and we also have a bunch of similar phrases.

  18. Love your videos! Great teacher… very efficient! Very first comment but i've been following you from the start. Really happy to see such a huge evolution on your channel. You deserve it. Well done! 👍😉

  19. Make situations between mother and her son. Between manager and employee. Between bank and client. Explain in your channel you will be a star

  20. Yeah! This is Papa Teach Me! I'm so glad to see and hear you! God bless you, Aly! You're really The Teacher!
    Also these pictures – it's amazing! I'd like to get the books with all pictures.

  21. I was just about to lend you £2000 to buy a car until you said you crashed five.
    I’m not about to lend you the money, because you are a terrible driver Maria.

  22. Maria, darling! I'm sooo glad you called! This week I've made way too much money I'm capable of laundering. I was just about to flush the 2,000 pounds down the toilet. So I might as well give them to you, sweetheart. Same difference.

  23. Is it correct to say "As if I was about to do (sth)" ?
    -Yeah man, As if I was about to do it pff…
    Can anyone give me another example but with context or anything???

  24. Oh well you've crashed five cars before and I think that makes you a terrible driver. I'm not about to lend you a penny.

  25. From Brazil By Marcio

    I love the accent of the English people… sounds better to my ears and it is easier to understand it.
    Thanks for the vídeo.

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