IQ Solutions 25th Anniversary Video

MUSIC TOM BRACKETT: We pretty much started a company from scratch, I mean without any funds, I remember my wife being eight months pregnant coming home from work and said “I’ve quit my job I’m gonna start a company.” And I looked at her and said “sure we are,” and we did! ILEANA QUINTAS: I’m a health educator by training and to me that means taking care of people, so I
felt if I started my own company I could probably take it in the directions that
I wanted to take it and that is to make a difference in people’s lives. ALEJANDRA BRACKETT: I grew up
in a household where public health, health communications, health education
was the conversation at the dinner table and to see my parents grow something
from from the ground up was incredibly inspiring. TOM BRACKETT: Our culture is a culture of
purpose, serving underserved communities and populations is something that you
know we have such a passion for and it’s reflected in every aspect of the work that we do. CLAUDIA SIERVO: It’s really important for people to have access to science-based, accurate
information, especially when it comes to health. With information comes power and
that means power to take care of yourself and to lead a healthy life. RACHEL LANGSTON: Some
people when they get an acute diagnosis, it’s alarming and they don’t really know
what to do and to be able to provide them with some information, really is a
blessing. When serving is your heart, when serving is something that’s significant
to you — the person on the other end, they can actually hear a smile. JUDY BRASLOW: You walk the
halls of this place and it looks like a U.N. GINGER MAIR: We’re able to attract very
skilled people that can work in creative, work across digital and communications,
who understand how research impacts the user experience on a website. LISA FALCONER: we really
do live, breathe, and sort of believe in this culture of Health, and I think the
company cares as much about the health of its employees as it does about
the promotion of health throughout the nation and throughout the world. GALE HARRIS: you know
public health saves lives, it’s not a myth, it’s not a hoax, it’s not fake
news, people like us just work to try and translate what we’ve learned into ways
that can really reach people with an understanding of why it’s important and
what they can do to to be healthier. Everybody wants that. ILEANA QUINTAS: I’ve been told by clients that they see us as an extention of their staff. They trust our creative,
they trust our strategy, they trust our management of the products — on time, cost savings — we definitely focus on giving them innovative approaches to do the
things they’re traditionally doing. “Have you thought about this, have you moved in
this direction yet, can we help move you further?” JULIE HENTZ: We had the honor to expand
into global health. 20 different countries and cities we’re affecting around the globe. ILEANA QUINTAS: And in the future what we’re really
looking at is voice technologies, personal assistants. What advances can make for the public in order to make a difference in this world? ANNE GARRETT: We have to be curious, we have to want to learn, we have to be empathetic and want
to try and find answers for people. TEDDY ROEBUCK: You’re handling these particular projects and duties for a reason, and always for a greater cause. GINGER MAIR: I don’t know any other
way to use my talents if it’s not for good. TEDDY ROEBUCK: It’s an IQ thing, it’s a project thing, and it’s a helping people thing.

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