Introducing the Saving Dinner Smoothie Club!

Hey everybody – Leanne Ely from Saving
Dinner dot com. I have an announcement today! Guess what? We have started our brand new Smoothie Club! That’s right – starting today we have a brand new Smoothie Club! Listen, we had so many people writing into
customer service and saying – Hey I’ve run out of my
All-in-One Smoothie Mix what am I gonna do? And you know we understand. When it’s
time to reorder and all of that but if you become a member today of our
Smoothie Mix this Smoothie Club not only will you be getting a brand new container of Smoothie Mix once a month but you’ll also be getting ten percent off. That’s right – ten percent off – and if you
order Fiber Mender you’ll get ten percent off as well. All you have to
do is choose which which flavor you want! We’ve got Chocolate, Vanilla and Chai
and they’re fantastic. They’re interchangeable in all the
different recipes – and speaking of recipes – we’re also going
to send you our original eBook with all of our different smoothie recipes in it plus eight other recipes on making some other different types of things
with your smoothie mix. PLUS once a month will send you a brand-new smoothie
e-book every month. How do you like that? So you’ll have new different recipes to try out all the time. So just remember it’s auto-shipped and it’ll come to you once a month. All you have to do is choose your flavor.
You can have a collection and at the end of three months you can have
all three different flavors if you’d like. And we will always keep the lowest price
available to you. 10% off and details are below.

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