Is Christmas Celebrated in The Legend of Zelda? (Zelda Theory)

Ahh Christmas, what a wonderful, magical time
of year that many spend with their family and friends. A time to appreciate what we have in life
and make our loved ones around us happy. That’s why this Christmas I will be taking
a break from making videos and just being on the internet in general so I can get as
much quality family time as possible over the holidays. Thank you so mu-
[Phone Rings] [Oh what’s this]
Uhh Adam, I was just reading over your plans for Christmas on the channel and uhh we need
to talk. [Oh cool cool mate, what’s up?] Yeah uhh listen, You gotta make a Zelda video
for Christmas bud. [Come on, it’s Christm-]
[Adam listen, I’m your manager and I’m telling you that you must make a video for
Christmas] [But what about time with the family and taking
some time off from making videos] [No, no it’s not happening. Either you make a video or your career is
done, make sure to sound happy and in Christmas Spirits too, looking forward to seeing the
video.] [At least give me Christmas day off wo-]
[Looking forward to seeing the video man, Merry Christmas bud]
[Hangs up phone] *SIGHS* fine. A time to appreciate what we have in life
and make our loved ones around us happy. Being the Zelda fanatic I am, I knew I had
to do something Zelda related for Christmas, so I got to work on looking into and brainstorming
some potential Christmas themed videos. After considering ideas such as the best snow
areas or dungeons in the series, best ice themed enemies in the series and a few other
similar run of the mill ideas, an idea that I have actually thought about for years reinstated
itself into my mind. Is Christmas Celebrated in The Zelda Series? I’m almost certain I think about this every
single year, but typically just shrug off the idea as it seems silly considering The
Legend of Zelda is just a video game set in the fantasy land of Hyrule, however. This year, I did some research and digging
and believe it or not, there might actually be a form of Christmas in the Kingdom of Hyrule. So with it being Christmas Eve, I thought
for a bit of fun we could take a look into what Christmas is like in the Kingdom of Hyrule. Firstly, what is Christmas? I know that may seem like an odd question
at first but in this day and age, many children grow up knowing Christmas by one word. Presents. Of course, this isn’t everyone, but there
are actually a few different reasons that people across the globe celebrate Christmas. This will be very important to know for todays
theory as we need to draw a comparison to events that happen in Hyrule for the video
to make sense. Christmas to many is an annual festival celebrating
the birth of Jesus Christ, primarily celebrated on the 25th of December. Whilst the origins are indeed connected to
Christianity, the occasion is celebrated by many people from all walks of life, regardless
of whether they are religious or not. The reason this event is so special and celebrated
from a religious and or cultural side, is because, and please correct me if I’m wrong
as this is the most common answer I could find from asking family and researching. Christnaity is a religion based on the life
and teachings of Jesus Christ. The man who was born on the 25th of December. For the most part, that is all we will need
to know for the video, to make our Hylian comparison, but we will dip in and out with
connections to our Christmas whilst discussing Hyrule’s Festive Season. So let’s look at historic and important
events that took place in the Zelda Series, in particular, the events of Skyward Sword. As most of you may already know, Skyward Sword
is the first game in the Zelda timeline and documents the birth of The Kingdom of Hyrule,
along with telling the story of Demises initial invasion, the story of Skyloft and Hylia,
the forging of the master sword and of course, the tale of the original Legendary Hero Link,
showing his journey to defeat Demise and officially establish The Kingdom of Hyrule. Knowing what the origins of Christmas are
in our world, this gives us a basis to go off of and look for something that is the
exact same within The Zelda Series. The instant conclusion many would jump to
is the Birth of Hylia Reincarnate, Zelda, the first of many girls with the blood of
the goddess. Along with the birth of the first hero, Link. Whilst these events could be celebrated in
the same vein as Christmas, they don’t seem to be. We do see some traditions and celebrations
across a few games further down the timeline that are connected to the first Hero, most
notably being the tradition in The Wind Waker were, upon coming of age, boys that live on
Outset Island wear a green tunic to pay reverence to the hero of time, reverence meaning, to
show deep respect to someone or something. Whilst this isn’t honoring the original
hero, it does prove to us that there are forms of celebration and honouring people of importance
from the past. To back this, there is also the Picori Festival
which is celebrated in the Minish Cap to celebrate the coming of the Picori People. Further backing up that traditional celebrations
do exist in Hyrule. Now here is where it gets tricky, there is
a celebration in honour of the birth of the first Hero and Zelda, but there is something
fairly close. The day that the first hero set out on his
quest to defeat Demise and eventually establish Hyrule. Whilst it’s not the same as the birth of
someone pacitally sacred to a group of people, like Christ in Christianity. It shares similar factors. From the countless days and weeks of research
that I did for this video, I found a rather interesting website. The site is called “The Land of Hyrule”
and I will have it linked in the description if you’d like to check it out for yourself. The website does seem rather old and a bit
outdated, but still filled with some interesting contents. They have all sorts of information for you,
from the important people of Hyrule, the governments, religions, sages and gods, the names for the
days of the week, months and stuff along those sorta lines. But there is one section in particular that
interested me, the holidays of Hyrule. This section has what they claim to be, every
single holiday in the Zelda series in order from the beginning of the year in January,
or Hylia. To the end of the year in December, or Sheikara. After having a look at the list, some of them
do sound like they would be real holidays, just not really seen within the games. Once you get to the bottom of the list, you
will find a holiday called “Skyloftia” and this, is what Hyrule’s Christmas could
be. As you can see from the description of this
holiday. It is celebrating the day that the first hero
courageously set off on his journey to take on Demise and discovery what would become
Hyrule. It also states that, the traditions of this
day are much like our holiday Christmas. A tree is places within homes, decorated with
lights, ornaments and most interestingly, a figure of Link riding the Crimson Loftwing. Similar to how many of us in the real work
would place an angel or star atop of our trees, the Hylians place the Loftwing at the top
which is also used to symbolize the unity between their former home Skyloft and their
now home, the surface that the Hero cleared of evil and went on to become Hyrule. I say could be Hyrule’s Christmas because
there is a slight issue with all of this. From what I could find, there is no sources
to where this information on these holidays, monthly names and such has came from. For all I know it’s made up. I tried doing some further research across
forums, other Zelda websites and even in the Zelda books I own but I just couldn’t find
it. I’m not saying this is made up, but I can’t
find any sources from Nintendo themselves to back this up. Knowing that, you’d think the video would
be a bust, right? Weeeeelll. Not quite. Whilst this information could be completely
false, it does present an idea and a very possible idea at that. What if Hyrule does celebrate Christmas? It is fairly likely that there are many festivals,
celebrations and holidays within the series that we don’t know about. Afterall, what we as players play, is only
a certain time frame of life within the game. The games don’t have an annual calendar
for us to follow however, they typically only have a day and night cycle. In a sense, looping or extending our time
controller the hero. They are video games at the end of the day
and stuff like this isn’t often considered when making a game, especially in Nintendo’s
case. Looking at you, Zelda Timeline. Now you might ask me, “HG, where are you
going with this video?” and honestly, I’m not 100% sure. The main purpose and or goal of this video
was to look into the idea of Hyrule and or the Zelda series as a whole having their own
Christmas. Whether it be a copy of what we consider to
be Christmas or something in a similar fashion. Whilst “Skyloftia” isn’t 100% legit,
it could be real? If you have the source to that then please
let me know down in the comments section, otherwise I see it as an idea starter if that
makes sense. It’s presenting and idea of what Hyrule’s
equivalent to Christmas could be, the only thing I am not so sure on is if the hero descended
to the surface to face Demise on the 25th of December. There really is no way to back that claim
up so it is purely speculation. As mentioned at the beginning of the video,
this is just a bit of fun, so take it all lightly and with a grain of salt. There is still a remaining question though,
what else could Christmas to Hyrule? Like I said not too long ago, there is likely
to be many holidays and celebrations that we don’t know of and or see, as we play,
only control a certain timeframe. Alternatives to the websites idea of a Hylian
Christmas could be, celebrating the victory over Demise, the Birth of Hyrule, the day
the people of the skies all fully moved onto the surface or it could be as suggested, celebrating
the day Link began his journey to defeat Demise. The matter of the fact is, we don’t know. But as an aspiring video game theorist, analyst
and content creator, I feel it is important to ask these questions. When it comes to questions and theories, you
won’t always get the answer you were looking for but to me, that’s the fun of it, and
you might even discover a new way of thinking, which is what I took from this sorta for fun
video. I’m really interested to know your thoughts
however, how do you think Christmas or Hyrule’s equivalent of Christmas is celebrated and
for what reasons. Be sure to let me know in the comments below. Thanks a lot for watching, I really hope you
enjoyed and hope that this video opened up your way of thinking when it comes to holidays,
religions and such within the Zelda series and just video games as a whole. Big thanks to good friend Chris, or as many
of you may know him Hexovian, for doing the phone call gag earlier. I don’t wanna make this outro too long as
I’m sure many of you have Christmas Eve plans and such, so big thanks to my Patreon
supports as always, thanks for watching the video and I hope you all have a wonderful
Christmas or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, an amazing week. Thanks for watching and until the next time,
I’ve been Hyrule Gamer.

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