Independence Day Celebrations at the President’s Residence (Highlights)

Helicopter Pilot: Mr. President, H.E. Shimon Peres and the Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi, honored guests, Happy Independence Day! President Peres to Helicopter Pilots: Happy Independence Day to you as well! President: What’s your name? President: And you serve in the Artillery? President: How long have you served for?
Soldier: One year and three months. President: How are you enjoying your service?
Solider: It’s amazing. President: Enjoying yourself?
Solider: It’s excellent! President: Send my holiday greetings to the family as well. *Song* We will not stop singing…
We will not stop singing… We will not stop singing Host: Which song did you pick?
PM: I chose “Here we march to the road” *Song* It’s good to go — bag on my
Without any destination — far away we roam Between Eilat and Metula Outstanding soldiers and your officers,
I see here – in the President’s Residence your faces, grey-haired individuals alongside beautiful youth. Wrinkled faces and bowed eyebrows reflecting the toils of an amazing history. The outstanding soldiers standing here represent, I am sure, the promise
of a future history that will make their people proud. I look at you and see two thousand years of pogroms and bloodshed, of triumphs and achievements, of grief and joy, of tears
in your eyes and hope in your hearts. Fearless combatants. Soldiers who have not lost human values. You are the sons of a small nation, with great achievements. You are the State of Israel. This special group of people, the best of the best, that come
from every sector of Israeli rebuilt in its homeland represent all the good and beauty present in our youth. They come from the ground, air , and naval forces They come from the command and the field,
from the towns, cities, and kibbutzim, Jews, Muslims, Druze; lone soldiers, immigrants, and sabra; orthodox and secular. Despite the wide range of backgrounds, they are united by a sense of
mission and a shared spirit, the spirit of the IDF. A spirit of determination to contribute their part to the defense of Israel *Presentation of pins by the President and the Chief of Staff*

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