Instagram Co-Founders Compare Business Partnership To Marriage | NPR

Almost every interaction I have with Kev I feel like makes me smarter and like pushes me in some interesting way, like
either something that, you know, I built that he looks at and he’s like oh could this
be different or why did it work this way? I remember like early on at Instagram, we
had like some outage and I fixed it and I was like oh it’s fixed and Kevin’s
like yeah but what happened? I was like I don’t know. Does it matter, like it’s
fixed. He’s like no, no, no we need to understand, and it sounds simple, but
actually that approach to like actually understanding the problem you’re facing
and really like understanding that the solution makes sense and not just taking
things for granted is I think a pretty core part of your personality that I
deeply appreciated because I think it ended up pushing me to become a better
engineer and a better leader. So, I don’t know. It’s exciting to work with somebody that
you like, you’re like oh I gotta, like, I gotta be good. I got to step it up. I got to
understand the problem. I gotta push. Kevin, what about Mike? So trust I think is number one, which is, in this world, especially the business world, you
never know who you can trust, but when someone’s there with you in the trenches
from day one and you go through everything together and I literally mean
everything, you build… it’s like a brotherhood that only – that feels almost
like I’m sure some people would describe this, whether they were in the
military or in their families, when you go through really hard stuff, you grow
super close together. And I don’t connect with many people at that level and Mike
is on a very, very short list of people I connect with on that level. My
relationship with Mike is that, like, if I’m a sprinter and I get really
frustrated really quickly with a problem, Mike is the even-keeled like happy
leader who just… we’ll get through it Kev. And that yin and yang, it keeps you
grounded and it keeps you moving. And fun fact, it turns out my wife has the exact
same personality type as Mike. It’s a marriage. It is.

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