ISPO Munich 2018 | VIP Dinner (English)

A highlight of ISPO Munich is the award of
the ISPO Cup every year. In 2018 for the first time the prize goes not to an athlete, but
to the “tough mother” of the industry: Gert Boyle, board member and heart of Columbia
Sportswear receives the award at the age of 93 for her life’s work. Her son, Tim Boyle,
represents her in Munich. Well, it is really about Gert winning the
ISPO Cup. We have a terrific business and a great business here in Germany and the ISPO
has been a huge part of our success. Columbia also succeeds because of Gert’s
clear motto – as already in 2001 at ISPO Munich. My motto has been, early to bed, early to
rise, work like hell and advertise. That is still her motto. And it is very effective! Flori Schuster, head of Sporthaus Schuster,
finds in his eulogy very personal words. I am so honored to be awarded. I thank you
the organization for picking this little old lady and I am honored. Dankeschön! Dankeschön! With a standing ovation the sports world celebrates
its grand dame and enjoys an evening, probably not quite up Gert’s street: Celebrate like
hell and advertise.

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