Irina Shayk chooses her outfit for dinner with Jean Paul Gaultier | Get Ready With Me | Vogue Paris

-Hello, it’s Jean-Paul. Irina, hurry up, I am waiting for you. Hi Jean-Paul, I’m already in the car. Bye! Hi Vogue, I’m Irina Shayk,
and we’re here in Paris and I’m getting ready
for Jean-Paul Gaultier’s dinner tonight. The five most important pieces
in the wardrobe a woman should own is some sexy black dress like this one. Some fun pieces,
with the shoulders, like this one. Sexy jumpsuit. Some really cool splash of color. Simple jeans. Pigalle. It’s really sexy,
and really hard to walk in. Okay. Tada! My favorite fashion trend at the moment
is definitely logos. How would I describe my style
in three words? Simple, sexy, modern. My fashion icon is definitely beautiful Sophia Loren,
she’s beautiful inside and out. Hi! Bonjour, May I have a mille-feuille? Thank you. I would say my worst beauty mistake… was when my sister plucked my eyebrows
and they were really tiny. But thank God, they grew back. My most memorable red carpet moment,
Cannes film festival, two years ago. Because I love Cannes,
I love the South of France. What I really don’t get in fashion, is how they can make size 0 dresses
that will never fit anybody. After eating that dessert, especially. I think I’ve found my perfect dress
for tonight. And final touch… My favorite Scandal. Ready. Let’s go! Thank you so much for coming,
French Vogue!

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  1. Столько пафоса, столько понтов, посмотрим как она будет выпендриваться в 50 лет.

  2. Ирина Могилевчанка почему она бесстыжая она что мужа у тебя увела ты сама видать очень не порядочный человек женщина не суди и не судима будешь

  3. Артём Корнилов полный дурак наверное никто тебя не любит ты обижен на женщин

  4. Sublime modèle la preuve défilé pour Jean Paul gaultier c pas rien meilleur créateur 💕💕👍👍👍👍

  5. Я не пойму как такая ковырялка может ыть моделью, стремная без фегурая

  6. She doesn't need play boys, football players, any kind of game players or fuck boys… certainly she doesn't need an actor she need the entire power house the Movie director 😁😁😁 or a real Estate moguls you see JLo and Miranda Kerr and Karlie Kloss … any Real man, committed, who feels lucky to have this beautiful, brave, strong Russian Goddess!!🙌🙌🌹🌹 She will find that real man and real love, that man who would never walk away from loving his family at any price, if you truly love your wife, husband and kids you don't get to do no shit because " a cheat is a cheat " says Kate Blanchette and "BIG Mistake!?" says Julia Roberts … She is Irina Shayk she walks that walk with those french styletto escarpins with heads up 😁🙌🙌

  7. When she smiles and talks about that cake and zero size dresses, she looks so naturally beautiful. What a beautiful beautiful woman and yet so simple in looks. Wow

  8. I fucking hate it when we act like size 0 people don't exist because oh we are so progressive and we appreciate all sizes. Why the fuck do you have to exclude somebody who's a size 0 to include somebody who is a bigger size? We all exist and we are all beautiful. I am a size 0. Naturally. Always have and probably always will be no matter how much I eat. Love my plus size fellas! ♥️

  9. Ах Бредли упустил ты свой шанс а зря! Такую красотку

  10. Писюля я Африке сейчас в командировке а ты где давай встретимся покатаемся на лошадях

  11. Such a super model and self made, not like those famous models coz of thier botox and fake bras and boutties,todays models like kendal and bella …dont deserve the attention they get they r famous cuz of thier family and famous boyfriends

  12. I simply love her! I’m Greek model here in my country and every time casters ask me who is my modeling and personality idol, I always mention her, she’s my true hero, making it from Russia to USA all alone, she’s an inspiration to all of us foreign models! 💕💕

  13. Her English sounds awful, couldn't she learn the language while living so long in the US?? And yeah, her laugh is just horrible as a hell😞😮

  14. As much as I don’t like her laugh and just very fake demeanor, she is definitely supermodel material, a diva, unlike many of her younger counterparts. Very reminiscent of 90’s high fashion top models. Almost reminds me of Fiona Apple.

  15. Hmmmmm….look like….sad…..? Hahaha…beautiful quality may be bcome a woman, bcse all are men leave her…? All best are men dont want her? Why? Why? We must think this?

  16. Once she was older would be better to ckeck liver problems !! That's not a joke or bad wish..eyes usually preach possible pathologies…so in my opinion…would be better to check

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