It’s time to celebrate here at Inter. Tonight, it’s the club Christmas party. It’s a special party too. The theme is: Eclipse Inter a kind of magic. Because it’s going to be a magical night, a special evening in a special location. We’re at The Mall,
which is just a few yards from Inter HQ. More than 540 people have been invited tonight, from first-team players,
to club executives and staff. Everyone is ready to enjoy a magical evening,
with plenty of music. We have more than 20 artists here. As I said, it’s going to be a night of magic. 13 international artists,
capable of the extraordinary. Here we are with Fabio Galante. This must be your umpteenth
Christmas with Inter. You’ve spent a few with us. That’s right, as a player, as a guest, as a member of staff. I’m really happy to be here tonight, among the players, the club,
the executives, employees, the TV staff. I’m happy and I wish
all those watching and listening a very Merry Christmas, and, as always, Forza Inter! We’re here with David Suazo. David, it’s always nice to see you. This is still home for you. It’s nice to be here,
because it’s a bit like coming home. You see your friends and meeting everyone
here is always a proud moment. How nice is it to see everyone and
those you played alongside for years at Inter? It’s really nice. The sad thing is you realise
you’re getting older and no longer involved on the pitch But it’s nice to chat to people and meet new lads. People ask questions and
it’s nice to interact and chat. It’s always nice to be here and
get involved in this event. We’re here with Karagounis. Can I call you Zorba, like Scarpini used to? Scarpini’s always handing out nicknames! But yes, okay, if you want. It’s nice to be here and to chat to old friends, with the team and everyone else. It’s a nice party. It’s nice to have been invited. We saw you talking with
lots of different Inter legends. How nice is it to see
each other again at events like this? It’s so nice, as I was saying before. Whether it’s here or as part of Inter Forever, where we’ve played a few matches together. I still have great memories. When I came to Inter
it was the first time I’d left Greece. I arrived at a great team, a great club. So it’s a huge pleasure
to see my ex-team-mates here. Do you keep on following Inter and watching what they’re doing
under Antonio Conte? I’m still an Inter fan, everyone knows that, whether I’m in Greece or here. Let’s hope that we can do something this year.
The whole team. I think the team is on the right track
to winning something big this year. It’s not only about footballers here tonight, but it’s certainly about legends,
if I may say so, Max. You’re a Nerazzurri legend –
this is your third Christmas party. You’re one of us, aren’t you? Absolutely. For me, spending Christmas with those you love
is always a wonderful thing. In this case, as someone who loves Inter, spending Christmas with my team
is the best way to round off the year. It’s a lovely tradition too, an opportunity to see everyone, say hello. Even more so this year, because so far
we’ve been doing very well in the league, but I’ll be careful not to tempt fate! With that in mind, it’s even nicer to be here. Let’s hope things keep going as they are. You’ve often sung about Inter
during your music career. The club has been an inspiration. Yes, because being an Interista means
you get used to asking yourself questions. In the past, at least, Inter fans would have
to ask themselves big questions, about human existence, winning and losing, dreams almost becoming reality. Fortunately, however, Inter have
provided us with great pleasure and continue to do so. I think that being an Inter fan is a way of life, a way of experiencing and facing life, and more than simply supporting a team. Merry Christmas, Max. Merry Christmas everyone, and to you guys. Bye! Welcome to this special event of the year. Our annual Christmas dinner of Inter. I think Christmas time is very important,
for us to sit down together, look at each other,
and feel grateful for what we have. The club is running at full speed because of you. Obviously the most important part,
and the goal, of this club is to win on the pitch. And look at us now, we’re leading
the table in Serie A, as of today. It means a lot.
It means we’re going in the right direction. It means that we’re taking our hard work
step by step. But it also means nothing.
As we learned from the past, as a lesson without courage, hard work and focus, we can lose and can not compete at the highest level. It is the same on and off the pitch. Last week, I told all the players too, we’re going to have a lot of difficulties
coming in the future. The same as over the past 111 years of this club. The same as over the next 100 years of this club. As long as we’re together
we will face so many challenges, so many difficulties
that you cannot even imagine. But we are not afraid of anything, as long as today and in the future we take that courage, hard work and
concentration and aim for the highest. As Inter, as all of us, as a family, as a strong club we will go ahead and conquer the world,
with every single one of you. We only live once and Forza Inter! Buon Natale and Merry Christmas! Here we are with two other special guests. This is your first Black and Blue Christmas. Yes, our Christmas used to be red,
but now we’ve changed colour! Our first Inter Christmas. We’ve got a friend here, who means a lot to us. We’re here to give Antonio Conte a nice surprise. That’s a lovely surprise for us too. Yes. Do you remember, Andrea? We were in London, and what was it he did? What did he do? It was about tactics for stadiums. Ah, right.
It was before we started playing stadiums. Who better to ask about that than Antonio Conte? We were joking about asking him
for advice for performing in stadiums. We’ve had a great relationship with him
for many years. He’s a great person. We know Marco Materazzi very well too, key to many great things
that have happened to Inter. We’ve got a great family of friends. Seeing as today is about sending best wishes. What’s your wish for 2020? My biggest wish is that everyone gets behind,
and supports friendship, like we do. I think that’s a great wish for next year. Let’s support friends and friendship. Thank you very much to you both and Merry Christmas. To you too. Bye, Merry Christmas! Good evening everybody. It goes without saying that
I don’t feel at ease talking up on this stage. I want to wish you and your families
a Merry Christmas. I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone, all of you who make up the Inter family. Starting with the players –
for what they give day in day out, plus my staff and everyone
who works at the training ground. I also want to thank everyone that works for us, in the offices, those that we don’t see every day, but we know they’re behind us and help us continuously, on a daily basis. Thanks for all the work you do. This is my first year as Inter coach, so I’d like to thank those
who wanted this to happen, above all the president and the owners. My desire, and I think it’s shared
with all of you who work for Inter, is to leave a mark. I doesn’t matter, in my view,
how long you work in a place, be it six months, one year or ten years. The key is wanting to leave a mark. Leaving a mark is about working,
with passion, sacrifice, sweat. Our duty is to make Inter better. I think that, to make Inter better,
there is only one way to go and that is trying to be better ourselves, pushing ourselves to new levels. That’s how we can help Inter improve. I wish you a Merry Christmas once again and I’d like to round off
with something said by someone you all know, Pele. He said: “The more difficult the victory,
the greater the happiness in winning.” Thank you and
Merry Christmas, one and all. We’re back here on the photo set,
if that’s how you call it. I see you’re in your element. There were some
more important people here earlier, the stars of the Christmas party. They came here to capture this moment before getting into the party mood. Shall we do the same? I think that we should. So let’s head into the thick
of this Christmas party. The Christmas party. You said it very well – Tommy would be happy! Obviously we’re talking
about our colleague, Thomas Lawrence. Our correspondent and colleague. Time to get into the Christmas mood. Time to say Merry Christmas? Merry Christmas, everyone!

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