International Women’s Day 2020 Celebration Ideas #IWD2020 #EachforEqual #March8 #iwd2020

hello friends welcome to this video today we are going to discuss about how we can celebrate International Women’s Day in office before starting this video please subscribe to our channel Theme announced by International Women’s day society for 2020 is An equal world is an enabled world. and hashtags are #EachforEqual and #IWD2020 now we’ll talk about how we can celebrate International Women’s day in office… I have created some sections and we’re going to discuss about each section in detail so my first section is Her Story as the name suggests you can organise program in your office and women can share their life struggles, experiences, motivation and stories so that people get to know about how they have achieved success in life and people can also get inspiration from them. Next Section is Virago Awards In this section we’ll focus on an awards ceremony. you can call this awards ceremony Virago awards you can give awards to your women employees with special titles for them you can easily find trophies in the market and you can write titles on them. you can also gift goodies with awards to make it more special. The next section is Secret Wellwisher. The Secret wellwisher section is inspired from the Secret Santa. In this you can give women employees name to men employees they can get gift for them. you can also ask them to write special message with gifts for the women employees. This will make them feel special. So the next section is Cake you can call this section cake or gifts. I know this is an old idea but it still works and everybody feels good about it. You can cut cake in office to celebrate this day or you can distribute cupcakes, chocolates, cards, flowers, spa coupons, books, amazon’s gift voucher, restaurant coupons etc. to them. So the last section is Games as we all know that Games are a great way to engage people. so you can organize Games in your office as per your company’s strength. you can select games based on the interest of your employees. So friends these are the ideas that I want to discuss with you. Based on your company’s strength, interest and time you can use these ideas. you can also combine two or three ideas from this video for celebrating International Women’s day. so friends do let us know about your views regarding this video by hitting the like button or via comments. In the next video we are going to discuss about how you can post on Social Media on International Women’s Day 2020. don’t forget to subscribe the channel. thank you…bye…bye

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