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Before we start, we would like to ask a question to all of you that what do you know of Love? Love Love is Friendship If she can not be my best friend Then I can never fall in love with her Because there is no Love without Friendship… Simple…Love is Friendship! Wassuupppp Everybody. I am Jatin & She is Richa And we are… Married Friends…You know what, let me tell you one thing, when I watched this movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, then I decided that I will marry my best friend only What??? Seriously. Did you guys also think like that? Yes or No. Do let us know in the comment section below. We come up with a new video every Wednesday and we talk about Love & Relationships So if that excites you… Please consider Subscribing! Now Let’s jump to the topic. Yes. Friendship is very important in a married life because You are going to spend your entire adulthood with that one single person and believe me… If you have a friendly marriage, your life will be filled with so much fun and laughter. and the most important aspect of developing that kind of friendship is COMMUNICATION! where you talk, listen & share. Couples may go a trip, eat in a fancy place show their love with lots of gifts and cards take a lot of happy selfies. But how often do they spend that quality time together keeping their phone aside Do you remember the time when you used to share each and every single detail of your life with your best friend. Like whether it’s about what you did in your day, what you ate Your fight with your siblings and your parents & sometimes even about the topics that had no relevance in your life and even if you had a fight with your friend You used to sit and resolve that matter. So, Tell us one thing…How many of you share the exact same relationship with your partner? Let’s talk about Equality now. This is my favorite topic. In a friendly married life, you both are equal – equal. It’s not like that I am the wife of the house, so I will do A B C things and he is the man of the house So he will do X Y Z tasks. No! It doesn’t work out like that and even if it comes to taking care of our parents, we both are equally responsible towards them. Even when we visit Delhi – our home It’s not only my responsibility to stay at my in-law’s place and take care of them. He also visits my parent’s house and stays with them. because he is also equally responsible towards them. and it works out really great between us. Guys – Happy Wife, Happy Life! Do whatever it takes… Do whatever it takes to make her happy. Now she is talking for herself. Because that’s what you do Now what happens, with time physical bond fades away What keeps you glued together is Now Friendship helps in building that emotional bond. You try to do things together. You try to enjoy your time together. & that further deepens that relationship. and just so that we can spend more time together we get up a little early, we workout together, cook together… and even sometimes if we get time, we go for an evening walk. It can be a good idea for you guys to find some common interest where you can enjoy and spend that time together and may be that helps in building that friendship. Remember that Salsa class. Yeah. I think we should do it again. So Dance is a very good option. If you are friends, you trust your partner’s decisions, values and dreams. You don’t need to ask for permission every now and then. rather you talk, you discuss and you know that they are there for you. Exactly. In fact when I decided to quit my job and do full time You-Tubing I was very sure of one thing that Jatin will completely support me and understand me with whatever I decide It was a very tough decision for us to make because we have a home to support but he completely supported me and I am really thankful for that You never said that to me. You are saying in camera. If you are friends, you accept each other the way they are. We all have differences, right? We have our own opinions. We don’t agree on all of them. It’s better to embrace those differences. It will encourage your partner to open up and be them-self and eventually have fun. We know people who make excuses at home for small small things…even for the things like if they are drinking outside or if they are eating non-veg outside but they can not tell their partner. It doesn’t make sense if… …you have to lie or make excuses after marriage that too for such small things. Hopefully we were able to convey how beautiful a relationship can get… when friendship and love join their hands On that note…Byeee… And Be Married Friends Forever!

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