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What up, everybody? This is my son. Yeah. He’s known on the crew
as my son. I love you, Dad. I love you, son. I’m very proud of him. ♪♪ Here we go.
One, two, three. It’s Brian “Q” Quinn. This is “Ask A Joker.”
I am the Joker. You have asked some questions.
I’ll be answering. Sam asks, “It’s not every day you get to film
at a place like Universal. How did you guys
spend your downtime when you weren’t filming? Let’s go to rides! ♪♪ That’s not a ride! What? Lot of good stuff. Went on the ride
a bunch of times. Saw the “Psycho” house.
It was great, eight. Marcus asks, “Last night, you switched places
with a park-goer.” There’s a nice red wire right above you. Murr: Yeah, you see that cord?
That’s the emergency brake. We’re gonna have you pull it
whenever we tell you. [ Laughs ] “If you could switch places with
anyone else, who would it be?” Oh, that’s a good one. Um, hmm… I kinda think I’m just gonna
take me to the end, man. I don’t think I got to
jump on anybody else. Lisa asks,
“You’ve had plenty of cringe-worthy punishments
in the past. Where would this one rank in the
most uncomfortable punishments?” This was pretty bad. The tram-stopping
was pretty bad. Ready, Q? Pull it! Man:
…right out there. We actually
utilize that — [ Laughter ] If this is a medical emergency,
please pull the cord again and we will contact
emergency services. Q: I’m gonna put that in the top
three because I thought that — I mean, I felt the waves of anger and, um, discontent
from people. Hey, bro. You’re wasting everybody’s time! And, uh,
that’s not a normal feeling to sit there and have all, like, groups of people
on vacation hate you. So, it’s pretty high up. [ Laughter ] Alex tweets,
“Did it get any easier to pull the emergency brake
after the first one, or was it more difficult
with each pull?” More difficult with each pull.
Not even a question. Dang it! Sir, get out! Sir! [ Laughter ] People just wanted to kill me,
and at a certain point… Sir! Get out! …it crossed the line
from crazy to just being
a real big asshole. Can we get security?
Can we have security out here? Sir, I need you
out of the tram. Is he talking to me? How long was I on the tram? So, yeah, 45 minutes, right? Took a 45-minute ride
that I turned into an hour. Like, it was long.
It was a very long ride. Uh, and, you know, it was great to see all the sets
and stuff like that, very bad when the people
to the right and left of you want to kill you. Okay, and, guys, thank you for
continuing to ask questions on #AskAJoker. Put that on your social medias.
We will find it. Guys, thank you for continuing
to watch the show. Thank you for continuing
to support the show. We’re here at
the tail end of season eight, and it’s absolutely amazing,
and that’s ’cause of you guys. Thank you so much.
I’ve been Brian Quinn. This has been “Ask A Joker.”
You met my son. Talk to you guys later.

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  1. They should've done Garrett's wheel unfortunate where he had to stand in lines for rides and not go on any rides and watch his friends have fun, but this was good to.

  2. I love all of them so fricking much. They are astonishing Entertainers.
    It makes me happy to see a strong friendship like yours.
    Much love and greetings from Germany to the whole Community.
    You are awesome and cool people too.

  3. The two punishments I generally felt scared for the jokers and had trouble watching was this one, and Sal’s bingo game.

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