Include Annual Calendar Celebration Days in your Blog Content Calendar – Excel to CSV (Part 1a of 2)

A really great way to manage your content is to use ClickUp. ClickUp is a productivity platform to manage your tasks, whether that’s work tasks or personal tasks. And it’s actually what I use to manage my own content calendar. And there’s a free version. Right now we have the Excel version of the celebration days file open. And from this we’re going to go to selections and choose only the items that we’re interested in. So once those are displayed, scroll to the bottom. I’m in Excel so I used CTRL + End on the keyboard. Remember we have this one quirky day here in Excel at the bottom. I have not selected anything from that day so I’ll begin my collection at the last day chosen. I also want to include headings. And I’ll right-click on the selection, copy. Now I’m going to paste this into a brand new spreadsheet. But I’m not going to paste everything. I only need the content so I’m going to paste as values. That’s the little 1 2 3 icon right there. Now I’m just going to adjust things so I can see more easily. And you’ll notice we do have a little challenge here in column A. The dates are not displaying as dates. It’s really important, before you import this into ClickUp, that the dates are represented in a numeric format. So I’m just going to go and select short date. That will give me a convenient numerical format. So now we have the information formatted the way it needs to be and it’s in a separate single worksheet file. But it needs to be in a CSV file. So to convert from Excel to CSV, select save as. Browse a location. I’m going to choose to place this in the same location where I started with the raw data. And I’m going to call this Content for ClickUp. Now the file type needs to be CSV. So depending on the platform you’re using you might find a type that says comma delimited, it might say comma separated. Regardless, you want the .CSV types. That’s what I’m selecting. I’m going to say save. Now I receive this warning about features. Very often when you’re saving from an excel file to a CSV file – a CSV file is a much more basic file so you will lose some of the features that were available in Excel. I’m fine with that because that’s the whole point of using this format. So I’m going to select yes. And now we have the file saved. Let me just show you that we do, in fact, have the file. There’s our file. We are all set now to import into ClickUp.

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