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  1. SHAME be on these ZIONISTS persian people, as gasoline is going up making everything, more expensive. Beware Iran has China and Russia, as allies. The EMPIRE of DEATH YANKEELAND has initiated WW-3. Peace.

  2. Lol, you are deceiving yourselves! I bet the ratio of Iranians who condemn Trump’s action to those who support him is 80,000,000: 1

  3. Waow.

    This shows how crazy & dellusional the left are that
    even Iranian Citizens are ok with this but they're not.

  4. another group of cowards who want my kids to die for them. You go back to Iran and fight for your country, I hate these people. it's not my problem you ran away from Iran.

  5. we need regime change here from trump and the evangelical mullahs. Hillary won by 4,000,000 votes. 30% of USA get 48% of the electoral votes. we are no different than Iran.

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