Innovation Beehive celebration

We’re here today to celebrate five years of an effort called the Ignite Erie collaborative, and the last two of those years is a matter of getting up the Innovation Beehive Network of Northwestern Pennsylvania. The Beehive is all four universities and the Blasco Library, each creating a center that is stand-alone yet can be brought together in one system for the commercialization of products and services or the start-up of companies. One of the key things that we needed to do for our business was diversify our customer base, and we decided that a really good way to do that would be to go into the pet industry. So the combination of the design work from Penn State Behrend and the marketing and packaging design from Edinboro got us from idea to finished product. A year ago, we were in zero stores. Right now, we’re in over a hundred stores, and we’ve sold thousands of products. Students really do the work for these companies. It elevates their awareness within companies, and so it gives them a really good opportunity to gain some real-world experience that can lead to a job.

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