Ingraham: A party of snobs

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  1. @ 2:29 + Bloomin Idiot Bloomers Bloomberg thinks that the right to keep & bare arms means You may keep your left & right arm, and you do not have to wear clothing to keep your arms covered up. Bare arms are buck naked so to speak.

  2. I keep saying he has the little man syndrome.. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m not voting for someone that will start a war to drive the market.

  3. Over 2000 former DOJ officials are now asking for Barr to resign. Will yet another Trump appointee soon be leaving office in disgrace???? Imagine that? LMAO No other President in my lifetime has ever come close to appointing as many swamp creatures as Trump has. It isn't even close. Stay tuned for more!

  4. …the Dems all want fewer Navy ships, fewer Air Force jets,fewer Army tanks and arms and fewer troops across the board… do it every time that they get majority voting and a President who can be blackmailed…..we can see the improvements with President Trump’s defense spending increases. …now if you want to see our military be second rate at times of increased Chinese and Russia full speed arming, and flashpoints worldwide, then vote these turkeys back in power…otherwise get activated to continue conservative “strength through superior firepower “ and back the man who has shown it’s possible to plow ahead disspite outrageous interference from the Leftists… vote GOP and make a Dem vanish…


  6. Our guns are oiled and clean. We possess a commanding competence in their usage. What am I missing here? They've provided no deterrent- in fact, it is as if they relish the possibility of seeing us marching lock-step onward, proceeding to their demise.

  7. Snobs ? What about how 2 people having an affair is so terrible for our Nation but Jordan from Ohio can withhold information about DIDDLERS and allowing him to victimize hundreds of children under his authority in a school setting ! Republican's may think it's ok but the Honest Judicial Prudence of the People of the State of OHIO WON'T !!

  8. Just showed his ignorance of the Constitution. "Separation of Church and State" is NOT in our constitution but is in the constitution of the Soviet Union.

  9. Moron there is no separation of church and state in the Constitution. Not even a concept. Bloomberg could use a better education.

  10. True. What Bloomer said wasn't too big of a deal but if Trump ever said anything remotely like that there would be all hell to pay.

  11. Bloomberg is actually Gordon (Greed is good) Gecko from Wall St. He doesn't create anything. He doesn't feed anybody. He just makes obscene amounts of money doing Hedge funds and derivatives, maybe a bit of insider trading, maybe not and buying up companies that are going concerns, firing all the employees and stripping it of its assets, based on the principle of the car chop shop or taking the company overseas where he can establish sweat-shops paying the peons .20c an hour or less while the American worker loses his job, his house, his marriage and worst of all his self-respect….and this is the bozo Democrats want to replace Trump? Give us a break!

  12. That's what the leftists do, they label and condemn. If I say Trump is a racist, then he is a racist, and if you support him, you are a racist, and I get to make that call, therefor your opinion is invalid, because I have invalidated you. You don't have the right to question my assessment, because I am superior to you which qualifies me to make that judgement on your behalf. It's an old trick of the left, they paint you into a corner, so the only choice you have it what they have decided to leave you. Now that I have decried you a racist, I can now sit in judgement over you, and belittle you for your inferior judgement. They're a battering ram of shame for anyone that dares to have a difference of opinion, bottom line, they're right, and you're stupid, racist, uneducated, a lemming, and inferior, so you better tow the line or you'll be labeled and get what you deserve.

  13. Bloomberg is telling the people you do not think for yourself he and we will do the thinking for you Communist China government that is what the left dems want it is as obvious…

  14. Funny, I don't remember seeing Laura at Popeye's Chicken lately. Anyone else seen her, or Sean for that matter, or Tucker, or Jeanine, or Lou, or Mitch, or Devin, or Ivanka, or Jared. Complaining about other rich people you don't like doesn't make you 'of the people', it just makes you sound bitchy…

  15. Is that the platform Bloomberg is running on? To get Americans to think about wanting or not wanting a 16 oz cup of cola? If I'm thirsty and at a restaurant I will order as many cokes as I want! Cuz I made my money. Don't tell us what to do Bloomberg.

  16. Well said Beautiful Laura Ingraham, These idiots think the People Of America Are total idiots, now you can see what these Snobs think of the American People, What a Disgrace These Dirty Snobs Are, they have no ideal of the real World we live in, they have no Concept Of everyday life

  17. Not only do they not let you explain the context but they completely remove it from the context and add their own to make it seem racist.

  18. Hey – I have a question – can anybody be a Trump supporter, or do you have to be an ignorant racist who's sister is really your mother?

  19. PLEASE make a clip of the segment on Soros that Laura did tonight! Extremely important! He is creating lawlessness in our country!! He is putting massive amounts of money into candidates that enact policies which create lawless societies and bring about crime, lack of safety!!!


  21. Bloomberg can work in real farming fields in China🇨🇳 who raise rice paddy in slopes of hill's.
    About industrial revolution brings skin sag under chin throat's of robot's.
    Calorie ounces cup of fluid?🤔
    Bloomberg is the event manager of Democrat's race2020 green bill💹.

  22. I believe the same attitude of "I can teach government employees to farm. Let's get rid of the farmers!" is the same attitude that lead to starvation and poverty in many socialist/communist regimes. No Mr Mikey. You DON'T know how to farm and you will never be president.

  23. You can buy the whole world with all your money, but you can't buy what God did, putting someone in position to clean out the dirt the evil people did. What ever you try it doesn't work….You should have realised it by now, why Trump keeps winning. God is watching, nothing is hidden in God's sight….from Australia..

  24. Don't forget snide or snarky Laura. Even my Grandkids are being trained as snobs. For instance my Granddaughter told me that her grandma could have done better than me. So I proceeded to put her in her place. She wrote down everything I said nothing of what she said to fan the flames. This was last summer and still no apologies. Just the cold shoulder from my Wife's son and wife. My wife doesn't want to get involved. Dam good thing that boy isn't my son or I'd take him out back. There is a war on white men and I am tired of it.

  25. Come on THAT GUY IS A FOOL OR A IDIOT OR BOTH, The backbone of any civilization is food and who grows that food,,FARMER'S, so this guy is running for president insanity, even 1 vote for this fool is 1 to many you want to bring down a country remove the food supply and it comes crashing down, case in point Venezuela not to long ago one of the richest country in the world, just imagine if all the farmers left the farms and became tech employees this country would fail in a short period of time we all would be migrating to countrys that had food.

  26. I guess I’m a black man from Chicago and racist against minorities because I support MAGA! Whatever, elitist crybaby bitches! KAG 2020 Demoncraps!

  27. A party of Marxists; each and every one. And when they tell you they're socialists, which is wrong, then you need to consider what team they're on…

  28. No.. In fact lil' Mikey Bloomingidiotberg go f**k yourself.. You and the Communist Democrats are crying and pitching a fit because you are going to loose in 2020. You and Commie Bernie need to move to Russia and live out the rest of your miserable lives in a quaint little Dacha along the Black sea..

  29. What is worse,a politician that’s a snob or a politician that violates his oath to God? NO WITNESSES!!!!! GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!!!

  30. I've watched Farmers work their fields. Its not that easy.
    My family owned property surrounded by 2 Dairy farmers. They busted their asses.

  31. They may not be able to actually DO much as a party, but at least they got those EVIL STRAWS BANNED!
    Feeling much safer now.

  32. Why don’t you Reps. Get some of your people and take a class action against these big mouths for deformation. Calling a person a drug addict is disgusting. People who vote for Trump are called idiots, racists,Deplorables,fools etc. now we are drug addicts. Wonderful and conservatives are the bigots??

  33. Isn't this clown Bloomberg exactly what the Dems stands for and wanna have as President????? Scary that they want a millionaire with NO policies just stupid comments, well,as the Dems say : "We have the good billionaires on our side" Jezzesssss pls buy me an election,,,,

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