Infinite Fun! (Mario Maker Parody)

[Music] it’s Super Mario 30th anniversary it’s a Super Mario make it pop or it sounds like a great idea let’s go hey what’s poppin hurry sorry [Music] whoa hey nothing special so far I can’t see [Music] Oh [Music] whoa [Music] Oh oh that wasn’t so hard looks like it’s gonna be an easy game after all it’s a me a Super Mario [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh oh yeah you’re getting rats son you ass Massa bitch always around jumping screaming but now it’s for my baby oh man this is fun [Music] you gotta be kidding me I’m not taking discrete any longer you can now be the super guy but Mario no you everything Mario Mario come back Mario [Music] surprise it’s a me now it’s game over for you [Music] it’s finally over thank you so much for watching my animation [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] thank you so much

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  1. I just came because the title said infinite fun and i thought this was a mario video he discovers dark secret from sonic

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  3. 1:05 Automatic Levels
    2:09 Underwater Levels
    2:16 Speedrun Levels
    2:22 Hard Levels 2017
    2:25 Lakitu Levels
    2:30 Speedrun Levels 2
    2:36 Skill Levels
    2:41 Troll Levels
    3:05 Enemy Levels
    3:17 Amiibo Demonstration Levels
    3:26 Enemy Levels 2
    3:31 Kaizo Levels
    3:39 Weird Mushroom Levels
    3:55 Lakitu Levels 2
    4:03 Troll Levels 2
    4:29 Expert Levels


    3:48 Mario: Oh No! I'm A MONSTER!
    Waluigi: HEY! 🙁

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