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happiness is celebrated on 20th March every year it is celebrated to show that
progress should be about increasing human happiness and well-being not just
growing the economy the theme for 20th March 2020 is happier together focusing
on what we have in common rather than what divides us everyone wants to be
happy and life is happier when we are together so let’s celebrate our common
humanity now we will discuss different ideas on how we can celebrate the
International Day of happiness so friends
the first idea is a thank you card as the name suggests the thank-you card is
for saying thank you to your loved ones you can say thank you by giving them
gifts, greeting cards, flowers, chocolates etc the special message note for them
you can make them feel happy by doing this the next idea is organize an event
you can organize an event like a stand-up comedy event or a dance event
or a Shirey event you can also organize games for a more engaging event all
these are fun activities that a group of people can enjoy together these kinds of
event help people build relationships with each other and that results in a
happier environment the next idea that we are going to discuss is a
get-together you can plan a get-together with your old school friends college
friends ex colleagues distant relatives or anybody with whom you want to spend
time with. you can enjoy your time by remembering special memories on this day
and also you can make special memories by organizing a get-together. the next idea is planning a trip you can go out on a trip to rejuvenate yourself from
stress. we all have stress. trips are a great way to have great fun you can go
out on a trip either with your family, friends or relatives or you can also go
out on a solo trip whichever suits you you can select based on your priority so
you can go out on a trip and have fun on that trip the next great idea that we are
going to discuss is a movie you can watch a movie a comedy movie
specifically or a comedy show to be happy on this day you can go out to
watch a movie or a stand-up comedy show whichever suits you or whichever being
suitable for your timing as well as These are ideas that you can do to enjoy your day
the next idea is shopping I know everybody likes shopping and this is one
of the best ways to treat yourself go out shopping at any shopping place that
you like the most and you can shop for yourself or for your loved ones also if
you have a busy schedule I know everybody is busy nowadays so you and
you can’t go out for a shopping then shop online and save time also it’s an
easy way and this way you can treat yourself also the next idea is fitness
start a new fitness challenge for yourself on this day if you are fit you
are healthy then there are more chances that you are happy because a happy soul
lives in a healthy body try to build up a routine for staying
fit you can do either exercise at home, go to the gym or try yoga etc whichever
suits you or whichever is perfect to your schedule, your routine or your body
fitness, whichever suits you, but do have a good fitness routine for yourself. Because a happy soul lives in a healthy body. the next great idea is to help the
needy we all know that sharing is caring if we can help the others by any means
then it’s a great idea for your spreading happiness and we all
will be happier together you can donate things or money
whichever possible for you as per your strength or convenience. do whichever is possible for you but please help the needy as it will spread happiness across
the world and in your surroundings and it will eventually make you happy as
well the next thing is that we are going to discuss us get out of depression if
you ever feel depressed or you are going through depression than do share your
problems with your family, friends and relatives to get out of it and if needed
do take expert advice try to enjoy life as much as possible we all have one life
so try to be happy all the time so friends these are some ideas that I
have in my mind to celebrate International Day of Happiness. you can
try as many ideas from these to be happy all the time or you if you have more
ideas then it’s a great thing then enjoy life and be happy all the
time. the hashtag for this year is #InternationalDayOfHappiness
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ok friends Be happy, Stay healthy Thank you…bye-bye

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