Importance Of Love In Marriage – Following The Example Of The Prophet – Sheikh Azhar Nasser

you know the beauty of a little bait is that if you follow their instructions what Allah you will have the best marriage and a little bait when they speak it’s not just talk if you look at the marriage of a Rasul Allah and Khadijah this was this is a true love marriage you know we think that Bollywood and Hollywood those are examples of love marriages that’s all rubbish this is superficial a woman who gives everything for the mission of her husband and she dies without enough money to purchase a calf and this is love a woman who is willing to climb javelin or because she wants to give the food to rasulullah Khadijah she had servants she could have sent someone up the mountain but when I was little I used to go to God her arm it was a DJ that used to climb the mountain to go and deliver the food and the Rasulullah appreciated it Rasul Allah loved Khadijah very much you know there is an aspect of the prophet’s life and of the life of i’li that some men we ignore it and that is that the men of a halal date they were romantic with their spouses you know of a sort of loss of allah wahda you are they what does he say he says in rajala lair guru Inara fluke Metis la famille a te Rasulullah he says Allah rewards a man for putting food in the mouth of his wife you know they say Aslam is not romantic huh this small romantic gesture Rasool Allah says Allah rewards you for it Allah rewards you for it why not express your love for your spouse Rasulullah he says oh no Roger lil Marah in knee or hip Buki lie and a bloomin ALP ha Abba da Rasul Allah says when a husband says to his wife that I love you these words they do not ever leave her heart three words is it gonna cost you we’re not saying to go take money out of your bank account three words do you know how much impact it can have on your relationship and don’t say that my wife knows you know he said I love you 10 years ago and he thinks that this I love you doesn’t expire one time and it’s good for 50 years you have to renew it you have to reaffirm this love so being romantic with your spouse verbalizing your love for them don’t just say that my wife knows that I love her say it be affectionate and be appreciative you know if there’s three pieces of advice that I can give to husbands three things be affectionate be loving express your emotions tell your wife the you love her that she’s dear to

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  2. ✨🤲🏻✨Mashallah
    If the men only knew how important is to be romantic to their wife. 😔
    But Unfortunately their ego doesnt want to be romantic. Im happy that many sheihs stress on it.

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