I’ll be going now. I’ll miss you guys, Warr. Rap. What… I’ll have a video call later tonight. Okay, so. Let’s see what we’re going to do later. I need to work out later. It’s our birthday, I hope you guys enjoyed. So, this is the start of our daily vlogs. I plan to create a workout split for you guys. So that you’ll have something to
follow, my fellow Saiyans. So, we’ll do a 4-way split workout program first. So, that will be 4 videos uploaded
on 4 consecutive days. So, that you guys will have something to follow, okay? So, let’s see what will happen today.
Thank you to Warren. Bye-bye! – Bye bro, bro-bro. – I’ll miss you bros. You’ll be the videographer for now.
– I’ll be it… for now. – Here you go, it’s yours. – Thank you. – Happy Birthday! Bye-bye. – Bye.
– Bye. Rather than wearing a cap. Hello Saiyans! Hi birthday boy!
– Mhm. Say, Hi! 2x – And we’re still coughing, Saiyans! Sorry.
– Yep, and I got infected from Kennosuke. Kennosuke is the real name of Kenno. Guess what, we’re heading to…
– Kennosuke. – Kennosuke.
– Kennosuke! When you’re Japanese, that’s the
right way of pronouncing it. But since we’re Filipinos then Kennosuke is good, right? Let’s not make a big deal of it. Anyways, we’re now heading to… Marriott Hotel because it’s the birthday of my husband. We’re both going to celebrate it there. – To be honest Saiyans, I really don’t
want to celebrate my birthdays. – He doesn’t want to but I forced him
to because I’m the one who’s… It’s my gift to him.
– I really don’t celebrate my birthdays
ever since I started bodybuilding. Because for me when it’s my birthday. I really want to do Leg day. Shoutout to our community, on our channel. Keeps on commenting. Random comments.
So uncontrollable. – What comment? – I’d rather not tell, it doesn’t end there. M************. Most of it is like, “How about leg day tomorrow?” Like they think their legs are huge. – Hey, don’t be like that. That was it, they said “Do Leg day tomorrow”. – Hey! To the bashers who comment bad about Kenno. I’m always waiting for his bashers to comment. And to some, I reply to them.
That was really me by the way. Though the account, Of course, I’ll fight for him. He’s my husband. Right? Kenno doesn’t want to pay attention to his bashers. I, on the other hand, replies to his bashers. Because of course, he’s my spouse. What if that happened to your spouse, right? So, that was me. If I replied to your bash then that’s me. That was really me. That was my account, okay? So that was it. Now we’re heading to… Oh, my g. The buses here in the Philippines. Ohh my gosh. So, now we’re on our way to Marriott Hotel. So, let’s see if what we can do later. Please excuse me guys, I’m not used to vlogging. So, sometimes I get dead air. That’s it, you’ll see. – Fool, there’s no dead air on our
vlog because it gets cut out. – Okay, see you later! Okay, dude.
– Thank you. Thank you! I’ll include this on the vlog.
– Okay. Okay. So, we’re now going to eat then head home. Because I’m not able to eat our meals properly. When it’s my birthday. Okay. I don’t like it if I miss a meal. So, let’s eat now.
– Hey, our dinner later will be delicious. – Okay, later at dinner. – Get back on it when we have our dinner later. – Okay.
– What did you get? – Beef Caldereta (Beef Stew) And then, Maybe after an hour, we’ll head to the gym. So, we won’t get delayed. Let’s try their unli-protein here. Let’s eat! Baby, let’s eat! Okay. So, welcome back Saiyans!
We’re now at the elevator. We’re done eating and now I have my energy back. Because earlier I was depleted. So, now I’m back to being energetic. – And my tummy is big already.
– And we saw the gym earlier, so now I’m very excited. So, let’s go. Okay. So, here it is. So, I’ll show you guys the room. – We’ll show you guys around our room. Yes, we’re here. – Is this, okay. It doesn’t bulge. – He does not know how, Hey, click it. Welcome to our… Home.
– Welcome to my house. – Welcome to our house. So, I’ll tour you guys to the CR of my house. So, any… So, of course, we’re going to take a selfie here. Of course, there’s a weighing scale on every hotel. I just showed it on YouTube.
It’s my first time going to a hotel. It’s my first time going to a hotel because we
only go to motels with my wife. Just joking. S*****! We don’t go to motels. So, this is where you put your shoes. So, it’s here. You’re just going to lift
it up and that’s the shoe box. And this, what is this. Ohh, cool! This is cool! When it’s dark. CR. CR. Toilet. And this is the shower. There you go. And you can see outside. So, if you want people to stare at
you while you take a shower. Just open up that curtain. But you can also close it if you’re shy. Hi! Arm! Arm! People will see these arms. – Arms are so big. Your name, please? So, this is where we’re going to have dinner. At Cru Steakhouse. Let’s see if the food is delicious. But for sure, it will be. Are you okay? What can you say? – What I can say… I’m excited for later. – To go to the gym?
– Huh? – Go to the gym? – And also… – Whatever. Thank you.
– Thank you, Ma’am. So, Saiyans. As you can see, Our birthday is about to finish. So, I have got about… how many minutes was it again? Today, we we’rent able to eat much, Because my wife was in a hurry.
I didn’t get to prepare food earlier. This is our 3rd meal. Of course, even if we’re off-season
we need to watch what we eat. And then. This meal is right on our macros
because it’s 250 grams of beef. Although. It doesn’t fit well for my wallet. Think about it, If you eat like this every day, right? Maybe you’ll go broke. But we don’t actually want expensive… I only like loving you! Just joking. So, that was it. No, To be honest, it’s my first time eating
at a fine dining restaurant. The fine-dining restaurants, I’ve been to was in… Mang Inasal. Just joking. No. No, I mean. It’s not in the… It’s not in whatever expensive food you eat. Although, I can’t do anything. My wife really forced me to. She told me, it was her treat and then. When we’re about to head out of the room. She told me, “Bring your bag”. Troublesome. Right? And that was it. And I’ll go to the gym later. I’ll show you guys our work out routine. Their equipments here are top-notch. If only they can give us a 1-year stay at this hotel. And then the food is free. That
would be awesome, right? And that was it. Let’s eat first, and then I’ll show you guys the workouts. So, I hope we’ll be able to complete
the daily vlogs challenge. So, that’s all. My tip for you guys. Of course, not only during new years. But also
on your birthdays that you can start fresh. So that you can focus more on your goals. So, I think so far, this is my best off-season. Because almost every year, I play
around at the same time of the year. Around at the end of the year. So, that’s it. So, it’s our birthday today. Our condition is quite good for the off-season. So, let’s see this year. Okay. And a lot of people believe in us. That’s why we can’t be carefree. That’s all. Shoutout to my mom, a few more
weeks before I go there. I love you Ma, see you! – Brad.
– Thanks, Baby. – You’re so handsome today. – Me?
– Mhm. – I was handsome way back then. Just kidding. Actually, we don’t care if we’re handsome because, What will you do with being handsome
if you’re not muscular. Just kidding. It’s not about being handsome because, I remembered when I was young, I’m not saying that I’m handsome, But like before, people used to
tell me that I’m handsome. Back when I was in high school and college. I told them, “No, it’s hard being handsome.” Because if you’re handsome. You won’t be able to find your true love. It’s true, right? Like if you’re handsome or if you’re rich.
You won’t be able to find your true love. That’s why it’s good that I was poor back then. Just handsome, just kidding. No, that’s it. What I mean is, you won’t know if they
truly love you because of those. But I’m not saying that all handsome guys don’t have a chance. Although, Sorry to those handsome guys out there. You’ll have a hard time finding your true love. But good for me because I already found mine. Because if you’re muscular then you’ll find it quick. Okay. Ohh by the way, I’m only drinking water. Of course, my wife is a alcoholic.
– Hey, I’m not an alcoholic. And do you have something for us, Marriottt Hotel? And having 100k subscribers then I’ll be super happy! Okay. Let’s eat! (Sings Happy Birthday in the Background) Thank you.
– Thank you. I’ll do my tricks from last time. What? S*****, don’t! Will I do it?
– Nooo! Love you!
– Love you, Baby! Okay. Good morning, Saiyans! So, we just woke up and we weren’t
able to go to the gym last night. What do you call this, it’s because we ate and then
we were full and we had something else to do. Our dinner was late. So that’s why I’ll be going to the gym today. I woke up early to go to the gym. And I already wore my shoes when I was asleep. Just joking. I just got ready and it’s really cold. And then we’ll go to the gym, and then… We’ll have breakfast first, go to the gym. And then… We’ll pull a bit before we go home. Okay. Let’s go. I’ll get changed. Get ready. Should I wear my shirt again? So that we can spend less on laundry. It still smells good. Let’s go! I packed something. Bread. Of course, we’re still going for healthy. And then, we’ll add this. Okay. So, we’re now at the gym. So, maybe we’ll go work out for the day. So that when we checkout later. Because we might head to the mall
so that we won’t do anything. I mean so that we won’t be in a hurry
later tonight at the gym. And it’s because we’re doing daily vlogs that
I started to go work out in the morning. So as you can see, there’s a lot of
cardio equipment here at the hotel. But of course, They’re almost complete in the machines
and there are free-weights back there. Although we’re just doing arms, But we’ll try to hit a bit of back and chest. Because tomorrow, we’ll be doing leg day. And yesterday. Was it my rest day, yesterday? Yep! It was March 1 yesterday, right? Of course, since tomorrow we’ll do leg day.
Chest and back will be able to rest. Okay. So, maybe I’ll just hit my back. Back and arms. We’re at 193lbs. Although we already ate so, I think
I’m at about 190lbs when I woke up. Let’s go! Of course, it will be my wife who’s going
to be our videographer for now. And I felt bad for her because
she is carrying a lot of things. So, let’s put the things here. Let’s warm-up first. Like what I’ve told you guys. Even if you’re pulling on light weights, focus on your form. Squeeze! Pull from the elbow. So, I think we’ll do 4 back exercises. 1 narrow. 1 wide. On lat pulldowns And then same for rows. Okay. So, a total of 4 exercises. I have a new move. It’s like “tala”. After I came from the front. And then. And then back. Because I don’t have any muscle showing. I’ll just make myself pretty here. This. I was shocked to see that it can go until 240lbs. So, that’s really heavy because 80lbs is quite heavy already. So, let’s challenge ourselves. Let’s see. Okay. Now it’s heavy. Let’s try 200lbs. So, Saiyans. We’re done working out. So, let’s swim for a bit. Because it’s getting late already. So that we can make most of our stay. Beautiful view! Even if it’s cold. Let’s go. So, it’s really cold. But even if it’s cold. Still okay with, even if it’s cold. You go swim. Swim already, baby. We’re done swimming. – We didn’t even swim.
– We weren’t able to swim. But my legs got wet, then they got cold. And this, she just made herself look cute. She made herself look cute.
– You didn’t take a photo of me. Oh, madam! Hey, madam! Did you want me to run after you? That’s a dead end. Ken Hanaoka! Only for P2000. For P2000 only. Maybe, you’ll want to. Hello, Saiyans! So, Vlog takeover for now, since Kenno’s in the shower. I decided to be energetic. No, it’s because I already drank my coffee. Here. I drank my coffee now. I’ll drink more wait. Okay. So I decided to be energetic since I’m all alone… I did a vlog takeover, Without him knowing. But I think he can hear me from the CR. But the shower’s noisy so. I did a vlog take- I did a vlog takeover because, I want to thank you all, Thank you soo much, for supporting my husband! I feel really happy. Because my husband just started vlogging
again back on October 2019. Before, he posted some videos on
YouTube but those were… Random videos, he really didn’t want to vlog back then. Like, “Take a video of me” using a phone only. So, that started around 2017. And then, he just took videos of himself and that’s all. And then it’s really shocking when October came. Like he decided that he will do vlogs. But it’s soo fast, we’re at 50k subscribers already. For like how many months only, right? Thank you very much, thank you to all of you! Your comments are very heartwarming. For the supporters! But for the bashers, it’s not very heartwarming. That’s it. I just want to thank you all and, I saw the progress my husband made, Actually, he’s my husband already. I saw his progress since we were
students back in college. We’ve been together for 6 years. I mean, in the coming month of April, it will be our 6th anniversary. Anyway, back to the topic. I saw his progress. Since our college days, It was his goal back then. When I met
him, it was already his goal. Like he really did wanted to work out. I really didn’t understand and I get mad
because he keeps on working out. But at that time, there weren’t any competitions. There was already but he didn’t join. I didn’t know about competitions and It wasn’t
really known in the Philippines back then. But because he keeps on working out every
day and that’s where I get mad about. Like will that be your everyday life? Every day on the gym? So. So, I thought that he was an addict.
Like he was a narcissistic guy. Always wanting to have a good body. But I was wrong because, I didn’t expect that his progress from
before will lead him here right now. I’m not saying that my husband’s super successful. But because I saw his progress from way back then. From, 10 – 11 years ago, he started to go to the gym. But when I met him 8 years ago. I saw all of that, up to now. That he’s that guy now. Even if he doesn’t have the pro card yet. I’m super proud of him. Because, I saw it all. I saw all of what he’s been through. Suddenly I’m crying like I’m crazy. And it’s really annoying because. I saw his progress. The hardships he has been through, his dedication… Every day. That’s why, back then. I saw his progress. I kept repeating on “progress”. No, I mean. Of course, it’s not easy. It’s not easy… Let’s say going to the gym because he really likes it. I saw it that it wasn’t just in the gym. It’s really hard to be super strict on his diet every day. He’s not able to eat the food he really wants to eat. Because he wants… this is his dream! My advice to you guys, support your partner’s dreams. Everyone has a dream. You have a dream. It’s really different when you have a support system. It’s really different when you have
someone to support you. That you know. That you know, they’ll be there for you. He was really naughty back then. And now he’s like that. I won’t elaborate it all. But I don’t want to say that my
husband is like this and that. I also don’t want to say that I’m bragging already. But I’m really proud of him, I don’t need to tell him that. And whatever it may, I’m proud of him. And I’m really thankful because he’s really a humble guy. Like even if my husband’s like that,
he’s still a humble guy. Even in real life, he’s a really good guy.
I have nothing else to say. Sometimes, he’s too kind that it’s annoying. That’s all. My advice to you all girls, “Ate”, “Mare”, “Te”, and “Day” If whatever you want. If whatever you want me to call you girls,
That’s all the advice I can give you. Support your partner! That’s your spouse, Your boyfriend, Or if it’s only your “Awra”. Or even if you don’t have label. Or even if it were just your crush. Support them still! Whatever it may be, still support them. And vice versa also, boys. Support the dreams of your spouse. And that’s how it goes, just give and take. It’s not good if only 1 person benefits from it. Okay, so that was it. Again, Thank you soo much to all
the supporters of my husband. Thank you very very very much!
Thank you! Thank you! And I hope you’ll continue to support my husband. That’s all. Thank you soo much!

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