Iowa Democratic Party Releases Partial Caucus Results With Buttigieg Leading | NBC News

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  1. This is why Trump will win. Of all the bs the media cry about when it came to Venezuela, they stay quiet when it comes to the undemocratic bs that is happening here. The DNC is so corrupt.

  2. Bernie said when 60% of data was in he was in a comfortable lead.

    Now you're saying with 62% of the data he's second to the one guy who funded the system used!?

    Come on man!

  3. Joe Biden is losing Yahoo ,don't forget Joe Biden an son ,pack a bag and your diapers you will be going to jail for a long time

  4. This massive failure is not the Iowa people fault. The Republicans caucus ran smoothly with no issues. The Democracts caucus app had problems days before the election. The phone (traditional method) backup also failed. This major failure is an example of persistence failures of Democrats and their policies in action.
    The Iowa caucus "Shadow, Inc" app is just Democrats "learning to code", because President Trump wins 2020.

  5. Whats in the 40% that the DNC wants to hide? ? ? TheyStole Saunders victory, hid Bidens poor performance and have covered up the low voter turn out. Thats whats in the other 40%

  6. I was just thinking about how demented it would be if Mayor Pete wins and then we've got two guys doing each other in the White House, but then I realized we already had that with Obama and Michael.

  7. The lefty/liberal machine is in a hot sh!t storm of discombobulation! But, then again, what's new! Love It…LMAO!

    TRUMP 2020, FACT!

  8. We’re going to lose to trump again because the Democratic Party can’t accept the change the people clearly want. This is insane.

  9. Look you can like Bernie all you want, but it is completely illogical for Biden to lose half his support to Pete Buttigeg within 2 days. There was clearly election meddling with Cheat Buttigeg.

    I’m sure bernie got more votes too, but you can’t honestly believe Joe Biden’s entire support would turn against him in a mere week.

  10. The poll that has been released right before the election in Iowa for 76 years straight was scrapped because Pete’s team complained.

    And Pete’s team funded the company that built the failed election app in Iowa.

    And Pete declared victory before results released?

  11. Get out there and vote BERNIE ideas …new government , time to take care of everyone, the poor the mid class …when everyone is doing good , the less hostility in one another ..BERNIE 2020

  12. Wait a friggin' minute. The mysterious "app", that supposedly screwed up the tabulation of Iowa Caucus vote totals was paid for, ( partially ), by Pete Buttigieg's campaign? REALLY? Well then, he's toast too… What was Buttigieg thinking? Helping to pay for the software that counts the votes, and then get on stage, and declare victory? This stinks…. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! None of the other candidates were involved in such an unsavory manner. Were they? Buttigieg cannot "walk this back". He helped pay for the whole process. Akin to Hillary paying for that dossier a few years ago. This stinks!!!!!! To high heaven…..

  13. Buttigieg can't be leading, when only 62% of the vote has been tallied. This is a sad state of affairs in America, when it looks like corporate donors and the media are abetting the theft of an election; this will forever erode the public trust in the democratic process. I predict, a mass exit from the Democrat party, and massive protests on Washington. They just handed Trump two wins.

  14. Pete B. The next President of the United States of America.
    War Hero, Rhodes Scholar, with the great ability to think outside the box.
    All the best Shaun of NYC

  15. If you thought the world was laughing at us about Trump they've got to be on the floor rolling with laughter right now … smh

  16. I wish everyone would just calm down. The Dems are just spreading Bernie's votes evenly to other deserving candidates. Democratic ideas just take time.

  17. NBC backpedaling from their own screenshot – Yet STILL show it, …… people hate being manipulated guys, Youre playing a dangerous game….

  18. Even to pick a leader demonRats do as Socialist policy ,we remember when Burnie won and they gave to Hillary Killery the baby 👶 hater 😜😜😜👍

  19. No one trusts these numbers and it’s obvious that multiple Iowa DNC party members need to be removed for their mismanagement of the reporting.

    In addition, the Iowa Caucus should be removed from the political calendar.

  20. So Pete claimed victory last night. Then today they release partial results showing Pete in the lead by 1% When they finally are forced to show Bernie as the real winner, Pete will have had the spoils.

  21. All these Sander supporters need to relax. Nobody is tampering with votes to prevent Sanders from being the selected candidate by a single state in a union of 50. This is ridiculous.

  22. Did Buttigieg CHEAT? Well, did he?
    Buttigieg's Iowa Caucus vote totals are INVALID. Must be thrown out, and disqualified. His campaign helped pay for the software that counted the votes? The mysterious, malfunctioning "app", we've all been hearing about. At least, that's what is being reported. None of the other candidates were involved in any unsavory vote counting activities. Were they?

  23. This is a COMPLETE FARCE! The media is spinning this as though Pete definitely won the Iowa Caucus. They do not mention that the "app" was partially paid for by Pete, and he has a campaign staffer who's spouse works for the company "Shadow" that developed it. Yes, that's the name of the company. So he pays for the app and now it suddenly stops counting when he's the winner? Pete gets to bask in the media glory of "winning Iowa" when NO ONE has a clue who really won and by the time we know the true results he will already have benefited in New Hampshire because of this media nonsense.

  24. Wait… did they have 62% of the results in, or 95% at the time of this report? What a mongolian cluster dance. Hate to break it to you Dems, you arent winning the presidency in 2020. You will be lucky if you keep the House at this point. You guys have screwed the pooch.

  25. Mayor Cheat is behind in the popular vote count and tied in delegate count with 10 each. He is not – I repeat – is NOT leading anything.

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