Impractical Jokers: After Party – Murr Makes Headline News | truTV

Excuse me. Do you have —
I don’t have my reading glasses. I can’t read this print in this,
and I’m thinking — It’s the first time
I’ve been in the newspaper, so I’m thinking
of framing it, but… Which paragraph? It’s the “Attorney Disbarred
After Soliciting Judge.” Uh-huh. That’s me. Thank you. Yes, yes, yes.
Yeah. Yes. “Yes.” Yeah, I was trying it on.
Yeah. [ Laughter ] Yeah. Yeah, she said that. [ Laughter ] That line
sometimes works. Um, okay, I’m getting
a little uncomfortable. Oh. Oh. “So should I frame this?” So I shouldn’t frame it then?
The article? It looks like it’s slanting
negative toward me? -Yeah.
-Yeah. Thanks. [ Laughter ]

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