Is marriage worth it? – Overcooked 2

ok today Ronald and I ok go ahead go today Ronald and I are playing overcooked is a game we’ve been playing for a while now
and it’s also fun Yeah, it’s uhm… It’s the only game I like to play Besides Sims Uhm yeah Overcooked is like… you’ll see
here it’s a very unique game
it’s a cooking game and it’s like all about teamwork
and perfect coordination so we’ll see about that it’s a great exercise for marriage Yeah that’s facts so we’ll see here we have the…
the main… the main menu
the main menu OK now we’re gonna pick our characters I think I want to be… I am… I’m the blue I’m the octopus That’s my go to character Uhm… I wanna be… Be the grandma The rat! Ratkid Yeah You good? Fitting You good? Yeah Alright let’s do this Alright so… here we have so many levels… levels and stuff and
we’ve been playing this a long… We’ve been playing this a lot I mean not a lot… we’ve been playing this like
for a while now so we have it like very advanced
let’s see what we can do let’s play this one, this one’s fun We ended up choosing a different level And character Alright we got bollos al vapor Which is uhm… steamed fish? There you go Alright let’s do it! I speak better Spanish Ok
I guess Alright let’s do this OK I got the first one alright? Ok here is some meat here is the meat! I have the second one Baby I am the eagle, not you Oh my god! We both got run over! Watch out! Ok you suck! Oh my gosh! I almost got hit a few moments later Ok… which one did you get? Dammit! you got it, you got it! No, I don’t! Hurry get, get it! Ok phew I got it Ok, watch out Where’s…where did you put it? Where’s the meat? I have to steam this Where are the dishes?
Over there… Move! I gotta do the dishes I got it, I got it
Yeah you better do the dishes… b**** Send help Animal abuse Call PETA Come on little baby Come on little baby! I’m trying to do the carrot one still Ok I got you, I got your carrot Got the fish Oh wait, you’re right Hurry up! Almost, almost, almost! Baby! I can’t! Ok I got it, I got it Wait but it’s electric! Oh no… Let’s just throw it away We both got killed Hey we got 2 stars Not bad Not bad for an octopus Here we go ok E: first, we have to locate where everything is
R: alright there’s a strategy to this game ok? There’s tactics
this is like war but… cooking
and we’re all on the same side and nobody’s dying
unless you fall… E: then you die
R: true E: but then you come back to life
R: so, this is… like Dragon Ball? R: We can revive with the dragon balls?
E: nothing is like dragon ball Don’t go there sorry OK so we have… Ok we need shrimps and potatoes?
(it) is on your side E: there’s no shrimp, there’s no shrimp anywhere
R: …is right there I mean that’s… E: This is mushroom
R: mushroom ok
E: ok bring me to… but put the both… put both (x3) things already ok and bring me one more of that sit it there but… I can’t ok oh ok now, I move you here? R: No no no no no no no no no
E: What? just get the thing another one just get one
more R: just get a lot
E: oh ok I think these are noodles Ok now move me Ok Now you move me R: Move me x4
E: I’m trying! over there R: and I need to…
E: chop it move me… Hey it’s right there! Wait I have to chop it… Oh shoot Ok move me up Get… Ok now move me to chop What do I do with this? E: Ok, you need to bring that over to me
R: ok, I can throw it from here Oh, good job! Ok move me over there Get the shr… get the mushroom I almost call it shrimp too Ok what now Whenever it’s done put it on the plate and
then put it and then put it in the middle and I’ll serve it there we go wait… we need meat, we need meat! You go x2, get me x2
Move me, I’ll get meat and tomato This is so hard
Oh, this is really… Don’t panic, don’t panic! E: Here, I’ll just leave this here
R: That’s smart, just put it close to the thing, close to the thing
There you go Good good Dirty plates need to be washed… We got this, we got this! No we don’t… we got a negative SCORE!? NO! We’ve never gotten a negative score!! Move the thing, move the thing! Babe it’s a lost cause! Move the thing! Just put it there Just put it there SERVE IT! Ok don’t move! Oh yeah! We didn’t get a negative! That’s something… Hey, that’s better than negative… This was hard 280 for 1 star and 480 for 3 stars? Dang… I mean once you get it, I think you get it E: But it just takes a while to get
R: I guess Look at that dog is sad E: He is sad
R: Depresed Disappointed Alright everyone thank you for watching us play overcooked We pretty much sucked at everyone that we did so it’s a little embarrassing to upload this but… anyway I hope you still liked it had a little laugh with us
and uhm if you liked it you should definitely get
it yourself and play I hope you’ll enjoy the video we like… hey you should definitely play this with
party like 4 at least it’s so much fun we’ve never played it with other people so
I don’t know what he’s talking about R: What are you talking about?
E: We’ve never played it with 4 people so… Baby…
when we went to Mallory’s, to your friend’s house oh and we played 4 I pas… R: We all 4 played…
E: I was pretty drunk Yeah… We all 4 played with Kenneth? Yeah! Kenneth, Mallory, you and me! We all 4 played You don’t remember? It’s like I know what you’re trying to say
but you’re saying it in a terrible way we all did foreplay you’re so stupid! we all 4… played E: we all 4…
R: played! all 4 of us played, ok? E: We did not foreplay
R: Excuse me grammar Nazi No! in that case grammar needs to be recognized and respected uhm…yeah well, we hope you enjoyed it and… we hope you enjoyed… watching us (sounded like a**) (making fun of Ronald) we hope you enjoyed
watching “us” E: Ok
R: Alright please just end it ok guys if you like this video go ahead and subscribe ple… F*** Alright guys if you had a laugh with us today please like the video subscribe share with
your friends and join us next time bye=D subscribe, share with your friends and thank you for… for watching… thank you for joining us… uhm what else? You talk way too much

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