Imagine Fashion Party: B-E-A-UTIFUL – PART 1 – Game Grumps

Arin: Hey, I’m grump Dan: I’m not so grump Together: and we’re the Game Grumps! Arin: Shredding on that guitar.
Dan: Yes Arin: That smooth crystal guitar
Dan: That is smooth Dan: Welcome to Imagine Fashion Party
Arin: mmm Dan: It was next to the- it was on the shelf next to imagine party babies, and we were like aw man Dan: If it’s anything like it, we gotta do it Arin, distantly: well, yeah, I mean…. *Dan making guitar noises* *Arin makes poor guitar noises* Dan: Alright, do it, we have no idea what we’re in for here.
Arin: He’s fucking shredding too Dan: Yeah he’s killing it Arin: That guy in the back is just like *rich guy laugh* Dan: I can’t be blamed. I’m just fashionable *Arin does more rich guy laughs* Arin: Imagine, if we had a budget to make this game, oh Dan: oh Game Character: Welcome to your favourite show- Dan: Wow, it’s very similar to the voice he actually has Arin: *rich guy laugh* Dan: Multiplayer hell yea-*burps* Arin: yeah let’s do it
Dan: Oh, excuse me Dan: Oh my god, look at this!
Arin: Oh shit yeah! Arin: I want! yes please! Dan: You want Rachel? Arin: Oh my God Rachel. Dan: I’m a fan of this little lady, Jane Arin: Oh Jane Dan: Damn Jane Arin: Chinese silk or chinese- Dan: I thought it said Chinese sex doll Dan: *laughs* Like all together Arin: Wait Arin: Workshops? Chinese and China.
Dan: Oh, I dunno Dan: Well that- well that, that’s the china choice
Arin: That’s a little on the nose Dan: Well- Oh workshops *laughs* Arin: I think Dan: Yeah they do have slave labor in those countries. It’s fucked up. We do not support it Arin: I’m doing Chinese silk. Whoa dude!
Dan: Damn! Arin: Wait wait wait hold on!
Dan: Hold on whoa hey wait! Dan: Keep the camera on me. I gotta talk. Arin: Here I am! Whoa! *Arin laughs* Arin: Ah, there we go Dan: I’ve given up Arin: Hello *Dan laughs* Arin: Wait, not the splatter! Arin: Hey, what’s up? Well…
Dan: And you are? Dan: I’m just a camera guy. Arin: Hi I’m a designer oh uh- *They both try to do the voice of the man but he goes out of frame too fast* *They both laugh* Arin: Finally
Dan: Threesomes are gross *Arin laughs* Arin: Yeah
Dan: All right. Arin: It’s the devil’s threesome
Dan: Yeah, that’s the devil’s triangle yeah Arin: Devil’s triangle Dan: [spanish/italian accent?] Hello, my name is Douglas Pancino. I’m a professional designer I am here to teach you about fashion design- *Arin grunts stylishly* Arin: [girl voice] As if by magic! Dan: What? Oh
Arin: What the fuck? Dan: That was Jane- Ah- We- ‘Cause we both, like, hit it to move forward Arin: Oh shit
Dan: Sorry, sorry Dan: Now I’ll never know what Jane said, and she’s me! Dan: [spanish/italian accent] First you need to make this piece of clothing which will serve as the bah-sé. Zis is the conception phase. Arin: Okay Dan: Oh shit
Arin: Oh oh oh! Dan: We’re doing- uh- cut following the line Arin: uh Dan: uh Arin: uh- uhhhh Arin: Okay? Arin: This is really easy.
Dan: Oh yeah Dan: Oh no! No, awww
Arin: Yes! Dan: Son of a bitch
Arin: Yes! Arin: My dress! Dan: Adjust with the pins Arin: oh- um- wait, what?
Dan: Oh I missed Dan: I missed
Arin: What? Arin: What the fuck am I doing? Dan: I don’t know what we’re supposed to be doing Dan: Boop! Arin: What the fuck? Dan: I do not know, I do not know Arin: Ohhh, you gotta like stab it in. Dan: What?
Arin: Click and then stab it in Dan: Ohhhh
Arin: There you go. Arin: [girl voice] Sew the clothing! Dan: Oh my God *Arin makes sewing noises*
Dan: Sew it. Arin: Oh, uh
Dan: Oh you missed Dan: You fucking missed
*Arin makes more sewing noises* Arin: Ah, fuck Arin: I’m doing so good.
Dan: Oh mine looks pretty- Arin: What the fuck?
Dan: Mine looks pretty damn good Dan: Oh yeah Dan: You’ll never catch me. Yeah.
Arin: I got ya! Dan: Oh no you did not! Arin: Oh shit!
*Dan laughs* Arin: No! Dan: I finished finished *laughs* Dan:Yeah,
Arin: But I got a better score cause mine’s better. Dan: You probably did. Arin: Dammit! Dan: Nope. Dan: Sorry Rachel Arin: Oh you’re such a fucking pleb
*Dan laughs* Dan: Whatever Arin: I’m gonna beat you in this fashion contest.
Dan: Yeah *laughs* Arin: And you are gonna- You’re gonna eat your words mister, I’m gonna look fucking fabulous on the fucking runway Dan: First of all, it’s missy because I am Jane Arin: All right missy
Dan: Yeah. Arin: Jane, if that is your real name Dan: [girl voice] You can fucking suck a hard cock, Rachel. *Dan laughs* Arin: I know your name is, fucking, Eugene Dan: Oh my God I love it. Arin: Yeah, your mom named you Eugene, so what? Dan: You- Once you’re finished sucking that dick you should crush it against your forehead like a beer can *They laugh* Arin: Oh! Dan: Okay, now that you have the shape of the base, we need to improve the dress itself. Arin: and please don’t crush my dick against your forehead Dan: Please do not. Dan: uhhhh- oh choose the dress Arin: uhhhh Dan: Uh, where-
Arin: Yes? Yes Dan: Bad choice? Arin: Wait, to match? Dan: Ohhh, oh is that- is that what they want? *mimicks bad choice sound effect* oh bad choice Arin: uh oh, bad choice, Arin: wait, what good good wait? Oh, I did it.
Dan: I don’t know red or black Arin: Black black always looks good.
Dan: Yeah Dan: For any occasion
Arin: Long sleeves….
Dan: Perfect Arin: Shoot all the way then yeah, that’s fucking hot. That’s a Morticia shit right there. Dan: I’m- I’m going… Arin: Uh…. a b rooch Dan: How do I finish this? Arin: They’re all bad choices! Dan: No Dan: You just got to keep it classy bro. Arin:I’m literally going through all of them, and they’re all bad choices small bows Dan: Oh my God you’re right. They are all bad choices. Arin:Okay? Um there we go Dan:Wait, what-what it will work? Arin: Damn it, son of a bitch. Oh, god uh small bows Dan: This is embarrassing. Arin:I-just use small bows. Arin:Perfect! Arin: I did it, yay! Dan: I wish they had like- Arin: I’m a fashion- you literally just have to like, do what it wants Dan: Yeah
Arin: how is this a game? Dan: I-I wish like when, uh, when my character lost like just steam shoots out like *Dan makes hissing noise to imitate steam* *Arin laughs* Dan: And she’s just like AHHHHHH Arin: And her flesh starts searing like ‘You’ll never look pretty on the runway again’ Dan: Panchino comes out “I’m sorry, I said there would be consequences *Arin laughs* Arin(in Panchino voice): I did not specify about what they were. Dan(Panchino voice): Yes. Loading, Please Wait… Arin: If you want to take fashion seriously, you have to take it seriously. Dan: Please wait (wah-eat) Arin: One of you has to die *Dan laughs* Dan: This outfit now needs stocking and matching shoes. Select the icon for the underwear category, as requested. Arin: Shyussss Dan: Um Arin: Um… under.. Dan: Underwear? Arin: undergarments Dan: Good Dan: Yeah Deusly, no, perfect Arin: What Dan: Bad choice? Arin: But I- Dan: Perfect Arin: Did it Arin: Black? Cool? Dan: oooo That’s nice and high. How do I finish? Arin: High. Done, I am fucking hot. Dan: I do not understand
Arin: Oh, shoes
Dan: Oh, uh Arin: uh, uh, Sandals Dan: bad choice, perfect! Dan: Yes
Arin: uh red or black Dan: I fucking killed it
Arin: black? Dan: God, I look incredible Arin: Free, what is free?
Dan: I don’t know bro Dan: It’s probably what you’re wearing at that cheap ass store you shop at
Arin: Are you done? Dan: Oh fuck yeah, I’m done
Arin: What the fuck?! Dan: I’m ready to rock this goddamn runway.
Arin: But you look stupid, and I look fabulous Dan: Whatever, whore. Arin: What the fuck. Arin: How are you three points ahead of me?
Dan: I look incredible. Arin: I’m gonna sabotage your runway walk. I’m gonna cut off one of your heels. Dan: *laughing* Dan: Both of your outfits are outstanding, but Jane is just ahead by a touch. Arin: I’ll talk about touch
Dan: Yeah
Arin: It’s a bad touch bad touch
Dan: *guitar noises* Arin: *imitating Dan’s guitar noises*
Dan:Jane has won. I won that trophy. I won a new element. fire *laughing* Dan: Enter my name, uh
Arin: you could have won ice but you are too far behind
Dan: ah yes Arin: Ploh pl, plaahl Arin: Wait, why are we doing this now? Oh, I’m sorry. What do we call you?
Dan: excellent job Dan: Plotz.
Arin: *laughing* Arin: How come I don’t get to name me?
Dan: Because you’re not the winner. You’re not going into the, uh Dan: Imagine fashion Hall of fame.
Arin: But what the fuck
Dan: because, dude, I Game character: -on the screen, you have the workshop catalogue and live show choices. Dan: Oh my God is it *jumbled speech* Dan: D-one more Workshop, and then we’ll go on the Catwalk.
Arin: I guess so Arin: China doll baby.
Dan: Oh God Lord knows what this could mean Arin: *imitating game music* Dan: Hey- oh, ah, oh
Arin: I don’t care okay. I’ve already seen it. Whoa. I like Ashley. She’s cute.
Dan: Me too. she’s making me blush Arin: I’m Ashley, specialist in hair and cosmetics. This first workshop is- aaah Arin: T- ow.
Dan: That’s you Arin (girly voice): Technically it’s completely within my capabilities Arin: D- ah dammit!
*both laughing* Dan: We both waited for the other one to do it first
Arin: *laughing* Arin: It’s fucking, press A, chicken
Dan: I was going to uh, i was gonna give Jane a *super annoyingly* A VOICE LIKE THIS. Dan: which is a shame.
Arin: *imitating dan’s super annoying voice* OH, GOD Arin: To start let’s get the hair sorted some french pleats will do the job Dan: go Dan: Snip snap snoozie snaz.
Arin: Gotta do it as quickly as possible Arin: Wait what
Dan: Stop shaking your head woman. alright Arin: Got it. God, she looks fucking great.
Dan: Yeah Dan: We’re givin’ her the princess Leia Arin: Stop why are you so far ahead stop shaking your head you stupid fucking bitch Dan: Uh, what is this dry the hair Dan: Oh, uh
Arin: straight straight Dan: What is happening right now
Arin: What the fuck?
Dan: This is so random Arin: We’re drying it am I drying it am I doing it
Dan: Yeah, I don’t know if we’re doing a good job Arin: Stop going so fast
Dan: oh, oh I co-comb it through comb it through
Arin: oh shit. Arin: Yes, I’m beating you.
Dan: No you’re not. Oh, I missed
Arin: I’m beating you. Dan: done
Arin: shit
Dan: *laughing* Arin: My girl’s gonna be so fucking beautiful you have no idea- YES! YES, FUCK YOU! I am better at hair! Dan: *laughing* Arin: I am a hair whiz two points beat that shit!
Dan: Oh my God Arin: I got a time bonus.
Dan: Yeah, well congratulations, but we got the same level skills.
Arin: I’m getting a time boner right now dude Dan: I can see that, um Dan: next time on game grumps Arin: Okay
Dan: More imagine fashion action.
Arin: You got it baby
Dan: Okay, and yeah cuz now the Arin: The pressure’s on
Dan: Yeah, the juices are flowin’ Dan: Those hot nasty juices-
Arin: My juices are going all over your face, bro
Dan: is that Matt not wearing a shirt over there? it is Dan: Why is he walking around shirtless?

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  1. normally game grumpy makes me laugh so hard I cry but when I'm drunk game grumpy just makes me cry

  2. I really need a full on playthrough of Style Savvy. That one took over a couple years of my life when I was younger. I need to hear Arin and Danny's commentary about the characters and the mini-story in that game.

  3. I had paused the video and picked it back up after, like, an hour on 3:48 and needless to say I was slightly in shock

  4. does anyone else really want to see Arin do a catwalk in heels and his pole dancing outfit from Markipliers video? XD I wanna see him killin it

  5. okay seriously arin and danny need to be on one of those project runway type shows and throw shade all day

  6. ….I'm designing a character off of that dude. He's going to be named Craig and he's going to be gay as fuck.

  7. I like how the designers are all women except for that one man like "heeeeeeeey no one will ever pick me"

  8. There was an opportunity for a Jane's Addiction reference, and quite frankly I'm upset it wasn't seized

  9. Everything was A-Ok until the hole appeared on the back!
    So I went to stitch the back.
    I missed.
    Then I missed again!
    Then I stitched again and I missed!
    And then I stitched and then I stitched, then I missed! I missed both times!
    Then I stitched and I missed!
    This went on for several hours!
    Then I stitched, then I missed!
    Then I was outta string! I got sad!
    I had a popsicle! Then I passed out on the dress!
    Then I woke up! Then I got more string! Then I stitched! Then I missed!
    Then I missed again!
    Then I stitched! I stitched something! But it wasn't what I was going for! So I missed!
    Then I passed out again!
    Had another popsicle!
    Had a dream where I was stitching something! Then I missed!
    I reached for the fridge for another popsicle, then I missed!
    I got the cabbage! I put it back, but I missed!
    I dropped to the floor!

    Long story short: missed!

  10. Oh my god, I love watching the game grumps, but the amount of times they say "cute"… FUCK do I hate that word. Only word in the English dictionary that I hate ( the only actual word that I hate that's in the dictionary I mean). Any synonyms are fine, but, FUCK DUDE

  11. I guarantee that someone has gotten it already, but the first thing Jane said was "I want to add my own personal touches."

  12. Jane said "I want to add my own personal touches." My boyfriend and I spent like 5-10 minutes slowly pausing and playing the video to find it. You're welcome.

  13. We now have a very, VERY clear understanding as to Arins 'type'. LSL MCL, Imagine fashion, own wife, plus more are excellent examples of what makes his cock a rock. Interesting.

  14. I think my favourite episodes are the ones where they play shitty games and have so much fun with it or get frustrated.

  15. Lmao the accent sounds like Raveen (?) From the princess and the frog and I cant help but imagine him saying all that dumb shit lol

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