India Trip – Day 3 – Part 2 – Diwali celebration 🪔

So I am on the back of a tuk tuk again. No this is a rickshaw. Because it is driven with a bicycle. I guess that is the difference. I am still learning. But yeah this is so much fun. We are gonna go see the Hilltop something. And then we will be back again to get dressed and go to
another hotel rooftop for Diwali celebrations so Yeah… we are so excited and Vipul and Ashu are back there
in the different rickshaw I think we’re going down hill Hey Guys. This is not a trolly. Are you okay? Not a Trolly! I need to turn it to Amanda side though.
So you can face forward? Yeah It’s pretty cool this way Mara. Well i guess your gonna see it both ways. it’s okay that happens over every one of
those don’t worry I’m not walking in there yeah he’s like
you want to walk out there I’m like no look at this oh my goodness Dhanyavaad Wow hey guys so we are all dressed and
ready and about to go to a hotel rooftop for Diwali celebration and we’re super
excited one by one you light that and you light
that okay yeah Vipul you light some and I too wish you happy Diwali from my
side and to all the world yeah, we are going to enjoy the night today. Happy Diwali!!! This is Diwali in India. – That’s amazing!So Boom Boom Boom! Diwali Red white green. Red white green. white, red white green, green be careful
and back up quick Those are serious. Come on come on. One more. Here you go Panda. Amanda!! Ok, And go that way. Put it on Yeah push it on there. YEAAH! Those are serious. They are. That was awesome Who is left to do that. Sarah is done, she is done. You come. So, Mara it is your turn now. Yep Mara’s turn. Ok Actually, She was saying that “No, I will see only Sarah and Amanda will fire.” Uhhh…But… So but No, everyone has to do. Ok Ok. And you have to you have to. I will do it. No its all safe, no danger, we haven’t bought anything that is dangerous. Ok. Place it on there. It’s so bright. That is really bright. Just like this. Haha Amanda. OK. Come. AHHHHH. It’s right on the wire. Oh my god. I know right?!? OK come come. This side. Ok come this side. AHHH! HAHAHA Amanda. Yeah… woooooo! Those are awesome. Whoa! Amanda you come. Sarah. You come with the one. Music. Gallan Goodiyaan! Back up and run away. I dont want it to fall over. Yeah ok come here and look up. Up here. Now it’s Mara next. Ah ok. Your the one who went last. Why are you always on the last? Ok. Because I am always the scaredest (most scared). Ok get back now. whoohoo. Happy Diwali!!! Happy Diwali!! That’s all I listen to. (referring to Indian music) Take that take that. Two is better You know how we do this. Like this. How you dance on this song. Yeah like this. Raise your hands and move. Yeaahhhh! Music – Gallan Goodiyaan Happy Diwali to All the World!!! YEAHHH! Happy Diwali! It’s Diwali. I have earplugs in because firecrackers are loud. But we are here and it’s pretty cool. so as you guys can see we are still out
and about wandering the streets for Diwali we had some chai tea. Had a nice little stop and now we are going to look at lights. Yeah this is super fun!

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