Inaugural charity dinner

So, the charity event is our inaugural event. It gives the students an opportunity to work with some industry chefs. And our two industry chefs tonight supporting the event are Ian Curley and Todd Moses. Our first charity of choice for the inaugural event is Brodie’s Law Foundation. I believe it’s a great cause the Brodie’s Law cause. I remember when it happened, I thought it was quite upsetting for our industry. I think it’s good to give back. It’s very important to have this hands-on training because, it’s very difficult to go out into a full-on kitchen or a professional kitchen without having any sort of experience at all. To have the industry connections, it’s invaluable. I wish I had something like this when I was at school. What appealed to me about this course was when I came here and I saw the facilities they had set up for training. Especially the restaurant, and I was so impressed with the kitchens, and the way that they were going to be handling practical training. Tonight everyone’s gonna get a chance to basically take part in every role, whether you’re running food, serving drinks, seating guests, talking and interacting with guests as well. So I think it’s a really great way to put all of our knowledge to the test. I personally learn better from hands on, being able to do things myself and learn from my own mistakes. Learning hands-on I’ve been able to take that straight back to my workplace and do it straightaway. It gets them work ready for the future. I think they can walk away from here after they finish their course and they can walk straight into the industry and be confident in knowing exactly what they’re doing, because we’re giving them real-life practical experience.

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