Independence Day Celebration in UK | Odissi Dance | Bedford MP | Interview of Mayor | In Hindi

Live Intro Music i am in Milton Keynes right now Milton Keynes city is very near to London it’s approx 45 minute drive from London here today is a indian festival were you can see, lot of Indian faces so i have decided to cover this, during my UK travel series so follow me to the Indian Festival in Milton Keynes In this episode, i am gone cover how Indians celebrate Independence Day outside India i am at the south of India Stall Where i met this lovely ladies it nice talking to you what is popular food wise from your states are you asking about food , Yes Please Meat Curry with South Indian Rice and Yours, from my Place Uppam North Indian Food Stall what’s your favorite, from your state My Favorite is Idly Dosa that’s Great what’s your favorite, from your state My Favorite also Idly Dosa and Vada and It’s very popular in south side of India how taste differ from north to south of India What herbs and spices you add to enhance southern flavors in food we add Tamarind, Mustard Seeds and Curry Leafs and i think adding coconut, as in south and in Kerala, we got coconut in abounded so we use lot’s of coconut as coconut milk, desiccated coconut so curry leafs, mustard seed, coconut make a huge taste different in south Indian food South Indian is my personal favorite food whenever i feel to change my taste buds i always like, lets go to South Indian Place i recently been to Hull and tried a South Indian Restaurant it was lovely one of my child hood memory i’ll still remember, i use to go to see my Aunt she use to live at President Estate in Delhi they got lovely neighbors, Mrs. Ramchandra, i use to goes to her but aunt doesn’t like me going their again and again as it not wright to go someone house for food she use to like me and she always call me “come have some South Indian Food” but i use to love the food and always sneak out to her house i still remember that do you speak Hindi (Yes), What’s your Favorite Hindi Song My Favorite Hindi song, if you ask me i will say Lungi Dance from Movie “Chennai Express” whole of south meets north any memory while, you was in Delhi i was from S.P Marg in Delhi, My Dad was in Air Force he retired as a Air Vice Marshall so i have studied in Air Force Balbharti School so i have got loads of, unforgettable memories so you always been a “Delhi Girl” Absolutely all in all, Laugh i use to live in Delhi to Inderprastha and R.K Puram i am so happy to talk, to all you beautiful Lady’s we are three were in Delhi Malai Mandir, BalBharti, Canaught Place i love to do shopping in Delhi thanks, It’s nice talking to you Please go to authentic South India and it authentic South Indian Food, OK Sure In India there are so many Culture and Diversity so many culture’s together any thing would i like to say to all watching in Delhi from South of India Vaṇakkam (hello), God Zone Country and i am brought up in Delhi Vaṇakkam (hello) i do remember Canught Place we are the Indian festival in Milton Keynes i just meet this lovely lady she is from R D Overseas they specialized in Immigration visa i have lots of queries from you, regards Immigration how to travel abroad how you get visa how many types of permits what are the requirements, how many Tyre’s in their here someone we can talk to Maam What’s your Name Hi, Myself Seema Khandelwal I am from R D Overseas I am UK Registered Adviser in Home Office Guys I’ll put a link in description Do you do only UK or any other Country we specialize only in UK Visa We do all sorts of Visa’s we can help in Sponsor’s Licence OCI, British Passport, Naturalization We can help in all These Guy’s may be Audio will not be clear as we are in very crowded Place But i’ll definitely put a link in description and specially if you want to come here on work permits Skill Categories in UK During this Interview i felt that i should do a complete Vlog on UK Visa Because among you there are many, wants to know How you can come to UK How many types of Visa and How mush would be the Expenses so if you have not Subscribed yet Please do it now, so you can notification on my upcoming stories and videos so lets move on the voice will not be clear as live music at the background she is singing good with me is Amit and his wife Shewta during UK travel i am here at Milton Keynes attending Indian Festival and It’s Big i met Amit here, where are you from Amit I am from Milton Keynes, Back home i am from Delhi (Gurgaon) so they are same as me a Delhi Boy Delhi Boye’s That’s why we met here she is Gorgeous Shewta, Where are you from Shewta Bhopal, Please tell me something about Bhopal i don,t know much about Bhopal so please tell me about Bhopal what’s is Popular for It’s a city of Nawab’s City of very Beautiful Lakes, Boating, Gardens i married my dream girl from the city of Nawab’s Amit it’s arrange married or Love marriage but we just fall in love and know we are here, as a happily Married Couple i know Amit from Delhi, it’s a coincident we met here so it’s very lovely to chat you Amit we i’ll do a one more vlog with Amit as i have lot to catch up but it’s loud, i can,t here myself even so will definitely continue this chat. Let’s move on Bye, Take Care what do you say, he is handsome or not (Laugh)

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