“Is My Marriage Over?” 5 Signs Your Marriage Is Doomed

what’s up ladies and gentlemen I am Brad
browning and you are watching my latest and greatest relationship advice video
and this particular video is gonna be one that’s specifically for anyone out
there who’s worried that their marriage might be on the brink of collapse so if
you are worried about divorce you know if you’re wondering whether your
marriage is doomed or if you just want to know you know whether there’s still
hope to to turn things around before it’s too late well keep watching because
that’s what I’m talk about right here in this video now before I dive into it
guys I should quickly mention that my online quiz tool which you can take for
free after this video at marriageguy.com slash quiz is one of the best ways to to
evaluate the health of your marriage and figure out you know whether it can still
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questions and based on those answers you’re gonna see a detailed analysis of
your current situation and your odds of turning things around in your marriage
as well as a series of personalized recommendations based on your answers
quiz takes maybe five minutes at most it’s completely free and again it’s at
marriageguy.com slash quiz right now guys the five signs that I’m going to
cover in this video in the next few minutes here are actually based on
proven science so this stuff you know it isn’t my opinion researchers have
actually been studying this stuff you know marriage psychology relationship
dynamics that kind of thing for years now and these five signals indicate a
marriage that’s likely to end in divorce with an accuracy rate over 90% which is
really when you think about it pretty credible now a lot of the research is based on
studies done by Robert Levinson at the University of Washington and John
Gottman we’ve probably heard about from some of my other videos of the Gottman
Institute in New York and those two guys have been spent 30-plus years studying
this stuff in labs and in clinical counseling settings as well so you know
credit to those two gentlemen and all the other academics who’ve studied and
worked in this field okay now let’s dive straight into the five signs of an
impending divorce so the first sign of trouble in a marriage is criticism or
complaining basically this just refers to situations where one partner gets
upset at the actions or behaviors of their spouse and then they place the
blame for it on them or their personality generally so for instance
you know let’s say that you you aren’t really the type to help moat much with
you know housework chores around the house and you rarely clean up clean up
the kitchen after dinner if your spouse responded by saying you know you never
help with the dishes you’re such a lazy slob you know that would be the kind of
criticism that often can indicate that a marriage is unhealthy secondly and this
one goes often hand-in-hand with criticism like I just talked about sign
number two is defensiveness so if we stick with the example that I just
mentioned where your spouse calls you a lazy slob a defensive reaction to that
would be if you said in response you know something like give me a break
you’re such a mess in the kitchen if I cook dinner there would be barely any
dishes at all in other words you know defensive misses when one spouse
responds to their partners critical remarks by turning things around and
it’s something to shift the blame back on their partner sign number three that
a marriage is heading for divorce is contempt now the word contempt can
actually really mean a lot of things but in this case it’s basically anyone any
time one partner has a negative opinion of their spouse and believes themselves
to be superior so for instance statements like you’re a moron or you’re
just clueless aren’t you those are both really good examples of this sort of
toxic contempt in fact this is actually what researchers believe to be the
single biggest predictor of divorce so of course this contempt is one that you
really want to address immediately if it does become an issue in your marriage
all right and once assigned number four which is actually pretty straightforward
and that is emotional withdrawal or stonewalling so in other words if your
partner and you know simply becomes distant doesn’t really appear to be
listening or or taking in what you’re saying when you try to bring up a point
of contention or or a complaint with them um this is actually most often
associated with men and studies have indeed actually shown that around eighty
five percent of the time it’s the male partner in a marriage who’s guilty of
emotionally withdrawing sometimes that’s because men are unwilling to confront
problems or or accept their partner’s criticism and sometimes it’s more a
result of you know his wife having unfair or or unreasonable expectations
or you know kind of bringing things up in a toxic sort of nagging way
regardless of whether it’s the man or the woman who’s actually doing this
stonewalling though it is bad news for the future of any marriage when it
does happen regularly all right and finally let’s talk about a sign number
five which actually tends to be to be more common among married couples who’ve
been together for a decade or more the other four ones that I just just covered
they can really happen at any time in a marriage but they tend to usually begin
fairly early on and this final sign of marriage that shows up generally after a
decade or more is a low ratio of positive to negative interactions all
right I know what you’re thinking at this point what does that actually mean
Brad well I mean I could really expand on this one and spend you know twenty
minutes talking about it but essentially a happy and healthy married couple has
an average of five positive interactions things like laughing at a joke together
complimenting one another cuddling or kissing you know providing support and
encouragement they have five of those for every negative encounter which is
things like you know criticizing lying arguing and so on now an unhealthy
marriage on the other hand it tends to have a lot more of those negative
encounters for every positive interaction so basically you know if you
and your spouse get along and enjoy one another’s company the vast majority of
the time and you only argue or or get up upset at one another you know once in a
while then your marriage has a healthy ratio of positive to negative encounters
but you know unfortunately for a lot of you watching this video right now that
ratio is in your marriage is probably far lower than that ideal five to one
ratio that researchers have found to be the magic number for the typical happy
marriage relax though you know don’t panic quite yet folks even if you
recognize all five of these signs in your own marriage for most of you you
know you could very well still be able to avoid divorce and dramatic
improve the dynamics of your marriage before it’s too late now how do you do
that well that’s to be honest that’s a really big topic that I can’t really
cover here of course one of my first recommendations is to register for my
best-selling mend the marriage program which you can actually try risk-free for
60 days starting right now the program is basically a comprehensive guide to
turning your relationship around even if your spouse is unwilling to put in the
effort or has already said that they definitely want a divorce I mean it’s
gonna give you a clear plan to to put the marriage back on the right track you
can get all the details about the program and sign up at my website
marriageguy.com now whether you you decide to sign up for mend the marriage
or not there is one thing you absolutely must
not do if you want to fix your marriage and prevent divorce and that is to do
nothing look guys most couples wait far too long
before they do anything about their broken marriages and quite frankly
things rarely get better on their own in fact you know the longer you wait before
you take action the lower the chances of a happy ending for you and your marriage
so please guys if you’re watching this video and you’ve seen several of the
signs that I’ve talked about in this video in your own marriage you know at
the very least take ten minutes to watch the full video my website
marriageguy.com it’s completely free there’s a men’s and a women’s version
and in that video you’re gonna learn a few tips that you can start implementing
today that could make the difference between you know divorce and living
happily ever after now I sincerely hope that this video is gonna help some of
you out there save your marriage while you still can
it is a really tough situation to begin to be in so I definitely sympathize with
anyone who is facing a marriage on the brink and guys as always if you have a
quick question any feedback leave it in the comments below and I will get back
to you personally as soon as I can and that is it for now so we’ll see in the
next video

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  1. I've been in no contact with my ex for almost two months. Last night she messaged me and basically said that it sucks that we said we would be friends when we broke up and now I don't even talk to her and she said it's like we never knew each other. It sounds like she misses me but she added a "but that's okay." What now?

  2. Honestly, it isn't my marriage that's doomed, I'm not married, but it's my parents marriage that is. I feel it is for so many reasons. I honesty don't know why they are even still together. I mean I'm glad in a sense, but sad because I feel they aren't happy with each other. so much negativity there I don't know how he/she puts up with it. I always have told myself as I was growing up that I never want to be like my parents. I won't. I deserve peace and true happiness. I love them, but that not my choice make for them.

  3. My no contact ended and my ex wants to talk and he wants to tell me why he did what he did and give me a reason why. Is this a good idea? Does he actually want me back?

  4. Hi brad I have made the payment for you marriage coaching but haven't received any e-mail from You?can you please sort this out for me

  5. вrad ι тнιnĸ ι мeѕѕ υp wιтн тнe no conтacт rυle ѕee we вroĸe υp recenтly (ocт18) & ι ѕтarтed тнe no conтacт rυle (ocт22) & ι gave ιn laѕт nιgнт ιт waѕ 2 нard ι тнoυgнт нe waѕ lιĸe ѕlowly тryιn 2 ғor geттιng aвoυт мe вecaυѕe нe waѕ callιng мe вacĸ 2 вacĸ ѕaмe тнιng wιтн тнe мeѕѕageѕ ѕo ι тeхт нιм вυт wнen ι тeхт нιм нe waѕ тalĸιng 2 нιѕ new gιrl aĸa тнe reвoυnd yeѕѕ нe goт ιnтo a relaтιon qυιcĸ ѕo ι тeхт нιм ѕayιn ѕнoυld ι leт go🤷🏼🤦🏼 & нe ѕaιd no вυт only 2 realιze нe waѕ ѕнooтιng мe ιn тнe ғrιend zone or a plan в тнιng & тнaт'ѕ noт wнere ι wanna в тнen нe called ѕoυnded ѕo depreѕѕed we тalĸ ѕo ι aѕĸ нιм нow'ѕ тнe love lιғe нe ѕaιd "нorrιвle" нe ѕaιd тнe gιrl ιѕ weιrd ѕo ι ѕaιd 4 wнy ιѕ υ wιтн нer нe ѕaιd ιdĸ ѕo ι ĸepт ιт ѕнorт & we нυng υp вυт 2 ѕecond нe callιn вacĸ ѕayιn can ι ѕleep on тнe pнone wιтн нιм (вecaυѕe тнaт'ѕ wнaт we alwayѕ dιd) & ι dιd 😔 вυт 2 only waĸe υp ғeelιn even мore нυrт ι jυѕ тeхт нιм a ғew мιnυтeѕ ago ѕayιng ι goттa leт go ιт'ѕ нυrтιng 2 вad.. ѕιgнн вrad ι do wanт нιм вacĸ нe waѕ aмazιng perѕon вeѕт мan ι нad ѕo pleaѕe can yoυ reѕpond вacĸ 😔

  6. I watched every single video of yours I love them all . MY PROBLEM ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️is my boyfriend is taking a break now we decided to go for 30 day and I was understanding and all I’m just really concerned that after the 30days he’ll say he thinks his life is better off whiteout me .keep in mind that he loves me so much and is attached to me the break was for he was stressful and we lately been fighting a lot due to life stress and etc.. my second question is what if he texted me that he wants to end the break and go back being together what do I say and how soon is too soon it’s only been 3 days now . Also how do I make him miss me and feel that I changed to be better . THANKS ALOT I love you so much and your work please give me answers !!

  7. Hi , my topic is very different from this video. My ex told me that I should not contact her again etc. And i begged her very much about to give me another chance and i would change but she didn't and i at last gave up. Then I watched some no contact rule videos and decided not to contact her again too but the next day she said that she was very sorry , she forgave me and me for forgiveness too and she said that she said all those things in anger and was very hurt and i was an important part of her life etc but i seen her message ( it was on Instagram ) and i didn't reply. When I go to college ( we study in the same college ) , now she seems not to care about it and we both completely ignore eachother in college and shows attitude and hasn't contacted me since i seen her message and didn't reply 4 or 5 days ago. Will she miss me ? Will she ask me to get back again ? Because i don't want to be the first one messaging her , I want her to message me about it. But I don't know if we would get back together again. Any help ? Thanks

  8. Hi coach id like to ask for help. The situation is not related to the topic but i just really need your help.

    Me and my ex have been almost 2 years together and the I broke up with her because of some reasons but not about cheating or something related to that.

    And so right now after almost a year id like to get her back actually we’ve been seeing together like 4 times in a week. I started contacting her 2 months ago but just last week she told me to stop because she wanted label but im not yet ready because i need time. Also she told me that she’s not happy anymore because im oppresive but no im not, im just trying to guide her but no im not that oppresive.

    Also for the third reason, she’s not happy with me because she’s happy with someone else. At first she lied when i asked about if she likes someone new but at the end she told me the truth.

    After that, i told her to give me chance to prove myself and actually I begged for her for like 6 days like crying in front of her and calling her to give me chance but she still doesn’t want to give me the chance and it is because she wants to give chance to the person that she’s with now.

    Actually it’s been for like 2 weeks since she met that guys and it was really painful because she blocked me and told me that i should not wait for her because she told me that she’ll never comeback.

    So i hope that you’ll be able to help me guys. I really love her and i really want to prove myself that i deserve her more than that guy. Actually we’re just 17 yrs old. I know we’re still to young but i hope that you can do everything to help us.

  9. Brad! My ex gf took pictures of herself wearing a shirt I bought for her and post them on Instagram and even usevit as her profile. What does this mean? We broke up a week and a half ago she said she won’t come back. But why is she wearing the clothes I bought for her? Help

  10. My ex and I have always still kept the physical part of our relationship even after we broke up but recently he’s saying he doesn’t want to do that right now because he doesn’t want to give me the wrong idea as we haven’t figured out if we are going to get back together or not. We’ve been broken up for over a year but the feelings for either of us haven’t changed it’s the distance that is the problem when we are away at school. Should I be worried that he doesn’t want to do anything sexual right now? Or do you think it is what he’s saying and he simply doesn’t want to give me the wrong impression when we’re not together at the moment

  11. Hey brad I need your help I have been at no contact for 5 weeks now and I still really want to get my ex back i feel like she is a one of a kind woman, so lately she has been changing her what’s up profile pictures when she was with me she never really did it so I think she wants my attention as 2 weeks before she liked a picture from my Instagram in which I haven’t been on for about a month, but I still haven’t heard from her and my dad said that I should just wait since I was a really good bf to her she will definitely have to call sometime soon, but he said that during week 1 on no contact and now it has been 4 weeks later and I still have not heard from her, I have improved in myself in every aspect possible my friends ask my how I manage to do it as I have been on dates, outside, busy with school and etc, but I just don’t post pictures on Instagram or anything so like I don’t know what to do brad please help me I really want her back also I have not talked to her or pleaded since the break up so like it was a bad breakup as I acted too much but ever since that day I haven’t texted her or anything

  12. Brad I'm in a deep hole. I was in an off and on relationship because we would have little arguments but only in text never in person. we were together for 2 years. but she got tired of it and left for good this time. I begged for her back like for the first week. but every text I sent she would just say leave me alone and block me… I have no way on contacting her at the moment. but I know she still cares for me because she unblocked me on day and asked if I got home safely. because I went to give her a present. so now I'm currently doing the no contact for 30 days. is this a good idea?

  13. Hey brad please please make a video of how to keep a healthy relationship and avoid break up for long distance relationship please please.

  14. I ignored my ex for 5 days then use the big interest text on her. I said “Hey just took my grandma out shopping to buy her clothes at fashion fair mall and I saw new skirts. Just remembered how much you loved them. Hope everything goes well”. And after 5 min, she reply “thanks”. I didn’t say anything back. Did I mess something up? Should I go back to no contact? What if other guys are texting her and she likes them? I don’t wanna lose her

  15. She is like feeling so good in this relationship than next day she is like she is not happy in these relationship…it has become so much burden to her. so what to do?

  16. Me and my ex were in relationship from almost one and half year.. everything was going very well.. one night when were together, when she was sleeping , I checked her WhatsApp and saw she was flirting with someone else.. I overreacted and I hurt her mentaly . I know she was doing it was fun but I could not control my self… Next day she went back her room and stopped talking to me… We met after one week she was really disturbed and she told to breakup. Because she didn't except that kind of behavior from me at that night. Again we started talking and suddenly she stopped calling me , almost 4 to 5 days.. I called her and she was at her brothers house and was talking to her relatives, I was mentally disturbed and she said it's not going to work out and let's break up… I cried and begged. After 3 days she came home and collected her things .. and she went back to her native.. we had limited contact. She came back and told to meet , we met and she said, she still love me. She said I love you many times.. but she said she said she doesn't want relationship.. and she blocked me on everything. After few days , she came to my home during my birthday with my best friend , we cuddled and slept whole night. She told me before leaving , that she is not happy with me. She gave a kiss on my cheek and she left. She cried at that time. We are still in contact…. She would call me once in a day. I don't know what to do.. I really want her back… Should I cut off all communication with her ? Please help.. it been almost 3 months without her…😥😥😥😥😥

  17. Hey brad not sure if you remember me and what we’ve talked about but here’s an update. Restarted the no contact period and it’s been a week. Ex hasn’t said a word to me at school or through text. She’s going out with friends and having fun. I am as well but she seems to be over me. What are your thoughts?

  18. Hey can you make a video about
    "what's to do next after no contact period of end"
    Cus I'M doing no contact its been 5 days and its hard

  19. My ex and we brokeup last may and i brokeup bcz of his attitude like his is being distant from me and then after breakup he left me and after 10 days we contacted but he abused me bcz i wanted him back… then after 3 months he texted me on and off on events and then he just saw my stories and profile pictures and started commenting and then we talked casually but he started flirting but he then came to the point where he says me he still hated me and he never wanted me back but as a freind. So last night we again talked calmly but when point came again he started abusing and he uttered those words which broke my soul i without any word blocked him bcz he judged my character and said he felt nausea while thinking of me and he never trusted i will change but yeah i changed for 4 months thats it and after i blocked he started putting stories about being hurt i blocked him everywhere.

  20. My ex and I went into NC again it’s been 2 weeks nc, she reached out first when we broke it the first time, she told my mom and mutual friend that she’s happy that I moved on and I’m doing a lot of great things, that I’m better off without her, I feel like she is belittling me, she has a whole different idea of what I’m actually feeling, what should I do?? Broken up 4 months without broke up because I was clingy, the 2nd month after the break up she told me “I’m mad at you for doing all the things WE PLANNED TOGETHER”

  21. Hey Brad
    My name is Jake about 2 months ago my ex and i broke up, or she broke up with me.
    The Reason i got, and our mutual friends got was "Jake did mental terror on me" as the way i could really ruin her day, by how i reacted to some things she did wrong, or i thought was wrong, and she also could see was wrong, but she wanted me to react in another way.
    Anyhow, the week after we broke up, we kept in contact and had an arguments over something irrelevant, for me. It was about sleeping at her place after her birthday party, thought at the birthday party it happen that i went to her to speak, i was pretty drunk, and so was she. I grabbed her arm to get her attention, but without anything she just tells the guards to kick me, so yeah i got kicked. Days after we didn't speak at all, but then i asked her that we should meet and talk about things.
    When we met she told me the last few days ruined her feelings for me, and she still cared but didn't love me anymore. We decided to cut contact for a while, and she said i should contact her in a few months, and then we could work on being friends, and if everything goes well, become a couple again.
    Months go by, i meet her at the club and she does anything in her will to make me jealous, trys pulling my roomie, my best friends and such. So my friend stopped her and went to have a chat, and he was like whats status, and then she was like "yeah i don't love him anymore, but i see us be a couple when he is stable and doesnt emotionally ruin me"

    i didn't speak to her for a month and then i took contact, she was like, yeah i'm not ready to meet just the 2 of us, and such, but we kept small chatting for a bit, and she started being really really bad at answering, and i asked her, is it too soon to get contact, and she was like "yeah i think so"
    My friend tells me then, that the reason she can't have contact to me is because she has allready fallen in love with one of her classmates. (backstory, they used to hang out ALOT during out relationship but i didn't quite care, she also accidently kissed him first time we broke up, but i forgave her and we fixed everything.) but yeah i fucked up this time by being really mental abusing her i guess. I've been working on my mental state since we broke up, and i am ready to go back to her, and have the loving relationship we used to, because we were both happy as ever, people told us they have never seen a better working relationship, and i was told by her friends, they want us together aswell, and they say she has never been happier when she was in a relationship with me. Now what do i do, shes inlove with one of her best friends, she told my friend it was really serious almost relationship like with him. And im just here like, what do i do, do i wait til they break up, do i have anything to do etc etc.
    I hope you can help

    // Jake

  22. I dunno if this sounds silly, but my partner is happy to of had broken up with me. I really do miss her, but I don’t know if I should bother to try the no contact method. I did do a lot of begging and pleading and I understand that’s not good, but hopefully I could get a second chance. She’s recently catch up with old friend and she’s was telling me about how nice he is and how cute he is. I think she’s trying to get to me with that as those are things she’s said about me when we were together. To be honest I don’t think she’s phased by the break up she said she’s been happy since I’ve been gone. And with that friend she’s caught up with she’s possibly gonna get into a rebound relationship with him. She is very stubborn though and moody so it’s quite difficult to contact her. I dunno if it’s best for me to just move on or if I should try the no contact method then try to resolve things with her.

  23. I've been with my wife for over 20 plus years. We've been separated for the past 8 months because I knew that she wasn't happy. When I finally had the talk about separation ahe said that she felt like a weight had been lifted from her, she didn't want to do therapy and that's when I knew that our time as passed. We stay in contact because we have kids, we are pleasant to one another and we coparent pretty well. She's dating and I believe in a relationship. It hurst to know that but, life goes on. We haven't talked about divorce yet. I hate that I miss her so much. Please advise.

  24. Hey Brad, i am going through the separation phase. My wife left me and went to her parents’s home due to my trust issues. I have some verbal fight with her and with her brother. I love her. She is saying she need divorce and don’t wanna come back. I said sorry multiple times. I went to her parents home and she insulted me there. What should i do. Please help me.

  25. My wifes answer to probelems is to avoid them and stone wall.. She says its her way and i should respect it.. But nothing gets resolved.. Now i feel it's just too late. Its impossible for one person to not disconnect when we can't talk because of issues

  26. Abt a year ago i found out my husband had been unfaithful many times with different girls and had no respect for me. I lived in a bubble for 7 years it was a shock to me. We went to counseling a few times he wanted us to stop going. we tried other things till we got to a good point. I believed him when he apologised he promised me and promised himself he would focus on his family n never hurt me again. I asked for evey detail and thought i knew it all but fast forward to now i find out b4 that promise he made, he hid the worst type of affair now im disgusted all over again, and pregnant. He says it was embarrassing to him to admit to that type of affair admits he didn't respect me b4 but now he does. That he didn't tell me of that affair because he knew he would loose me that he wants everything to continue like we were. I feel that its very selfish of him because i had the right to know and decide if I'd have another child with him or not after knowing that. Also he admitted he didn't want to continue therapy because a friend of his did that and ended up divorsed because of it.. so again selfish! Im tired and broken
    I dnt want to talk to friends n family Any advice please?

  27. Please I need an advice 🥺 I date my ex for two weeks I loved he so much and I know her from 3 months she told me I love you but after two weeks she told me let’s be a friends because maybe I will travel is “ no contact “ technique will works with me because it is a small period and I know she love me so much but with no reason why she do not want to be my gf

  28. I really need help.. im in pieces. I had a big wedding and everything, we were married for 4 months and now we are kinda divorced ( we did a religious marriage ) . He took all his furniture and his stuff and left the house , he went to a 2 week vacation. All my stuff are still there but im not gonna go get it, my mother is. The house is empty him and i dont talk either. I really need help. We love eachother but his mom doesnt want us together.

  29. I've only been married 7 months and I'm already heading there I found out I'm being used and not wanted and he said I'm not attractive

  30. Ugh I fantasize about divorce. I layed out my financial plan to my wife tonight detailing how I can live off off my disabled veterans check and not work if I didn't have her clinging to me. God damn stubbornness and Morales keeping me around

  31. My relationship is very one sided, so it's very difficult. She alot older than me, but it seems like she just wants me to take care of her disobedient child while she plays video games. I don't know what to do, I feel ignored and taken for granted. Every time I talk to her about a problem, the problem just continues.

  32. I've only been married for 8 years and I can honestly say that I'll never get married again and I'm only 40

  33. Hey Brad, hope you will reply to this. My bf and i have a two year relationship. He is very caring and loving but also he have a another girl, he can do anything for me but he never want to break up with new girl. He mostly fights with me for her and if I tried to leave him, he cry a lot and say that he loves me. Please Brad I need your help, please guide me

  34. Brad, my wife just told me she was very unhappy,been that way for a long time and wants a divorce..I did not see this coming..I told her i was willing to do anything to keep that from happening such as seeking canceling, giving her space or doing more chores around the house…She's not having it ..She has already got an apartment and moving this weekend.. What should i do? Thanks

  35. My wife was always been attached to mommy and she’s spends most of her time with her. For 24 years she’s treated me like the outsider. I do all the cooking, cleaning take care of the property. I remember all our anniversaries. She comes home, grabs the dinner I cook and runs to momma. She keeps secrets from me and tells me it’s a family matter and none of my business. We argue so much about it she told me she hopes I have another heart attack and dies before her mother. Our marriage really is over.

  36. What if the love is missing ? No feelings from my side i mean my heart doesnt boomb when i see him or im not attracted to him for about a decade no sex but im afraid to go because there is noone out thete except my mom who i can relaying on i also have a teen doughtet from this marriage which is almost about thirty years im 51 y old i have a regular job and a paycheck every single month but im affraid about the future and thats why im not leaving this marriage there is no love connection anymore judt raze our doughter anf pay the bills thank you

  37. Brad, what should I do. My husband and I got married in 2001. We have a daughter, now she is 16. In 2007 he had an affair with her staff, but he never admitted it.
    In 2008, our relationship getting worse. We never have sex since then. In 2012 we lived in separately. But in 2014, we decided to fix our relationship. We have different rooms but still at the same house. We never fight, but we cannot communicate properly. Once we start to communicate we will end to quarrel. So we avoid discussing anything seriously.
    Then, in 2016, i found out that he still had a relationship with the same woman. FYI, she is divorced by his husband because of her relationship with my husband. And she doesnt work with my husband anymore. But my husband still meet her. When I complained, he keep on saying that he doesnt have an affair with her. He meets her for business. For me, when he knows that meeting her will hurt me, why he still meets her. And i didnt find any importance for him to have a business with her.
    This really disappointed me.
    Then in 2018 he had a serious financial problem. He has a debt, and I never know about it. In April 2019, came a debt collector to my house, even my life was endangered by this. So, I left the house and live at my parents' house. I dont feel safe at our house.
    Then in May we decided to get divorce.
    Soon, the divorce legal declaration will be issued by the court.
    But, I am so doubtful now. Should i get divorce or stay in marriage with him. He never give me financial support also we do not have sex anymore since 2008. But, i am afraid of being single.
    I communicate this with him, he lets me to decide whether we continue the divorce process or stop it.
    So, i asked the court to delay the divorce declaration.
    I am really really confused now.
    What should I do? Should i get divorce or not.
    Which one is better for me and my daughter in the future?
    Please anyone, help me out of this doubt and confusion.
    But please dont give negative comments. My life is so hard, i need support.
    And please understand my poor English since I am from a non English-speaking country. 🤗

  38. Been in a crap marriage for 9 years. I feel stuck because I can't afford to divorce and we have two boys. It would completely shatter my 7 year old if we got divorced😩 His parents have hated me from the start. Every thing that he does irritates me. It could be breathing for goodness sake. I don't want to come on here and call him out on all of his wrong doings because I am flawed too. But I just want out…

  39. Divorce is the best way to end an argument with your spouse 😂😂😂😂. That's what I what I did, I won.
    Unfortunately we got married again so jokes on me.

  40. I will break it down
    I don’t get enough booty as needed ,she was a freak when I met her and now shes a vegetable 🌽,time to start cheating with hot young women

  41. 1. She doesnt value your opinion.
    2. She doesn't value your opinion
    3. She doesnt value your opinion
    4. She doesnt value your opinion.
    5. She doesnt value your opinion.


  42. 5 tips!!!! Hahahahahahaha
    Im probably all of that you know its doomed if your in a hot tub alone on the wedding night with a 6 pack an headphones just thinking how the shit am i gonna get outta this thats probably a definite start

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