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Hey Cheers a judge on you know Goodness gracious. This is Jojo – Jojo JC. I think the fact that Jojo is so beautiful is creating an atmosphere of desperation and people can’t handle the desperation so they’re drinking too much turns out it’s whiskey and whiskey and I Don’t think that some of the guys I’ve ever really met her seen and talked to a girl like her so I throw them back a lot of drinks and they don’t Seem a little bit nervous Over-under how long til someone actually jumps in the pool like two hours over or under? There’s not like that guy here yet? No, no, no dude. Just wait wait two hours wait two hours. I like one fireball two tequilas yeah I’ll bite you right now, buddy I’m not a drinker myself, and I probably have had the most a drink out there. That’s saying a lot Oh, I’m just warming up buddy Canadians like to party. Yeah well buddy have no idea dumb jokes when I’ve talked to is the Canadian guy Dude, you can’t poke me in the bits like you don’t understand. This is like is that like a Canadian thing? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just a weird thing you know for some reason Daniel thought. He could just poke my belly button I don’t know why not a big fan of that. Hey it might be some sort of a Canadian greeting I was like stop poking me he’s like He’s like acting like a fool. What was the reasoning for that there was no reasoning? There’s absolutely no reason in life to push another man’s belly button you never poke another man’s belly button I don’t care what the scenario is there’s no scenario in this world where it’s okay? Another man’s belly button repeatedly your tires meet your belly button Here’s a clip off for Men’s Wearhouse. Oh Daniels time is a little short by American standards This got naked Oh anyone who could look good and suit right. Let’s see what you look like nothing. Honoring This is I know you’re trying to show the light here yes I’ll wait for you may it be Joxer screwed is he doing your job We’re just having a good time with it your clothes are off put your clothes Daniel is white canadian wasted. He’s gone. Someone’s gonna getting that cool. It’s me real bad. I think I have a pretty good shot Sorry this this guy may be going in the pool he’s gonna do it. Oh my god. He’s gonna. Do. Oh, don’t do it Hey there goes My Knights complete guy at the pool. That’s it well That’s one way to go this energy is so weird we don’t want weird Mojo Jojo The guy that kept poking me in the frickin belly button Focus focus ready Fergus cheers again, this night is taking a turn quickly Hey, I didn’t hammered you gonna do the rose ceremony like that Daniel was obviously drunk But there are a lot of other guys here, who are taking it to that level as well if this keeps up I could see somebody doing something very stupid tonight. We’ll see we’ll find out oh Yeah, all right That was the glass of wine they examine the glass of water is this water with lemon, what do you? What are you doing like that? Oh, No so I was like bringing that one and Oh, we’ll have a little happy happy hi, we’re doing an interview. Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean it your ops. Oh. Yeah, uh Yeah Oh my god, what’s so funny? I was slipping you think it’s funny. No my god Hmm, I think there’s some people that definitely drink too much tonight I think there’s some people that have said some things that they probably wish they didn’t I will never Let you pay for my love on a bathroom floor. Tell you that you know what? I will never let that happen What those guys are thinking bones that are hammered they think that they’re doing well There’s like other ways to deal with pressure and that they hit the bottle you know I’m so tired that just exhausted me everyone is hammered apparently I Just felt so awkward right now I would guess that whoever is hammered probably does not help their chances to get a rose you made an impression But I don’t know I’m Sally though in this I Don’t care If these guys have a few drinks and let loose and have fun because I want them to enjoy this cheers to you, bro Choose a rockin mocha by the same time I don’t want them to get a hammer like this is the first time to work meeting each other I hope they know that they need to get their act together because I don’t want to have to keep dealing with this and if It continues you know I’m done. I’m out there all Is This The Worst Cocktail Party In Bachelor History? | The Bachelorette US

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  1. Damn it, Chad. You were supposed to back up your bro and jump in there with him. That's what the real Chad would have done.

  2. I'd love to know the "candle budget" on this show.
    Are they all soy?

    Are the wicks safe and lead-free?
    Thank goodness they have Grant on the scene!

    Just 'n case!

    (PS-Love our service men and women fighting fires everyday.)

  3. Daniel's behaviour is totally ok in 🇨🇦
    Bellybutton poking and late night swimming is 2cnd nature to us!

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