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In tonight’s first challenge,
you guys shared a patient. Now, that was pretty
interesting. At the optometrist, yeah. Yes. Yes! Yeah, it was crazy. We actually all interacted
with the same guy. He went through
a maze of madness with us. It was the first time we ever
did a challenge with one person, like, with one mark,
as we call it. Yeah, it was basically like
a tag team, in a sense. Joe: You couldn’t wait
to hand him off, actually. That was the best part. Because whenever he asked for
somebody else, you were out. You were out of the hot seat, so it was like hot potato
with an old man. It was the first time, too,
there were multiple — you could win —
you could lo– Bleh. It was also the — Bleh.
What am I trying to say? I don’t know, but you are
having a stroke. [ Laughter ] Stroke’s over. It’s also
the first challenge we did where you could lose
multiple cha-ch– Aah! You know what?
It’s gone. It was the first challenge
we’ve ever done that you could lose multiple
times in one challenge. The only time in show history
he didn’t stutter. Well, Murr, you played a
delivery guy in this challenge, but let’s take a look
at what happened when you ran into
the real thing. Roll the clip. [ Laughs ]
Hold him. Hold him. Go up there right now and
be like, “This is my beat.” Joe: Great, great.
Give me two seconds. Murr: Oh. I didn’t know you got deliveries
from other people, too. Yeah. This is my beat. ♪♪ Was he here on time? Yeah.
Yeah. [ Laughter ] His name’s Joe.
You know how I know? ‘Cause I’m the delivery guy.
Come here every day, right? Yep. All right.
We’ll see ya later. All right. I’m not even sure what company
he works for, to be honest. [ Laughter ] Okay, so you —
What are you doing here? “Wait, so you’re delivering
an eye test?” So you’re delivering
an eye test to me? You’re — You’re coming
for an eye test? Oh. Great.
Okay, so I just need you– The uniform is — It threw me off.
I didn’t know. You walk in….
It was like a delivery. Sal, go on. Go. Go pick up
your deliveries from this guy. Hi. Next patient? Uh, that’s Andre. Andre? Yes, Andre. Oh, great. Dr. Vulcano. Thank you so much. Do you have a stylus or…? I gave it to the guy
over here. Oh, this’ll probably —
The end of this will work. Let me see that. Okay. He’s signing! [ Laughter ] Delivery, yeah. No, no, no. Get the box and give it to him.
Say, “Here’s your delivery.” I’m here for my eye test. Yeah, I’m waiting for
the delivery for the —
a delivery of eye tests. Okay. I’m sorry. Okay. Okay.
Oh, excellent. Cool, thank you, man.
Appreciate that. So then,
you are with the — Go, go. Be pissed.
Be pissed. He’s — He’s —
He was delivering eye tests but then decided
to get the eye exam. Oh, well,
we can fit him in, right? Yes. So, he’s gonna take this back, and we’re gonna get him in there
and get his eye test done. Okay. Okay, so let me hurry you up
right now. Oh, uh,
you’re still here. [ Laughter, applause ] That was great.
He was the nicest guy. I was about to say,
it’s always so much fun to watch these kind of
bonus footages, because you just — it’s amazing
how nice people are. Yeah. It’s almost like — ‘Cause I would’ve probably lost
my mind, maybe. I don’t know. He embraced the craziness and
just went along for the ride. Yeah. If he only had worn
a different outfit. See, when you were a fireman,
right, did people just start fires in front of you
at all times? Yeah, actually, now that
you mention it, all the time.

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  1. Man that was awesome challenge and Funny moment….. Guys…… 😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  2. I didn't miss any show of you're guys ……

    Specially at 5th August on Friendship Day…..😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
    On Indian television show.😁😁😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  3. Is it me or was the moment at 3:40 a little awkward? Murr puts his hand on Q's shoulder and he seems to lean away uncomfortably

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