Is it correct to say “happiest birthday”?

Hey, everybody. This is Kim Siever with Hot
Pepper Communications. We specialize in writing, editing, and social media management. Recently, I had a visitor to my website who
had arrived after searching in Google for: is it correct to say happiest birthday? It’s too late to answer this person’s
question directly, but perhaps someone else might ask it in the future and come across
this video. So, is it correct to say “happiest birthday”?
Well, strictly speaking, it’s not incorrect to say “happiest birthday”. It can be,
however, a bit confusing. “Happiest birthday” could have three interpretations: The happiest birthday you’ve had to date;
The happiest birthday of all your birthdays, past and future;
A birthday happier than anyone anywhere has ever had or ever will have.
The problem with using “happiest birthday” is that the receiver of your good wishes has
no idea what you’re actually wishing them. Are you telling them to have the best birthday
they’ve had so far, or are you telling them that they’d better have the happiest birthday
now because all the rest will be worse? You’d probably better off just saying “happy
birthday”. Thanks for watching. If you like my video,
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