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– When People think of
Huntsville, Alabama, they think cotton
fields, animals– [MOOING] And it’s the exact opposite. This ain’t your
auntie’s Alabama. Huntsville is rocket city. Redstone Arsenal, NASA
Space and Rocket Center. Huntsville has more
engineers than Atlanta and Nashville combined. We are not the ATL. We are the ALA. Huntsville, Alabama has the
fourth largest real estate development going
on in the nation. I look at it almost
like the gold rush. You’d better get here, or
it’s going to pass you by. Martell and I develop
residential real estate. We’re one of the top
minority couples doing what we do here in Huntsville. Latisha and I develop
commercial real estate. It’s important for me, and for
my wife to run the household, because I don’t get paid
to run the household. And because he’s
not organized. I sell real estate, and
Maurice does credit repair. The difference in
age doesn’t play a part in our relationship. I’m going to be in
my 40s until I’m– 70. We are self-made
millionaires in construction and residential investment
industry here in Huntsville. We feel that it’s our duty to
give back to the community, so why not give back right here
where we’re currently living, Huntsville, Alabama, and do
some major things to help Huntsville continue to grow? Successful African-Americans
are taking over. It’s like Wakanda. What if they come in
like, $115 a square foot. What if they come in at 65? They won’t! Guys, I’m done.
I’m leaving. – No, Tisha.
– I’m done. Kimmie, when I reached out
to you, the only you said– OK.
OK, OK. You telling a lie. And you know the lie is in you. Trying to get all of
these type A personalities to work together is hard. I want to learn more about
commercial real estate. So what’s the point of
doing all the background and getting the license, if
I’m not going to use them? To me, it was for fun. OK. I’m not built to
cook and clean all day. But you do it so well. We’re getting married in Miami. (RAPPING) Oh, yeah,
we like to party. Oh, yeah, we get crunk, crunk. What’s the limits
on the bachelor party? Strippers?
– No! No strippers for me? Like, do you touch ’em? We were definitely
that example couple. Wow. Martell and Melody,
they work together. You know, they’re
beautiful people. I don’t care if I’ve slept
with a thousand people, you don’t go out
and tell people. We keep that in our household. Well, you should have kept
your penis in our household. Did you actually
step out on Mel? Well, I’m not fixiing
to on and say I’m bougie. I don’t know why.
Cause you are. What makes a person bougie? Uh– look in the mirror. I mean, we may throw
some shade, and whatever, but at the end of the
day, we love each other, and we want the best
for one another. Real sisterhood, right? – That’s what it’s all about.
– Right. Where are you doing? Just some little
small event with Mel. No. This is non-negotiable. You and Martell, y’all got
your thing you guys are doing. Me and Tisha, we’re not
gonna be a power couple. This is my friend,
Latisha Scott. It’s one thing if
you’re cheating, and your partner never knows. Isn’t it? There’s one thing if
you cheat, and you don’t really give a damn.
I’m not going to change. It’s fun.
This is what I want to do. Mhm. And that’s when
you’ll be like, deuces. We’re not good. I’m about to go
under, and you’re talking about something that
took place over a year ago? As a single mom, it feels
like I’ve missed my life. I want to make sure, mentally,
I’m growing and developing. I don’t think that’s selfish. What I think is selfish
is when you decide that I want to do
what I want to do, not what my family
needs me to do. I may consider coming back
when you start putting in work. What you talking about? We ain’t getting no divorce. Enough is enough. You just have to make a change.

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  1. I swear they should have stayed off of reality TV because that's going to ruin their image it's going to become Ratchet in 3…2….1 BOOM 💣💥 SMFH😑😑

  2. I don't like the fact that despite our huge succeses in life we love to portray such a bad image of ourselves. Can we see more professional behavior being displayed?

  3. So did OWN hire the love and hip hop producers…for content.. because I can't…are ther ANY non problematic black couples on tv……ANY….I SEE u O …smh

  4. I'm so glad Huntsville is being represented!!! Finally!! However I would like to see other professionals represented such as business owners, doctors, or engineers.

  5. Seems interesting….but reality is most marriages end in divorce on some of these shows. Cover your family be modest and private.

  6. Making black look disfucionl as always black ppl in power to make a change are just as guilty of dehumanizing the black community

  7. Are these SO-CALLED POWER COUPLES familiar with the concepts and principles of:


    "POWERNOMICS" by the venerable Dr. Claude Anderson?




  9. Looks good….and I'm glad to see people from different areas of the country be able to share their experiences. All successful black origin stories don't come solely from Atlanta, or via the sports scene through wives and girlfriends in LA. It's refreshing to see an exploration into literal new territory.

  10. It's sad to say but it seems Oprah is all for disruptive black people. One would think she'd want to shine a positive light on us but noooo, she's always coming up with shows of disruptive black adults.
    With all the power and influence she has, she chooses to use it this way, it's a shame.

  11. "As a single mom it seems like I've missed my life"…I felt that. Same here girl. Seems like will be a good show. There is no "reality" show without drama 🤔

  12. I already want to cry cause I see there marriages crashing I've seen so many of thes show where couples start out so strong and crash oh Lord please please y people u all look like u r doing so well please oh good no.

  13. Its kind of hard to read these comments number 1 yall don't half of what you're talking about. 2nd thte fact that you all dis more speculation on a 4 minute trailer shows your simply not able to see the difference between marketing and bashing.
    4th I know them personally so it's hard to watch people talk about you people you love and respect. It's like watching a fight you know has to happen in order to see the freedom of it. I just pray that many of you are lucky enough to experience the exposure and experiences they have then your opinions will be more digestible

  14. Oprah dont do us like that PLEASE. I was hoping to learn something from these real estate development couples but all it is is DRAMA. We need black excellence. We need more educational shows. Show us functional black couples who built their success not ratchetness.

  15. These are powerful well respected couples working to help build up an area of Huntsville that is not growing as much as other areas. Martell Holt is a product of that area and has a great desire to #ComeBack and share tools with others- how he went through challenges but still had hope. Instead of trying to bash these couples- why don't you wait and see before you form your negative opinion. Besides unless you are in their immediate circle, your opinion means very little. They must be doing something right if OPRAH is willing to take a chance on them. I am excited for them all and the even-greater things they will be able to accomplish by way of this platform. #BlackLove #NoHoltBarred #PowerCouples #OverComers

  16. I can already tell the 2 brothers will be my fav. The girl with the blond swoop was pretentious and their scenes looked scripted and fake. Love the couple who is engaged. His brother comes off like a MSPIG

  17. I watched the show last night. I thought it was pretty good. I'm not going to say anything negative. I Loveee to see my people doing well.

  18. Looks like a future failure. Nothing really interesting about this set up. On the surface they look like black people that "made it" but then they look like trash before the video is over. Sure, people like for their hometown to get some of the spotlight but at what cost? Oprah doesn't care about Huntsville and she didn't get her many, many millions by making polite business moves that are kind and courteous to others…she got that money by being willing to sacrifice and since she is doing well that means the others paid the price for those sacrifices.


  20. Ummm. Melody don’t play. Marcel needs to listen to what she is saying very seriously. Losing a woman like that , would be like Jay- Z losing Beyoncé. I hope he is learns to appreciate her because it would be highly embarrassing if she divorced him. With that being said I do think he is a solid guy although he’s a bit greedy when it comes to business. He actually has the most healthy outlook on his marriage….Partnership. HH

  21. Another racist Oprah production. “Top minority couples” how about “ Top Couple” …. “successful African Americans are Taking over” what’s the purpose of this crap

  22. I have a problem with this sitcom.Melody and montell in particular.Melody you don't look like the type that would take anything off Montell as far as infidelity goes.I know you can't just end your marriage over every little thing and your going to have differences nevertheless, Your husband is very disrespectful to you and plus he's having an affair on you disrespecting your marriage.He has even admitted to if after lying about it first and wants yiu to dign onto it as well as sweep it under the carpet.He It is one thing to make a mistake but its another to condon what you have done and he doesn't seem to be very apologetic at all on national t.v after lying about it be admitting to it.He seems very arrogant and ignorant to his flaws by trying to justify his actios and making excuses for a not one but two year relationship that was inappropriate that he had with this other woman and quick to change the subject after flipping the script on you first making like it's your fault when its really his.Do what you want but you shouldn't do is allow him to pull the rug up under you because if you got to make him respect you if not he won't.If you allow him to get away with this now that is nothing compare to what he is going to do to you later down the road that could devastate to change your world to its entirety.Either work it out by gathering an understanding in moving forward or let it go.

  23. I don't think you should throw 20 plus + something years away and if you could work it out then great because the two of you really do make a nice couple.I wish you both well.

  24. This Is All Scripted. To Decived The Masses. Satan Told The Lord If You Fall Down And Worship Me I'll Have you The Kingdoms Of This World. Jesus Refused Amen. But When He Came To These People They Said Yes. For Fame & Fortune. Oprah Is Own, By The Nwo Elite.

  25. I live in Huntsville and it's not that big or anything. Sooo don't let this show hype you up. And that's all we have here The military base, the rocket center and engineers. Period!!

  26. I will not lie! We watched all these reality TVs before like Flavor of Love, Bad Girl Club, Real Housewives, R & B Divas, Big Brother, Mob Wives, Love and Hip Hop. But now we know that it is fake and that in addition it destroys our brain and our soul. These reality TVs are toxic to society and our behavior as well as that of our children so why does some people continue to watch this?

  27. Take it off the air and find something of interest to put on for her I can't even see or understand this show especially the plastic Barbie the one that looks like she can hula hoop through a Cheerio not real Stepford Wives with blonde hair the cast needs changing and tell eliminate it all just take it off the air I give it up nothing

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