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People think ASU is… So definitely as a high school student, you hear ASU has this blanket like “Oh, it’s just this huge party school,” and that’s basically it. ASU is not a party school. It has the same level of partying you’ll find anywhere else. Of course, every school is going to have their parties, and you’ll a good time regardless of where you go, but it’s what you make of it. I think at any college, especially one that is as big, you will find people who love to party, and you will find people who don’t. I know a ton of really driven students who are just here for the academics, and they study a lot, but they also go out and have fun. They go to football games. They’re involved. Well like, uh, ASU is number 1 in innovation. There is a lot of undergrad research you can get involved in. There are so many clubs and different things that you can participate in. It’s giving me all the opportunities necessary. I have good teachers. I am creating good networks. There are so many people here all doing so many great things. It’s super diverse, and it has people from all different backgrounds. Obviously, there are a ton of majors. I think the best part of going to school with people that diverse is how much I get to learn from them, and learn from where they are from, their backgrounds, and then also what’s new that they bring to the table that I didn’t think of before. Probably a good life thing in general is just don’t judge an environment before you get a chance to be in it. Everyone can kind of make their own choice and make their own ways. I want everyone to know what ASU really is, and what ASU has to offer, and what students at ASU are doing. You are in a lot of ways in charge of your own experience if you are willing to take responsibility for it.

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  1. Excuse me LSU hold that title as top party school in the nation which means we we really don't get that much work done but still need a 3.0 to get in

  2. Suuuuuuuurrre it isn't a party school. That's what they all say. Then how did u get that reputation

  3. Yeah I went to asu…it’s as much a party school if you want it to be, but if you wanna about it, you can just go to GCU 😂

  4. I just signed up for Arizona thinking it was a party school. I guess since you guys aren't I'll have to make some changes

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