Iowa Dem Party Chair: ‘What Happened Last Night Is Simply Unacceptable’ | Deadline | MSNBC

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  1. Fair play to him. Owned up to it all. But this just doesn't smell good. Just like 2016 when Donny had his Soviet buddies do it dirty for him.

  2. "You could as soon as scrub the blackamore white, as to change the principles of a profest Democrat; and that he will leave nothing unattempted to overturn the Government of this Country." –George Washington

  3. MAYOR CHEATS CAMPAIGN FUNDED THE APP!!! ITS TRUE LOOK INTO IT!…Dems screwing Bernie again, Bernie should switch to the republikkkans.

  4. The amount of spectacular failures of the Democrats is truly impressive. Even if this is corruption, it just makes them look insanely incompetent. Spectacular failure no matter what.

  5. Pete Buttigieg
    won the Obama counties, heavily white counties, and rural/suburbs. Bernie Sanders won the cities and college towns.

  6. Now maybe you stupids will finally understand what Trump supporters were telling you all this time about your party and the media they control, and what they are doing to Trump, they will do to ANYONE that is an outsider. I guess sometimes the stupid dog has to catch the car he is chasing. But by all means, put your faith in Bernie who is PART of it and part of the bait and switch…Streisand effect…..and they will introduce either Hitlery or Michael Oblamo to run, Bernie isnt meant to win, his job is to bring and keep the suckers voting demorat, and then he will use the money you sent him to buy a 4th mansion. Trump was hired to go after and expose the demorat and deep state criminals, and he is doing just that. He is fixing the country, the mess the demorats made along with their buddies the Bushes. You will never get socialism here, there would be a revolution, by the ones with all the guns. Because Trump will make sure you have a job and are able to py for college yourself, maybe by eliminating subsidies that gave them a blank check…you think it is expensive now? Wait until they get an even bigger blank check then watch how all the money you made from getting a college educated job…goes to the government and you have exactly what you have now…NOTHING. Why bother going to college at that point, you arent bettering your situation…if you want to be a child forever and have everything done for you, go to prison, that is socialism, slavery was socialism, everything was provided.

  7. Some needs to keep an eye on Mr. Price to see how much wealth he acquired in the aftermath of this real American horror story.

  8. The corruption Democrats, not trustworthy a bit, you can hear and see it ,they fool you voters, cheat your vote at the ballot .go Republican 🇺🇸❤✌👍

  9. They rigged it but Bernie still won. They accounted for his popularity with the rigging but they underestimated it. Now they are buying time to find the least obvious way to fudge the numbers.

  10. Has anyone in Iowa ever actually passed 3rd grade? It just took me longer to load Libreoffice than it took to create a spreadsheet to add up 1,678 sets of numbers.

  11. Sad truth is if you win but are older ,male,white etc instead of saying Congratulations our extreme wing tries to alter the system. I shall support any individual ,but I shall not tolerate that.

  12. Knew this was going to be rigged the second they announced they were going to use a voting app. The DNC is the single greatest threat to our Democracy and I never once bought into the Trump/Russia collusion BS because it started the day after the email dropped that proved the DNC and Media colluded to make Clinton the nomination.

  13. Rarely does the winner of the Iowa Democratic caucus get elected to represent the a Democratic Party in the national presidential election. Furthermore Bernie gets his delegates, too. I am more than sure that the ratio of voters will be higher for Bernie in states with a higher minority population. The door is there. Take the time and make an effort for your primaries, too. Go Bernie, we’re with you!

  14. MAYOR CHEATS CAMPAIGN FUNDED THE APP!!! ITS TRUE LOOK INTO IT!…Dems screwing Bernie again, Bernie should switch to the republikkkans.
    MSNBC should be ashamed for how they are treating Bernie.

  15. MAYOR CHEATS CAMPAIGN FUNDED THE APP!!! ITS TRUE LOOK INTO IT!…Dems screwing Bernie again, Bernie should switch to the republikkkans.
    MSNBC should be ashamed for how they are treating Bernie.

  16. Iowa’s time is up. It will move to another state next election. I have to say I’m very disappointed in Pete as he claimed victory before results are in. How? Very shady indeed. I still think Bernie will win.

  17. I'm done with DNC, they are schemers just like Trump.
    I'll vote Dem again when delegates and superdelegates/electoral college is dissolved.
    DO NOT go out and vote, it doesn't matter anyway. Peacefully abstain.
    (Sorry to the disenfranchised but this regime only has eight years to screw people over… Electoral/DNC has created a system to inpose their will for the rest of eternity)

  18. This was the first time I had ever watched the Iowa Caucus. And now this happens.
    I believe they'll get it straightened out.
    We're all antsy because of trump! The BEST thing we can do is VOTE TRUMP PUKE OUT!!!!!!!

  19. Putting all conspiracy theories about Sanders aside….Iowa should NOT be doing this. They aren’t at all representative of the democratic party or even America in general. It’s one of the least diverse States in the Union.

  20. "Reporting challenges", you mean the difficulty you have in telling the truth?
    "Abundance of caution", you mean delays introduced by rigging the voting system?
    "Protect the integrity of", you mean organise another one of those notorious American cover-ups?
    "There is a paper trail", you mean the mess on the floor caused by tearing up the voting slips?
    "This is a very transparent process", is that why the real outcome has not been announced?

  21. Iowa Democrat Party and DNC are corrupt and rigged the caucus against Bernie Sanders. The results are false and inaccurate. The chairman's statements were all LIES!!!!!!!

  22. Alright….this is way past time to throw the caucus into the trashcan where it belongs.

    So, a single mother of two young kids cannot afford a babysitter to go spend 2.5 hours at a caucus on a specific time…oh and lets not talk about the fact that your vote is public….what a shitshow

    This whole thing is for political nerds with a bunch of free time on their hand. Time to trash the shitshow NOW.

  23. What happened last night is the establishment DNC rigged the caucuses against Bernie. It’s no coincidence Wall Street Pete is ahead after being in 4th place in every poll.

  24. Ugh

    Of COURSE an arcane, outdated system developed over a century ago is going to start having "challenges" and "discrepancies" in 2020.

    The entire Caucus system should be done away with. And people should begin electing our own leaders, like the founders intended, instead of allowing Party affiliations and Delegates do the choosing for us.

    It almost makes being the opposite of a Republican not worth the hassle. If people are still motivated to vote at ALL.

    Leave it to one of the world's newest Democracies to come up with such an over-complicated, convoluted process.

    America; Where we do absolutely EVERYTHING the hard way!

  25. Hey…Troy Price…why not just blame it all on President Trump?….or on Russian interference?…come on you can do it…or maybe just face the music and resign!

  26. Just end the Iowa caucus, Iowa doesn’t represent the diversity of the democrat party. 91% of Iowa is white, that is not a reflection of the party nationwide.

  27. Yeah these losers Want to run this country they can't even make a proper app My twelve-year-old nephew can make a better app

  28. This is how the country will be run if one of these Dumbocrats get elected all screwed up they can't even rig it right guess that's Trumps fault too. Trump 2020 4 more great years.👀👀👀

  29. You crooked man, shame on you if you know what shame is. Why did Butty Guaido's election committee pay 40K to Shadow the developer of the app along with hundreds of thousands of dollars from Hillary's people and the DNC.
    Then Butty Guiado announces his victory. These people are crooks.
    Why does a caucuses take 16 hours to count only 61%. What a bunch of crooks. The DNC wants to make the first round without a clear winner. Because according to the rules if there is no clear winner in the first round, then the second round kicks in the 700 super delegates stacked by every crooked lobbyist and Hillary's cabal.

  30. The app that "accidentally" fumbled this, then only released 62% of precincts, is called Shadow Inc. Its top executives, including the CEO, COO, and CTO as well as some Directors all worked for Hillary Clinton in 2016 (they're all on LinkedIn, so feel free to fact check). Shadow Inc was PAID more than $ 40k by Pete Buttigieg's 2020 campaign according to the Federal Election Commission.

    How is this allowed in our democratic process?

  31. We have to remember the cult 45ers are on Social media in droves trying to divide the Dems because of this error. But we have to remain focused. Trump must go. We #Resist the re-election of trump. Don’t fall for all the troll comments.

  32. Hahaha, when's the coronation America?? King Donald the First, has a nice ring to it! Then when he dies you'll get Queen Ivanka!!!.
    People as repugnant as the Trumps only succeed when a country is well embarked on its collapse.

    The American empire is finished and in another 20 years the USA will be no more as states begin to secede from the union.

    Just as America carries out extra judicial killings of foreigners it doesn't like, so we'll soon see domestic political opponents being "taken out" for real. The Dershowitz argument, carried to logical if absurd extremes, makes it legal for Trump to detain, torture, or murder activists, journalists, candidates or really anyone who he sees as a barrier to his re-election. It’s an argument for dictatorship.

    The USA is done.

  33. Wait till they get their hands on your health care.People will die, like they killed our young soldiers with their VA hospitals.

  34. Maybe this is further proof we don't need to make the Iowa caucus such a prominent feature in our campaigns. It's actually a little silly we continue to do this. But so are a long of things…🙄

  35. I find it funny that Buttigieg donated $40k to this app company and the wife of the CEO is his campaign manager.. That doesn't look corrupt at all 😒

  36. paper ballots, Tamper proof ballot boxes, cameras on the polling places, cameras on the boxes, cameras on the counters when they count them.
    Call me paranoid but I don't trust my fellow human beings enough to do things any other way right now. Bunch of opportunistic self serving parasites the lot of you.

  37. This entire caucus is now rendered invalid because of your corruption, and ineptitude at said corruption. The only good thing to come of this, is that everyone can already see the pieces being moved from behind the curtain. You guys just gave Drumpf a mountain of momentum, and f**k you for doing so.

  38. How do the paper ballot count, and the electric ballot count come out? Caucus goers, how do the numbers compare? Do they reflect your memories of the evening? Now is the time to check your back-up plan, does it work?

  39. Why in the heck would anyone be so stupid as to use a phone app for voting? All of the big security firms say that 95% of the smart phones on the planet have been hacked.

  40. Yes Election Day will be a fraud if trump wins again . Foreign Intervation and trump asking help has dui USA Election Day we can no longer believe who really wins since trump manage to ruin USA Election Day .

  41. Acept the facts trump has ruin the USA election days with the foreign intervention. We can’t longer acept the wins of a candidate as real .

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