Isharon Ishaaron Mein – Ep 168 – Full Episode – 4th March, 2020

Gunjan! Gunjan. Gunjan.. They are here. Come in, Doctor. I don’t know
how she fainted suddenly. Aunt, I told her everything.
– Okay. What happened? You all please go outside. Come on, let’s go out.
– Take it. Let her do the check-up.
Let’s go, Kabir. I don’t understand
how she fainted suddenly. Did she get disturbed
after listening Pari? She must have lifted up
something heavy. What?
Did she lift something heavy? I told Gunjan to take care
of her. I didn’t want her to go through the same thing
which I went through. Hey, be positive. You shouldn’t say
such things, child. Nothing will happen to Gunjan. And nothing will happen
to her baby as well. My grandson will be completely
like Yogi. He will be handsome like Yogi. Keep quiet! Your child will be
absolutely fine. He will be able to talk, listen. What if he is like Yogi? What if he is not able
to talk? What rubbish are you talking? It’s not a disease that it can
transmitted. Nobody will talk about
such things. And, Yogi, don’t you worry. Pari also said that your child
will speak. I don’t want to hear
what Pari said. I have said this before
and I am repeating it again now nobody will take Pari’s name
in this house. Doctor, how is Gunjan?
– And is the baby okay? There is nothing to worry about. It happens very often
in pregnancy. You mean everything
is all right. TYes, she is all right. Mr. Shrivastav, you need to
bring her for monthly check up. That’s all for now. What do you want to ask? Do you want to say something? Come on, Child. It’s nothing. Yogi, please drop her outside. Sister-in-law, brother
was asking her if your child will be
able to speak at all. No, Gunjan. Don’t feel sad. That’s not what Yogi meant. Gunjan Fear can make a person weak. Yogi and you should never
think about all this. Our son will speak. He will scream! You wait and watch. You all wait and watch. Happy? That’s why you should
take care of yourself now. We are all waiting
for the new guest to arrive. Isn’t the picture very cute?
– Yes, it is. – It’s very nice. Be careful. Keep it here. Sister-in-law Gunjan,
there is no time left. The due date will arrive
in no time. And why don’t you take relax.
We’ll handle everything. Everything should be ready
before the baby arrives here. Nisha, do you remember
how Yogi filled up my whole room with
toys when Pihu arrived. Yes, Ms. Rani. There was no place left
for Vivek and I to sleep. And father-in-law scolded
Yogi so much. And now when the baby arrives,
she will play with this doll. When she arrives? What if it’s a boy? Even if it’s a boy,
he’ll play with the same doll. Sujoy, we will never be able
to return the favour which you have done on us
by proving Yogi innocent. No, son, it’s a favour. Ask him to come with Yogi.
– Yes. Ms. Geeta is also saying that it would’ve better if
you would’ve come with Yogi. Listen.. Play the music softly. Nothing. Kabir, Bablu and Surjit are playing the
drums downstairs. Yes, they are all celebrating. Yes, he is here.
Yogi is here as well. Yes, son. Please come. You didn’t bring Sujoy here? Yogi! Why did you come upstairs? Let’s go downstairs. Everybody
is waiting for you. Brother Vivek is rolling
on the floor and dancing downstairs.
Come on. Come on.
– Hold on. Come here. Stand straight. Yes, it’s nice. Wear it. I’ve got it for you.
– Did you get it from Tank Road? Uncle, I hope it’s not
second hand. I will slap you.
– He is right. How is he right? – You would’ve
got it at a cheaper price. Or else, why would you buy
something for Yogi? Okay, tell me, have you ever
gotten anything for me? I didn’t get anything for you? Shall I name the things
I have gotten for you? In past few.. Which month? Yes, let’s dance.
– Hold on. What do you mean? Go to the shop.
Who’ll take care of the shop? Why are you being
so bossy? Yogi is the one who has been
taking care of the shop. You sit at home
and relax. Yes.. ‘I should with them,
drink tea’ ‘and fight..’
What? First of all, go to Gunjan. She has been crying
since morning because the court
was going to give a decision. Yes, Yogi. Take care of Gunjan always. Gunjay is every.. What?
Now Gunjan is your life? What about us? Shall I teach you a lesson? Listen!
– What happened? We have to take Gunjan
to the hospital. Rani! Rani, quickly
call Yogi up! ‘Yogi, Gunjan’s labour pain
has started.’ ‘We’re going to the hospital.
You come quickly.’ Man.. Listen..
– Listen, Yogi.. Everything will be fine
if God wills. If God wills
or God has willed? Once the baby comes,
it’ll be nice, fantastic and everything will be awesome.
– Yes.. That’s the spirit! Hey..
– Yogi.. Everything is fine.
Don’t worry. The doctor told that there
is nothing to worry about. And Prakash has informed
Vivek and Kabir. – Yes. They are coming. Someone is there
in the shop, right? Are you worried about shop
in this situation? – No.. Please relax. Sit, dear.. Aren’t you feeling scared?
– Relax. The doctor is inside, right?
– Just keep quiet. He himself is scared
from so long and he’s scaring me too. There’s no sound. For God’s sake, please be quiet.
– No, I mean.. We should hear baby’s voice. Why are you talking nonsense? There’s the voice. Congratulations!
It’s a baby boy. Yogi, you’ve become a father. He’s asking if Gunjan is fine.
– Both mother and baby are fine. Yes.
She told it, right? That.. Mother and baby are fine. He’s asking
if the baby is normal. I mean he can speak
and hear, right? Don’t worry. Your son is absolutely normal. Everything’s normal! Everything’s fine.. Father-in-law, congratulations. Go and meet your kid and Gunjan.

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  1. Iss Drama ka writer Director both are Bloody stupid
    Jo Kabhi Kuch kar dyte Hain
    Gunjan out Phir Pari in Phir idher udher ki Bukwas marty marty Achanak Phir se Gunjan in Aur Pari out
    Again Aisy hi Phir Bukwas Mari ke Aur intehai ghutiya Bukwas Mari ke
    Dil kar raha hai ke iss Drama ke Director writer ki Maan Behan aik kar don
    But Nahi kar skti Na yaar Larki abused kary to society usko bahut Ajib samjhti Hai Na

  2. gunjan ka peth itna bara nhi hai ki bacha itna bara hojaye 😂 or bacha dekho kitna bara hai socho ki jab bacha hota hai to itna bara nhi hota 😂 jab paida hota hai khair 😂

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