Is this all we got for dinner? :( [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2019.12.22]

Sing a song that has the name of a region in it. – The name of a region? / – Begin. (“The Blue Night of Jeju Island” by Sung Si Kyung) “The Blue Night of Jeju Island”. Correct. (“Seoul, Daejeon, Daegu, Busan” by Kim Hyeyeon) Correct. (“Hwagae Market” by Cho Youngnam) (Is he going to make a mistake?) – “Hwagae Market”. / – Good. Correct. (“Busan Vacance” by Haha and Skull) Correct. (Return to Busan Port) Port… Port… – That’s right. / – It’s the wrong note. – No, I started it wrong. / – Do it again. Hold on. He’s just not a good singer! We’ll change the tuning machine. Don’t scold him for not being a good singer. I just started it wrong. You should sing with the right note. (“Return to Busan Port” by Cho Yongpil) Correct. That’s a relief. (“Giri and Dini” by DinDin) The intersection next to the Itaewon Fire Station “Giri and Dini”. It’s my song. – Good job. / – ♪ Gotta move ♪ – We did it. / – You’ve earned the back-bone stew. Thank you. (Dinner Game ends and it’s time to eat.) How would we share this? Why don’t we just break it down and share it? – Just break the meat? / – Yes. Seonho, show them how it’s done. – Should I? / – Yes, go ahead. (Seonho gets to distribute the stew.) (He’s breaking the meat so it’s easier to share.) You don’t have to do it too thoroughly. No, I don’t want it to go to waste. (Careful) (He’s more concentrated than ever.) The bones are… (Seonho?) (Gulping) (Their eyes are fixed.) – Isn’t it? / – No. That looks good. – I’ll put the bread in the front. / – Let’s eat. – Aren’t we eating it? / – The stew could get in there. No… (He doesn’t know where to put his eyes and hands.) Aren’t we eating? Let’s just eat. – Let’s just eat now. / – We’ll eat the bread first. – Yes. / – Take one. – It’s an appetizer. / – It’s an appetizer. (After 16 hours of empty stomach,) (they finally have the daily bread.) (It looks gorgeous.) (They carefully) (take a bite.) (Moaning) – It’s delicious. / – It’s good. (Eating) (He’s slowly savoring it.) (He frowns to show how tasty it is.) (His stomach finally accepts food.) It’s so good. It’s so delicious. The texture is like that of a baguette. – It’s chewy. / – It’s chewy, and it kind of feels like rice cake. It fills my mouth with a good scent. It’s so good. It’s sweet. (It was a short but intense experience.) (Goodbye, bread.) – I’m almost done. / – Take the bone out. (He’s still doing it.) (He’s very serious.) (He bones the back-bone.) (Please wait.) (Passionate) Keep going. (Let’s wrap it up now.) Don’t you think it’s taking too long? If you keep this up, this could turn into an iced back-bone stew. No? I think we should boil it again. Should I scoop it in each of your bowl? (He starts distributing.) Look at that. (Exclaiming) (Glowing) – Enjoy your meal. / – Thank you for the meal. (He takes a big bite.) (Slurping) (The soup tastes fantastic.) The garlic is… They bought it here. (It’s so tasty, it makes him dance.) It’s too good. (Seonho also eats it well after working hard.) (Moaning) It’s not like the back-bone stew we eat in Seoul. You can smell the garlic. (It’s a back-bone stew full of garlic scent.) I like something clean, not too pungent. It tastes like this when my mother cooks one at home. (He can’t hear him.) (They’re all busy eating.) – Have some more. / – I’m fine. Let’s try to at least say a sentence. (Embarrassed) We’re doing a show. It’s so good. It’s really good. Back-bone stew goes well with rice. (It goes well with rice.) So I feel like… I didn’t know they would make it this way. (He stops expressing the taste.) (This is tough.) We should mix in rice. It tastes better when you mix it with rice. (Scraping) (He takes a big bite.) (They make good back-bone stew here.) (As they keep eating busily…) Should we study before we come here? (They finish eating dinner.)

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  1. S3 would just 가위 바위 보 on that stew to decide on the order on who's getting the first spoon. S4 members are too decent and just to equally share HAHAHA. Can't help comparing :(((((((((((((( miss them.

  2. Rapper always have swag and look cool.. but Dindin is too cute and adorable omaigad i want to squish his cheek..

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