International Women’s Day: Celebrating Women in STEM

The advice I would give to young women who are looking to pursue a career in a STEM related industry is to go for it. You don’t realize how much you are valued and needed in the industry. You think that when you’re getting an engineering degree or more technical degree that you have to go and do this specific thing and that’s not it. The degree opens up the opportunity and then you can make it whatever you want. Just work hard. Don’t expect that you’ll be treated differently but be prepared if you are. Collaborate. Build relationships. Persevere above everything else. Find mentors and colleagues who help you grow and help you build your expertise and help you naviagte the waters. We still have ways to go, but it is so much better for women who are entering the technology fields now. Just keep with it. It’s all going to be woth it and if you have that drive and that wanting in your heart there’s not reason for you not to go after it and go get it.

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