Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Oh I’m so old. I’m 30 oh my gosh. Charlie is in a dress. It’s a boy in a girl tutu dress, he’s going in mom. Mom and me made this. And it matches at that. I wanted to make one draw one and now if I will make one of paper I can look at it and try to make the same sheet. And maybe if you don’t know how to draw one you can just look at a picture on your phone and Mom helped me do the outside and I did the red line just like the red line on that. Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Oh I’m so old. I’m 30 oh my gosh He’s there hugging the back of my leg. Oh you’re so old. Let’s see how tall you are now. I haven’t grown I promise. Let’s see let’s see get over here. Let’s see where’s the last one? I’m at two. Okay That was at 26, wait I have to take off my shoe, I was like wait a minute At 26 years old What, I don’t want to shrink. Same I haven’t grown in a long time. That’s okay, I believe you now. I’m so excited to open my birthday presents. I was gonna say Christmas presents. My birthday presents. Do you want me to get them right now? Yes Yes I want them right now. Okay With no sense of waiting. Okay Come here… already yeah A desk nice comfy chair. I’ve needed this for a long time. Yes you have. Now we can finally get rid of your butt crack chair. That butt crack was already in there when I used it. It’s already there. You know what that is? Of course I know what this is. It will be nice these are old people presents. Yes, they are. What kid would buy these. But in my defense. You want all the presents to be bought by you for you. That’s true, you took that from your dad. So I just think of the things you need. And I know I can do that coz you probably won’t care enough to do it for yourself. That’s a really good point. All the fun toys. I just buy myself. It’s my birthday I could buy this but these are the things I’m like, I don’t wanna buy that on my birthday. Did you notice that the color is green? That’s your favorite color, and did you notice that the back reef reclined? Yes that’s the first thing I noticed, I was like… You know what? I originally had ordered a different one off of Amazon. This shipment or the payment did not go through for one reason or another. I was like you know what I’m just gonna go to staples and get something else and guess what when I got there I realized the one that I ordered did not have a reclining back. So I was like have to get a different one anyways. So it’s a good thing that that thing did not go through. All right well I’m gonna put this in my new office. Hey Yeah, and I think it’s super highly adjustable everywhere. Just so you know and I got it on sale, and it was your favorite color. Awesome! Thank you! Alright guys Bye bye butt crack, this is the butt crack chair. This I got from a yard a few years ago. Along a lot of years ago actually and it has these nice little butt print marks on it and a butt crack. It’s so bad and something that I don’t like about it is that it’s so heavy. It was really heavy chair. This is thing is cold and it’s so hard to unfold. You could do it. This is gonna be hard but Good luck It’s put down and he has his new chair and it reclines and just what he wants. I cleaned this room yesterday, this is the room that I worked so hard on yesterday because we had way too much stuff in here. I also hid Michael’s present, but Michael don’t remember that okay. Here’s Michael’s present. I bought this bag months ago because I knew he would love it. But now that I’m giving it to him I’m a little bit hesitant because he for once wants a really healthy birthday. And I’m like here’s a big donut bag. I was like you want doughnuts for your birthday? You wan this or that? He’s like no, I want like healthy apple pies, I’m like Okay, well at least I’m giving doughnuts to him in one way. Close your eyes Michael here you go. Donuts of course. You have to get me a donut bag. Did you buy this bag? I bought that bag months and months ago. Did you happen to find it and this is gonna be good. Yes I was like this is Michael’s bag. How interesting. What’s in it? It has clothes. Alright this is what I wanted. Are they really what you wanted? Yes, I just wanted to try them on. Okay fashion show. I hope the colors good on me. Oh they will yeah Oh keep this receipt. Okay. I’ll go try it on alright. Good luck Come out for a fashion show Well, so what do you think? It’s good, I like it. It looks really nice. It’s long enough. I don’t want to have a super thick sweater. I want it to be like a shirt, but I also wanted to have pocket for my hands and a hood for my head. So I really liked it. Good. And did you try the both of them? Not yet. Okay It looks good. Thank you. I got a dog for my birthday. Oh my don’t post rumors like that. Just kidding, but we do have a puppy visiting us. Date night, Happy birthday night. Thank you. I tried a new sandwich today. A pesto chicken. I haven’t tried it before. It’s really good. We’re a Zupas if you don’t already know. Cuz we always go to Zupas, that’s all we ever do. We’ve got cauliflower soup. Some strawberry harvest chicken salad Nuts about Mary’s salad and Michael already ate his Oh pokemon go, strawberries and bread. I’m starving. We have to go so I can eat. Bye Happy Birthday! So I just went and got done Chaemander hunting there was a nest of Charmander’s. And they kept showing up it was amazing. I probably got fifteen Charmander’s in about half hour. Or an hour, good job. Now we’re gonna go see movies. Movie time AMC here we come. Beach’s in the House. Okay, we’re in the movie theater right now, and these are recliner seats. I’ve never ever been in a theater that actually has recliner seats like this. Let’s see it. And we got some chips and salsa chips and cheese. We’re gonna be watching Doctor Strange it’s opening night of Doctor Strange and really excited. Okay this is actually really cool. I just want to say a big, thank you to all of you guys for coming to my birthday party today. Thank you for helping make this dream a reality. For me and my family to be able to live off of YouTube doing what we love. Being with our family all the time. To hopefully be able to brighten your day too. Today was a really good birthday. Well, then I got to spend it with my family. Have a lot of fun. I love you guys so much. Thanks for coming. Thanks for watching the Beach House. I’ll see you guys tomorrow pause the game.

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