Incredible Fresh, Fun, LOAMY Trail on my new DH bike! – Nobl Family Ride | Jordan Boostmaster

Today I’m going on a ‘Nobl family’ ride
if you don’t know who Nobl is they are a Canadian based company making carbon
wheel sets and they’re pretty legit you’ve seen in my bike sponsored video
that I put their wheels on my evolve skypilot I got the TR 38’s it’s
their toughest burliest rims and yes everyone riding today is rocking the
nobl carbon wheels today we’re riding in epic secret trail out here in Canada
Oh look BCpov is here too Wow that’s three videos in a row that he’s
in! We’re like best buds or something! there’s about ten guys on our ride today
and everyone was on enduro bikes I’m the only one with the DH bike but there was
also one E-bike on this ride as well Yo Chris I think I need my tow! Let’s go! We actually weren’t joking Chris packed a tow cable which I thought was pretty
nice yeah hey let’s try this out It’s working so far haha, that’s sick. I don’t know how
easy it is for you Chris. I’m still pedaling myself I figure this
is the best use of an e-bike I mean what other reason is there for an e-bike? The problem is that it was draining his battery a lot so we could only go for
about five minutes bye-bye! Is this the top? Oh we should’ve kept going For some reason we decided not to shuttle this place even though we
could so it was a pretty long grueling climb fairly steep as well but it was
worth it we are here at the top of the trail and it is a fresh steep and flowy
descent baby Wow yeah there’s a couple of roots here
just going like yeah that was gnarly gnarly yeah this is a secret trail and that
would be why it is in such great shape and we intend on keeping it that way and
it’s pretty exciting getting used to this new bike and taking it on such an
awesome trail feels just great but while you’re still getting used to a new bike
sometimes you do want to make some minor adjustments so I’m going to be making
some changes to my bar width and also maybe even my stack height perhaps I
might cut my seat post down a little bit things like that you start to discover
as you’re riding in and then I could make my bike even better what that’s so sick yeah that kinda came out
of nowhere you’re like yeah it’s not often that you ride with a crew this big
I’ve also never ridden with dogs before I just hope I don’t get stuck behind
them you know yeah Yeah right you wanna go ahead this sure what’s so
mint yeah perfect regard everyone yeah all right whoa that’s hilarious yo this dog what’s
up dog I’m kind of in my way seriously okay thanks whoa how is this trail is all very soft
which is so fun to ride you feel like you get all the grip you could ask for
it also rained on the a couple days before so everything was riding
perfectly so good dude so good but you gotta get angry we got a trail dog yo gel dog passing you bro that’s on
your left standing just beautiful out here
Oh oh this place is so beautiful so brush
obviously doesn’t give me a ton now ran how’s that parts amazing so much
grip are you reading this before no neither of I so good Oh Thursday oh yeah that’s where he first stuff all
right see so we’ve got here a pretty steep chute now there is an easier route
lower down that some of the riders are gonna take but most of us are gonna send
it down the chute okay so that bad ya know once you’re on it your honor Eric goes for it yeah they might and I
go for it see what the heck that was that’s that
one thing I just don’t wanna be behind those frickin dogs whatever I’ll just go
yeah whoa I barely made that thing I’m not
gonna jump well the ticket is white didn’t quite do
that yeah I dual count works that one corner there
I had to bear I couldn’t do yeah I tried to go wide we’re just about at the end
of the trail and we’ve got this nice steep shoot to ride down it looks like
if you have the speeds you could gap a bit of it either way it looks a lot of
fun so let’s hit it now that’s it yeah it looks really cool from
here yeah gnarly sweet that’s it dude that’s so
fun there’s no like soft it feels really
cool so that would be the end of our ride
that was a ton of fun and maybe there will be some more noble family rides in
the future but otherwise it was such a great time riding with a big crew and
taking my new evolved sky pellet out on the trails oh yeah I was it riding that
thing down though yeah is this your first time doing it thank you guys so much for watching I
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and I’ll see you guys next time

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  1. You should really go for a ebike ride one day. You obviously have no clue how great they are down hill.

  2. mate, big props that you keep riding the DH bike any where/way while everyone around you on trail/enduro bikes……looks like the new bike is a beast

  3. Hey Jordan just wanna know what GoPro u use cause your footage is butter smooth! Great vid btw, or if anyone else knows what GoPro he uses could u drop a comment and if u reply to this Jordan would u mind dropping ur settings for u camera if it’s a GoPro hero 7. Thanks in advance!

  4. You should get a dropper post to make things easier
    there are a few good cheap ones that have the lever under the seat or you could get something wireless such as the vyron elect or reverb axs.
    do that and your bike would be even more awesome and all over the riding spectrum

  5. Loved the video your bike is sweet looks super nice was pissing myself at the frickin trail dogs 😂😂

  6. Sick ride. Some of those jumps were through some close together trees. Super sketch. Awesome video

  7. it looks like You could be faster than them, at least when going down 🙂 due to catching them up on every corner

  8. Sick video again Jordan! Your content is really something I'm looking forward to in a week 💯 This question is probably asked a million times before, but what's the song called you're always using for the intro?

  9. Dogs can descend like 100 times faster than a mtb trust me , they’re not even trying 🤘🏿🤣🤣

  10. Once you get your enduro bike you should ride that a lot more. Downhill bikes are fun and all but enduro bikes are a lot easier to throw around

  11. Best use for an E-BIke. People with disabilities. Our owner said that that's the first thing he's buying when we become more profitable. He has a spinal cord injury and can't pedal a regular bike for more than a few minutes uphill before his day is done.

  12. Yeeaaa guy's sig in yuor session's good to trail descender nice day rider guy yeeeaaaa ryalment fantastic your paid for the roning bike. Cya from the Santig of Chile 🇨🇱 nice day saluds tods the guy's rider's.yeaaaa. 🤘 😃 🤘 🚴 🚵 🚲 💯🇺🇲🍀♥️🍀🤤😂😫💯📹😃🤘♥️♥️♥️

  13. Having a goldie as a trail dog is interesting… Wouldn't be my pick for trail dog but anyway. Border collie makes a lot more sense

  14. Man, the section of trail @ 6:55 – 8:05 is too sweet…despite Fido.  Other the perfect dirt and lush greenery, the actual ride and flow this reminds me of some trails @ Pisgah.  Great place to ride for sure.

  15. Dude you're videos are getting better and better the quality is great and your camera position is great too.

  16. Great video as always!, btw, not that anybody cares but I own an ebike and I tow people all the time, doesnt really drain my battery that much so I guess he forgot to fully charge it or something cause I have never even used half of my battery after riding for hours and towing people. Have a nice day!

  17. This soil looks awesome! 😃 What a dream trail with beautiful sound of the tires diggin into the ground! 🤙

  18. Once you get your enduro would you be likely to hit most stuff not in the park on it rather than the DH?

  19. make sure your seat post is not at the lowest setting because it can get pushed down and crack your frame

  20. Cmon man, at some point you're gonna need to learn how to climb. Its not that bad working for your turns

  21. it would be sick if you tried a chin mounted hero 7 with an external mic similar to Phils setup, its captures the feel of the trail much beter and the movment off the camera is much more natural and nicer to look at.

  22. I'm a big fan of the channel and your edits, but the chesty-cam view on this was far too low IMO. it was full top tube, legs, stem, and bars. I don't see the need for that. I'd much rather see more horizon, and what's immediately in front of the bike. I don't think you're a Hero 7 on the chin bar convert yet, but I'd love to see you try it…ala Phil Kmetz. If not…then I really hope you raise the chesty up some. I think if you went Hero 7 chin bar, with mics set to Stereo, you could ditch the side helmet cam, and chesty, and just roll with one camera with a few extra batteries. I still watched the whole video, and that trail and the riding was outstanding. Hopefully the criticism is taken constructively. Thanks for the adventure!

  23. will you be riding the Evolve Alpha? if so, does that mean you will be riding a 29er? or do they have a 27.5 version of it?

  24. People get in the way: Hana it’s ok bro
    Bails several times: wow cool
    People in the way literally make him fall: nah it’s cool bro, sick
    Dog slows him down slightly: gah dogs, move jeeze, I just don’t want to be behind those freakin dogs…

  25. Dang those trails look amazing, and STEEP!! Hilarious with the dog. I love how you're having a conversation with it, then you're like "Thanks!" when it gets out of your way!!

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