Ingraham: The pandemic party

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  1. I know that this will not get read as so many people leave comments and trolls try to flood the media with false made up faction (yes — that is fiction presented as fact) Laura, thank you for your continuous level head and solid commentary.

  2. I quit watching CNN and the MSM TV news networks over 20 years ago because it was constant negative news trying to pump up their profits. Bad news sells.

  3. This isn't the first big nasty bug to come alone, nor will it be the last. Eat your garlic and you won't have to worry about it. Oh wait, they are going to develop a vaccine you say? The cold is a coronavirs, and they have yet to find a cure for that. But garlic wipes out the cold. So eat garlic now or wait around hoping for a cure for the cold or this new coronavirus. Your choice.

  4. We can't afford to be reactionary when it comes to the Coronavirus. We need to be agressively testing NOW due to the asymptomatic nature of this virulent virus. I've not heard anything from our leaders about proactive testing. I am glad the attention is on this serious issue, but please tell us what specific proactive steps are being taken. Use the great example of Singapore where detailed steps are being provided to the public. Darkness is dangerous, keep us enlightened and informed, be proactive and have faith we are adult enough to handle the truth.

  5. Actually Trump and the Deep state started this Coronavirus scare world wide so they could create an stock market rise and sale back stock in the Corporate is created stock market rise.
    This is your Trump and Corporations you love so much Fox news

  6. Back in the 1950's, Burnt Out No COMB Bernie would have been JAILED for Being a Communist Traitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT Now, Political Correctness TQQK Over & Will Be REVERSED!!!!!!!!!!!! Jail all Socialist Communist Traitors NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JMHO

  7. The first community based infection has occurred in the US – this means they don't know how it was transmitted – this is the CDC's worse nightmare – Trump said it's like the flu – wrong the flu kills .1% of infected – coronavirus is 2% – nearly 2000 times worse the US has only testing in 4 states – the stock market is tanking and no-one trusts what Trump said

  8. Pelosi and her vile party did what every rational people thought they would.. Starting project fear about the virus was just so predictable.
    Telling lies is literally all the Demoncraps know, and it's fooling no one anymore.

  9. There was No free college if had No credit or bad credit I been turn down 1985-1987. Lefty’s are crazy partys What Ever???! Why can’t stand watch them all. Lefty’s waste time and money steal from America people life’s. Ask a Hunter Biden 83,000000 million dollars

  10. Nov 2020 is already lost, the Democrats are already dead, they are the only one that do not know it.But they are still dangerous, it is what they call the dead man's last 10 seconds. They are already fatally injured, but they can do the same to you if you let your guard down. most of the western world is the same , the left is in retreat. I think voters in US prefer to vote for an American political party, not a foreign one , the Dems.had became.

  11. When Joe Biden says,” Some days I wake up and I think it’s 1920 instead of 2020.” I believe him. He doesn’t know what State he is in either.

  12. ABC News has suspended veteran Washington correspondent David Wright after he was secretly recorded slamming the network's political coverage and President Donald Trump. Truth hurts hahahaha

  13. Remember 2016 Bill Gates said he wanted to depopulate the earth an one way would be with vaccines an Chelsea Clinton was going to be in the forefront of it. There so many fires to put out.
    From the GMOs an Monsanto To the fake news making America look stupid . What can we do . find a cure for the Corona virus an find the origin an make the people who made it pay no matter how much money they have. Stop globalism in its track's Life is life.

  14. If the Dems and Fake News are so worried by the Corona virus, why are they not informing the American people, instead they criticize Trump.

  15. Repeat after me PANDEMIC PANDEMIC That’s what we’ve got people. Whilst politicians and the economic masters have only got the flu.

  16. Pete Bootyjudge: "I'm conscious that there are seven white people on this stage talking about racial justice." Well, heck. Be the first one to step down, Pete. And take Fake-a-hontas with you.

  17. Dems and their Lamestream media partners are just the best at lying, disinformation, and fear mongering. They wish this country nothing but failure.

  18. Healthcare Healthcare Healthcare….Trump's only relevant shortfall, just keep beating that drum Dems, that's the ticket to the WH.

  19. Oh by the way the trump administration is going to fund the virus crisis by dropping the energy concessions on the poor way to go you bonespur coward

  20. The fact that the Democratic Party still exists is testament to the appalling standard of education in America. They wear the dumb yank tag as a natural part of their American identity. Institutionally dumbed down by design for ease of control by the American elite. And it sure has been effective at least where Democrat voters are concerned.

  21. And no according to the treasure the CDC funds got cut down big time, its on their own government website haha do this people actually think Americans are that freaking stupid??? Does fox knoiws we can access the treasure department website and see how trump cut the funds to the CDC I guess not, since trumps base is highly uneducated, like trump said he loves the poorly educated people

  22. Trump broke down the pandemic institution that President Obama had installed. Then now blaming the Democrats is pathetic. Trumps administration is incapable of tackling a pandemic. The future will prove who is right. You broadcasters should inform the people what they can do to reduce the risk to catch this disease.

  23. Laura you are so right. CNN is creating panic. they are so false so sensational. they are truly low life reporters. from SA

  24. There right Donald Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing about the coronavirus.
    It’s going to be an epidemic in America because Trump couldn’t secure the borders. To be fair trumps in charge and he blew it.
    on this corona thing.

  25. This is no longer the Democrat Party. From this point forward I will call them LIARS PARTY(that is all they know how to do really well).

  26. I been getting tired of Democrats calling me a racist for being Republican, when my wife is Chinese. They need to really find a new drum to beat on, the racist drum has been broken for sometime now.

  27. I'm praying for Donald Trump and hoping he gets everybody he wants helping him and gets rid of the rest because they're doing nothing and they don't belong in there

  28. President Trump is a very positive person. Thank God for that. God bless him. your show as always very good Laura. God bless you. from SA

  29. the democrats zooming in on the black citizens, what are they trying to do. it is an insult to the black people or any other race in America, THEY ARE ALL AMERICANS. why try and put them in a certain category. SA

  30. @3:18 I love it when billionaires proclaim "we all know unchecked capitalism has failed!"; sounds like he's positioning himself as Bernie's running mate…

  31. Sorry but if they couldn't even handle a simple Iowa caucus, I sure wouldn't trust them to manage a possible pandemic prevention plan.

  32. The democrats can’t discern anything about the Corona Virus due to the virus they contacted in 2016 called “TDS”! Aka, Trump Derangement Syndrome. We should quarantine all democrats to a island in the middle of the nowhere lest their depravity spread to the unaffected Americans. This policy should be put in effect immediately!

  33. If these idiot liberals continue to “use” this Coronavirus to attack Trump I am going to start thinking they actually planted it in China for their own advancement…

  34. The party of more sickness in the U.S, OF A. too. They have been fighting to let in,among our residents, people without a medical check up. Who is harming us worse? The Democrat leaders in CA ? NYC ? or Somewhere else ? Who going to hurt us the worse ?

  35. Democrats: let's sit back and hope the president fails with coronavirus for political campaign.

    COVID-19 virus: Dear democrats, I identify as Republican

  36. close the southern border. stop that CORONA getting in! …. mexican beer causing world panic … ( or if you're a Brit of a certain age, a brand of fizzy pop that used to be delivered to your door like the milk )

  37. There's that old white lady talking again… lemme see, dems, deep state, conspiracy, snowflakes, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… she done?

  38. Dem can't be affected by corona virus.they have a very effective antidote to this virus..its called trump derangement syndrome!hahaha!

  39. These people who think the corona virus is a end all, have not a clue..but they like to run around saying " the sky is Falling"😉
    All they while the lame stream feeds the fire😂😂😂

  40. THIS IS the time to play politics, because politicians need to solve it, and Trump and Rush Limbaugh say it is just a common cold.
    Let's wait and see when Americans are dying and Trump will call it "Fake News".

  41. Can you imagine if any one of those fear mongering democrats where in our White House?
    They can not even be civil at their own party.

    POTUS has been draining the swamp..
    Look whats creeping out.
    Schumer and Pelosi have prooved their hearts.
    We the people say NAY.

  42. Hehehehehe. Democrats . What a joke! Their biggest fear is….. They won't be around after 2020 elections. Whata blast that would be!

  43. One would think our president didn't arrest and expose a world wide Elite pedophile ring run by Jeffrey Epstein involving Disney and Prince Andrew. You Bill Clinton's favor resort island? Sacrificial Temple? Underground tunnels? One would think he didn't slay ISIS & three of the world's absolute worst terrorists Solemeni and al-Rimi & al-Baghdadi.
    Kayla Mueller 814

  44. y el bernie porque hace winning? si el ha estado en el govierno por decades why he didnt do something para evitar el "racism"? viejo idiota y mas los que le creen a el. Trump 2020 desde California

  45. I posted but it got YouTubed. I can absolutely promise you 100% that nobody of non-colour emigrated to the U.S. and if they did you would not be able to see them.

  46. I believe theres a significant probability that the coronavirus pandemic is largely another hoax. China, the Dems and other globalists are all united in their desire to see Trump removed.

  47. So, just how Crazy are the people in Vermont? Why would the People of Vermont [Choose] elect Bernie after his first term (that started in 1991)?
    Am I missing something?

  48. Laura the US labor participation rate is still only 63%. That means that basically 40% of working capable people aren't working. That's why Bernie is surging because most of these people have no healthcare. But this won't show up in the low unemployment rate.

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