Inside Amy Schumer – Dog Stripper

(doorbell ringing) You must be the strippers. You the groom to be? No, he’s inside
with his buddies. Come on in. Oh, who’s a good boy?
Yes, I know. Oh, you’re gonna
have so much fun. Yes, I know! I know, have fun! Wait, I’m– I’m sorry.
This is just for dogs? Yeah. I’m throwing
my dog, Josh, a wedding tomorrow
and, uh, what’s a wedding
without a bachelor party? You’re gonna have so much
fun, I know, I know! I gotta write the vows. ♪♪ Jen…
seriously? You never done
a dog party before? No, I’ve never done
any party before. This is my first time.
I’m just doing it ’cause I need to buy
a color printer. How you doing, honey? Come on.
Oh! Jen, what
are you doing? Last night
as a free man. (dog barking) (whispering)
What the (bleep)? Okay. ♪♪ (dog whimpering) Ooh! I’m sorry.
Sorry about that. That’s my bad. I’m so sorry. (dog growling) (dog yawning) This sucks.
This is bad for my self-esteem. You’re losing the room. ♪♪ Gentlemen,
no touching! What the (bleep)
is this, Jack? That is one strike
for the whole room. And it only takes two strikes
to end the party. (Amy)
I’m fine. So, where you from? (doorbell ringing) (dog growling, barking) Oh, he’s–
he’s a little busy right now. (dog barking, growling) I’m just doing my job,
okay? (barking) (Jen)
She’s got a gun! (screaming) (gunshots) Ahh! Oh, my God! Shit.
It’s gone bad! We gotta get the hell
out of here. But what about Jen? It’s too late for Jen. We have to move now. Okay, okay, okay! (Jack)
Move, move, move! (dog barking) (Amy murmuring) You got the cords? I’ve got the cords. That thing is useless
without the cords. This is mine!
This is for me!

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